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Armenians in the Age of Alexander the Great: Soldiers of the Hellenistic War Machine

by Michael Boyajian

With the fall of Persia at the hands of Alexander the Great the Armenians came into the service of the Hellenistic military machine marching to the ends of the known world in conquest.

Big Christmas book: Everything you need to know about your favorite holiday

by Violetta Polovinko

What do you know about Christmas?

A big Christmas book is all you need to prepare for Christmas. This book will be a companion to the magical land of Christmas for adults and children, which will be a great Christmas gift for a person of any age! It will tell you a great story of your favorite holiday, will help to prepare an unforgettable party for adults and children and much more. The book is filled with colorful illustrations, so it will be the perfect gift!

Christmas is different for everyone, though it has a common sense. My Christmas smells like tangerines and spices. It sparkles with thousands of Christmas lights and shimmer like Christmas balls. My Christmas is fresh as the first snowfall and amazing as a miracle. It sounds like a favorite Christmas song and the laughter of the family for a pleasant conversation. And what is Christmas for you? Share in the comments

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President Removed in 2019: Donald Trump Viewed as â??Worst President in Historyâ?

by Dave Masko

President Removed in 2019, by Dave Masko. As this crazed president mocks the science of human-caused climate change in the National Climate Assessment released at the end of November 2018, many good Americans feel Trump’s impeachment will come together in 2019 as global warming and Trump collusion result in an explosion of change. For instance, Donald Trump’s presidency represents a clear and present national emergency; while we live in this topsy-turvy world, and Trump knows this via tweets with cliffhangers on if and when this 72-year-old crazy man will dismantle world peace and federal government institutions. “We do not have to be part of “Trump lies because we remove or impeach this beastly old New Yorker before he sours the milk of freedom even more,” said 81-year-old Betty Haas when visibly shaken at how Trump has pissed on “everything we thought good and safe in America and the world. What happened to our alliances with supporters of America thinking we’re good people,” asks Hass with a deep state of chagrin at life on the very edge of survival and common sense because of Trump’s odious presidency viewed as the worst in human history! Although Trump gave himself an A+ as president at the end of 2018, most thinking Americans view Trump’s prudency thus far as “too low for zero,” and lower than former “worst president in American history.” That worst president was the 15th president of the United States James Buchanan Jr. President Buchanan served just prior to the Civil War, and is despised like Trump for being “crooked as all get out.” In fact, famed Navy SEAL Bill McCraven continues to argue that Trump’s attempts to destroy Freedom of the Press and Free Speech in America is “the greatest threat to democracy;” while this “new journalism” reporter concurs after interviewing and having hundreds of real-life face-to-face human conversations with citizenry from all walks of life who are sick in their hearts, minds and souls that Trump is still in the White House after so much proof that he’s not a fit human being let alone a sitting president. Instead of rejecting Trump’s alt-right racist “nationalist” policy, because some view Trump hate speech as some sort of screwy view of male power, there are millions still wanting to breathe the vivid air of freedom. This is a another special “new journalism” report with essays to help all good Americans feel the fire in their being for Free Speech, Freedom of the Press as much better than always feeling blue and so depressed at Trump hate tweets and acts that have nothing to do with true American values and democracy. So “President Removed in 2019” is not only a call to action, but the likely result of Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump campaign and administration collusion with the Russians that most citizens know “will be devastating because I’m told Mueller’s investigation will find Donald Trump guilty of massive crimes against America and citizenry due to greed and Trump’s deals with Saudi and Russian oligarchy; painting Trump as a treasonous liar of the highest order,” adds Haas and other deeply concerned senior Americans who know that Trump owes a great deal to Saudi and Russia for their financial support of always bankrupt Trump,” adds Haas and others predicting Trump’s removal as president in 2019. “We all know in our hearts and minds that Trump has committed impeachable crimes in 2016, 2017 and 2018; while now we await Trump’s comeuppance in 2019 that is a boot from the White House.”

Titanic: A Captivating Guide to the History of the Unsinkable Ship RMS Titanic, Including Survivor Stories and a Real Romance Story

by Captivating History

Explore the Captivating History of the Titanic

Free History BONUS Inside!

When thinking about the worst known maritime disaster in history, it is impossible not to think about all of the lives lost in a single night. One of the wealthiest men alive (and the wealthiest passenger aboard the ship) died in the same accident that took the life of a baby younger than 5 months old in steerage.

The rules that were meant to govern an accident were not familiar to the crew. Coupled with an inadequate number of lifeboats for the number of passengers, there was no chance that every passenger on the ship would survive its impact with an iceberg in the middle of the night.

More than 100 years after the disaster, the survivors have passed on, but they left behind harrowing stories that remind us that every day is something to appreciate. These stories include love, loss, hope, failure, and everything in between. It is the tales told by those who survived that convey the feelings of that fateful night and the reality of the lives lost.

In Titanic: A Captivating Guide to the History of the Unsinkable Ship RMS Titanic, Including Survivor Stories and a Real Romance Story, you will discover topics such as

  • A Predictable, Preventable Disaster
  • From Beginning of Construction to the Final Launch into History
  • Basic Mistakes at a High Price
  • A Jolt Followed by the Worst-Case Scenario
  • A More Human Experience
  • Dorothy Gibson – Reliving the Experience
  • Ramon Artagaveytia – Well-Founded Fear
  • Two Gentlemen Meet Their Fate
  • Ann Elizabeth Isham – For a Best Friend
  • Love Beyond Duty
  • The Second-Class Passengers
  • Violet Constant Jessop – Survival of All Three Sisters
  • The Seeds of Love
  • Slander Long After the Events
  • From the Wreckage
  • And much, much more!

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The Four Emperors (Colossus Book 2)

by David Blixt

“Be prepared to burn the midnight oil. It’s well worth it.” – Historical Novel Society

Under Emperor Nero’s rule, Rome is a dangerous place. His cruel, artistic whims border on madness, and anyone who dares rise too high has their wings clipped with fatal results.

For one family, this means either promotion or destruction. While his uncle Vespasian goes off to put down a rebellion in Judea, Titus Flavius Sabinus struggles to walk the perilous line between success and notoriety as he climbs Rome’s ladder.

When Nero is impaled on his own artistry, the whole world is thrown into chaos, and Sabinus must navigate shifting allegiances and murderous alliances as his family tries to survive the year of the Four Emperors.

Praise for The Four Emperors:

â??â??â??â??â??”David Blixt makes the tragic tale of the conflict between ancient Rome and ancient Judea come vividly to life.” – Robin Levin, author of The Death Of Carthage

â??â??â??â??â??”Sharp period detail and beautifully realized characters.”Publishers Weekly

â??â??â??â??â??”Intricate plotting, well-staged scenes and colorful descriptions.”Kirkus Reviews

Mountain, Water, Rock, God: Understanding Kedarnath in the Twenty-First Century

by Luke Whitmore

A free ebook version of this title is available through Luminos, University of California Press’s Open Access publishing program. Visit to learn more.

In Mountain, Water, Rock, God, Luke Whitmore situates the disastrous flooding that fell on the Hindu Himalayan shrine of Kedarnath in 2013 within a broader religious and ecological context. Whitmore explores the longer story of this powerful realm of the Hindu god Shiva through a holistic theoretical perspective that integrates phenomenological and systems-based approaches to the study of religion, pilgrimage, place, and ecology. He argues that close attention to places of religious significance offers a model for thinking through connections between ritual, narrative, climate destabilization, tourism, development, and disaster, and he shows how these critical components of human life in the twenty-first century intersect in the human experience of place.

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