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A Capitalist Carol: The heroic tale of Ebenezer Scrooge and that free-loading Bob Cratchit

by Ted Satterfield

Resurrected 150 years after his death, Charles Dickens must transform “A Christmas Carol” into “A Capitalist Carol,” for use in American schools. Viewing Ebenezer Scrooge as a hero, not a villain, proponents of the Modern Truth Movement demand Dickens portray Ebenezer Scrooge as an ideal capitalist, while depicting Bob Cratchit as a freeloading loser who deserves to be poor.

When Dickens learns the inmate working in the cubicle next to him, Friedrich Nietzsche, is part of a resistance that’s hellbent on stopping this manipulation of truth, he joins the movement, not just to end his suffering, but to protect the integrity of his work.

Both funny and philosophical, this dystopian humor novel unfolds in an innovative style, as it depicts a tale about truth, and the liars who craft it.

A Wodehouse Miscellany

by P.G. Wodehouse

A collection of wonderful articles, poems, and stories by that master of comedy and complications, P. G. Wodehouse, the author of My Man Jeeves. Includes “Some Aspects of Game-Captaincy,” “An Unfinished Collection,” “The New Advertising,” “The Secret Pleasures of Reginald,” “My Battle with Drink,” “In Defense of Astigmatism,” “Jeeves Takes Charge,” and much more!

Church of Crass

by Audie Thacker

There are no good guys here.

Morris Philmore is a young pastor who has dreams of having a big church filled with people, and in order to fulfill that dream, he accepts advice from a very bad source. His ministry becomes less about preaching the Word of God, and more about doing whatever he has to do to bring it the crowds and keep them entertained, no matter how crude and crass the means.

250 Side-Splitting Knock Knock Jokes For Kids (Learning Should Be Fun)

by Noah Smiles

Knock knock jokes are a fun way for kids to practice reading. Knock knock jokes also encourage conversation and listening skills and provide a fun activity to do with friends. Knock knock jokes can also keep kids entertained on long trips.

The Spark of a Kiss (Park City Firefighter Romance: Station 2)

by Sarah Gay

Julia, a witty and independent public defense attorney, doesn’t need a manĂ¢??but she does need to secure a boyfriend by her twenty-eighth birthday to keep her mother from setting her up, if only for that day. She has her eyes set on February, the gorgeous firefighter from the benefit calendar on her wall. Unfortunately, when Julia meets Dax, AKA February, and sparks fly, she learns he’s a self-proclaimed bachelor.

Dax, a Park City firefighter, is living his childhood dream of being a local hero. Masking his abandonment issues with surface romantic relationships, he finds himself conflicted when he meets Julia and sparks fly, but she won’t date him. His determination solidifies when he finds that Julia has a stalker. How do you protect and care for someone who wants to go at life alone? Dax is determined to figure it out, and that may mean a trip to Brazil to come to terms with his past.

An addition to the Park City Firefighter Romance: Station 2 series. Additional books in the series include:
Sparks Will Fly by Daniel Banner
Stone Cold Sparks by Cami Checketts

In Association with Park City Firefighter Romance (Series 1):
Rescue Me by Taylor Hart
Rescue My Heart by Christine Kersey
Two Hearts Rescue by Daniel Banner
Rescued by Love by Cami Checketts
Hearts on Fire by Christine Kersey
Reluctant Rescue by Cami Checketts
A Perfect Rescue by Daniel Banner
Rescue and Redemption by Daniel Banner

33 Days In The Hole: The Chicago Experiment

by Rob Kern

For 33 days freelance music journalist Rob Kern set aside all forms of music except for one, the music of the band Chicago. His mission, to listen to one Chicago album per day, chronologically, from their first release to their newest.

Can a hard rock loving goon survive this musical depravation experiment? 33 Days In The Hole: The Chicago Experiment is equal parts album review and manifesto that exposes the reader to Rob’s thoughts, ideas and general state of mind while listening to a band that has weathered 6 decades of change and musical styles.

Part rock and roll, part parody, 33 Days In The Hole: The Chicago Experiment is a book that will have you shaking your head one minute and laughing the next. Will Rob find a new favorite group or descend into madness? Read on and find out.

“This is good stuff” – Ross The Boss (Dictators, Manowar, Manitoba).

“Like reading an old issue of Creem Magazine” – Michael Hannon (Salty Dog, American Dog).

The Sarcastic Seniors: The Laugh Lines Tell The Story

by Lisa Blodgett

Heading into Middle Age is usually a kicking and screaming journey of reluctance. It’s the party no one wants to attend, but none of us can avoid. We have thousands of amazing, intelligent, endearing, and SARCASTIC SENIORS, ready to help you slide into the aging game with a smile on your face, a roll in your eyes, and, if you’re not careful, a little pee in your pants.So, Buckle up Buttercup, it’s gonna be one Hell of a Ride!


by Charles Hasbrouck

Here is an introspective and humorous look back at one man’s nearly three decades in radio broadcasting. It’s a love letter to the career that got away, along with a frank assessment of the people who made it work when it was good and made it worse when it wasn’t. It’s at once funny and wistful, brutally honest and self-deprecating. The mechanics of the industry have changed, but the strengths and weaknesses of the people involved resonate just as profoundly today as then. This is a book for anyone who has ever listened to a radio personality or who has been/wanted to be one himself/herself. Hopefully, for the reader, it will be a bright light focused on the human condition. The author has fulfilled a promise not to whine about the way things used to be.

What Did I Do?: Gripping psychological suspense from the best-selling author of ‘When I Wake Up’

by Jessica Jarlvi

‘Jessica Jarlvi is a hugely talented writer and definitely one to watch’ SOPHIE HANNAH.


Kristin is on the run. From her life. From herself.

When two murders take place in Chicago, Kristin quickly finds herself a prime suspect. The problem is she can’t be sure of what she did or didn’t do.


In fear for her life, Kristin flees abroad to start her life over. But it’s not that easy to escape the past. And whatever she’s done, someone is on her tail, wanting her to pay. The question is: could she be a killer and not even remember?

Page-turning, gripping, dark, and utterly addictive, this is one thriller that you won’t be able to put down. Perfect for fans of Cara Hunter, Mark Edwards, Caroline England.

Praise for What Did I Do:

‘This booked kept me up way into the small hours’ Elaine Lydon, NetGalley.

‘This book was insanely good and I loved it from beginning to end’ Simra Sadif, NetGalley.

‘It’s gripping and gritty, dark and intense’ Lucii Grubb, NetGalley.

Another Time Another Place: Twenty Three Short Stories about growing up in the Sixties

by J. Boyce

Short Stories about Growing Up in the Sixties. Hilarious Tales Of a Mischievous Youth. Twenty three short, fun, reads about my crazy adventures on the journey from Junior High through College.

CHAOS: A short satire science fiction story with a quick impact


In the year 2099, the citizens of New Section vote to change their way of thinking. The old way of thinking is outdated. They want to be more unpredictable. They hope to be more flexible. Yet, it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Enjoy a farcical ride into the future.

This story is included in the multi-genre short story anthology, “Short Stories with a Quick Impact, the Complete Short Story Collection, Volume One.”

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