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Haunted Minds (Supernatural Tales Book 5)

by peter buckley

The next book in the successful Supernatural Tales series by Peter Buckley.
Ghosts, Wraiths, Vampires and Demons all appear in the fifth book in the Supernatural Tales series: Haunted Minds.
A collection of supernatural short stories written as chapters with each story leading to the next scary tale, In which each of the main characters paths cross in some way over a period of four days.
A young boy is forced to to carry a bloody burden for the crime he committed. Can he escape the ghost that stalks him before he loses his mind.
Train of Consequence.
A rude and self important woman, out in the city to meet friends for Halloween is stalked by a strange cloaked figure. A figure that only she can see.
A doctor finds himself struggling with an over powering urge to taste blood after attending a Halloween party at a strange house.
Speed Kills
A boy racer, rude and impatient runs a family off the road, Something was watching and wants to teach him a lesson, a lesson he’ll never forget.

Mundos ocultos (Spanish Edition)

by María Gema Salvador

En los mundos paralelos puede ocurrir cualquier cosa que imaginas Son los sueños misteriosos llenos de significados y mensajes escondidos. Algunos son antiguos, otros de hoy. pero todos tienen en común que reflejan el interior del hombre. varias historias en las que la hermosura de la mujer aplaca a la bestia.



Stadler House: Book One: Anna is a gore-filled, action-packed fast-paced story of Horror which takes place in the small Florida town of Port St. John. In the vein of movies like THE CONJURING, POSSESSION, and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY – Stadler House will leave you exhausted and drained in this Brutal and Violent story that hurtles the reader along at a break-neck pace – a story no that horror fans should not miss!

Caerán diez mil a tu diestra (Spanish Edition)

by Carlos Caridad Montero

Sergio, un joven creativo de una agencia de publicidad, está a punto de presentar una importante campaña, de la que depende su aumento de sueldo que tanto necesita. Pero cuando se descubre el cadáver putrefacto de uno de sus vecinos, vuelve a ser presa de los terrores nocturnos que le persiguen a su infancia. Mientras su mente se desmorona, Sergio vive una jornada de paranoia que lo llevará a cometer una atrocidad de la que nunca se creyó capaz.

Demons Strike Back: A Love at First Sight Story

by Jacey Ward

Kalen – the dark demon underlord who won’t stop at anything to get what – or who – he wants.
Circe – the beautiful, innocent Valkyrie masquerading as a human supermodel.
Kalen is out for blood. The blood of a powerful demon who’s betrayed him. But he needs a Valkyrie’s powers to help him find this soon-to-be-dead demon. He’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen – even if it means manipulating and lying to the Valkyrie he fell instantly in lust with during her runway debut.

Circe knows she should stay away from the dark demon… but knowing and actually doing are two completely different things. After all, he’s so damn sweet, and protective of her. How could he possibly hurt her?

Kalen’s betting he’ll have time to break the news of who he really is – and how he’s using her, before she finds out about him some other way.

But he’s wrong.

Now, heartbroken and furious, Circe vows never to let him in again – to her heart, or her bed.

Behind The Red Curtain

by Casey Bartsch

Lucy’s life wasn’t amazing, but now she has been stolen from it. Trapped in a place she can barely understand, by a man obsessed.

Her captor has created a twisted home that only he can navigate, for reasons only he can fathom. Even if Lucy could get free, she would still be his.

What follows will test her body, mind and soul. Horrors that no one should ever experience. There are secrets behind the curtain, and Lucy will discover them all.


by Gabriella Kruger

The Crux family lives an isolated life out in rural Alabama. Eleanor, the youngest of the family, is abused physically, sexually and mentally by her family. But once a strange alien creature arrives on the farm and agrees to save Eleanor, then the Crux family comes to realize that every person must eventually answer for their sins.

Ransom (Redemption Series Book 2)

by R.K. Ryals

The Redemption Series Book 2

Vengeance is the path of the Damned. It is not a path taken lightly. For a Naphil, it could mean ransoming his soul.

Dayton Blainey is caught between two worlds: Heaven and Hell. Bound to a Demon she’s beginning to care about, she is thrown into an adventure she may not survive.

But she will try.

Separated from her friends, she is forced to use powers she just discovered she had while surviving the wrath of a Demon queen.

She will be tested.

And in the search for a ring that may unbind her from Marcas Craig, Dayton will discover that the bond between an Angel and a Demon goes much deeper than blood.

She will endure.


by Diana Drakulich

Media Vita in Morte Sumus – In the Midst of Life We are in Deathâ?¦

Stone Man Farm, Virginia, estab. 1549 – Summer’s hot shot real estate boss Don DeLuca has not been the same since the day he entered Captain William Forsyth’s locked room. A room left untouched since the captain’s tragic death in the Vietnam War.

Don has always prided himself on his logical, rational mind. He is focused on the important things in life – Money and Women. Lots of money AND women. Now divorced, Don likes to tease, torment and flirt. But he’s vowed never to give away his heart again.

So why is he suddenly feeling these moments of acute guilt? These anxious dreams of running in slow motion while Life passes him by? Are they messages from another dimension?

Newbie real estate agent Summer Allison is thrilled when Don assigns her to do an open house at Stone Man Farm. That is until she sees it. No phone, no cell, no internet. No one to hear her scream.

Stone Man Farm sits on an island in Time. No people, no traffic, no airplanes growling overhead. It’s very quiet here. Too quiet.

Sh-hhh… Listen…Can you hear the Voices whispering?

Stone Man Farm has stories to tellâ?¦ Stories of tears, tragedy, pathos and laughter. And Love. Love that surmounts all walls. Love that gazes clear-eyed through the windows of Time.

Steamy HEA Stand Alone.

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