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How to Lose Weight in 7 Easy Steps: The Ultimate Weight Lose Kick Start, Eating Healthy, Exercise, Flushing out Toxins, Intermittent Fasting, 2019 Weight Loss, how to stay lean, Destroy Fat

by Jonathan Montoya

How to Lose Weight in Seven Simple Steps, The Ultimate Weight
Lose Kick Start, Eating Healthy, Exercise, Flushing out Toxins, Intermittent

Are you sick of diets and exercise programs that get you results slower than
a herd of turtles crossing a busy intersection? Would you like to learn how to
kick-start your weight loss so that you drop massive amounts of weight in the
first few days, and keep on losing well past then?
So, now that you have conceived it in your mind to lose weight, how do you
go about it? It is one thing to think about it, and it’s another to carry it out.
Our Bachelor of Science in Nutrition focuses on intensive study in biological
and physical sciences to understand the relationships between nutrients and
human health.
Let’s keep in mind that it takes discipline and dedication to lose weight, but
these are values you must have learned your whole life, why not put it into
practice now? In this book, you will read some of the best ways to shed some
pounds and embrace healthy living.
In this eBook you’ll learn:
– Everything you need to know about eating healthy.
– Exercise: How important is? What you must do daily?
– Flushing out toxins. Have you been trying to lose weight for a while,
but it seems like nothing is happening?
– Intermittent Fasting. It helps reduce hunger cravings when you
finally get the hang of it.
All the plans work together so you can follow one and work up to another,
and each includes exercise goals and recommendations for daily sleep and
hydration. Best of all, you’ll get to treat yourself to fabulous food!
By explaining why, you feel the need to eat junk food and, with simple stepby-step
instructions to set you free from this addiction, we are showing you
how to eat for a healthier, happier life.
Clear your body of excess pounds as you follow a healthy, super-simple
eating and exercise plan.

Mental Toughness: 6 Steps to Build the Strongest Mindset for Life and Become Totally Unstoppable! +7 Day Mental Toughness Challenge and Assertiveness Training. Master Self Discipline!

by Luke Caldwell

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Have you ever found yourself floundering in the midst of life’s challenges? Do others around you seem to handle the same problems with much more ease than you do? Are you just not able to meet your personal goals? You know you are lacking something, but you have no idea what. 

In this book, you will learn what mental toughness is and how people in the military, sports, and business worlds use it to succeed and become the top of their field. If you think that mental toughness is something that you are born with, you are wrong! It is a skill that can be taught and learned. And guess what? The Mental Toughness book is here to help!

Within the pages of this easy-to-understand book, you will learn everything you need to become mentally tough. You will also learn:


  • What mental toughness is and what mental toughness is not; 

  • The traits of mentally tough people;

  • How to apply the traits of mental toughness in your life; 

  • Effective, practical exercises to strengthen your mental tough muscle;

  • Tips from those in the military, sports, and business worlds on how mentally tough they are and the importance of being one; 

  • Jumpstart your mental toughness journey with the 7-day mental toughness challenge;

  • Ways to be mentally tough in common scenarios; and 

  • How to be mentally tough no matter what happens in your life! 

If you are tired or weak and frail or if you need a way to bolster your already strong mindset, then Mental Toughness is for you! By the time you finish reading this book, you will be armed with tools, resources, and knowledge to help you become a stronger and mentally tough person. This is not just some book that gives you general ideas about being mentally tough. This book includes interactive activities that will help you be a better person no matter your what your IQ, education, personality, or income is. Do not delay any longer! You were born to be mentally tough, and this bookwill show you how!

Goal For It: A Proven Plan For Setting and Achieving Your Goals

by Tony Smith

Is this you? You set a goal, work at it diligently – for a month or two – and then forget about it. Maybe you make a list of ambitious New Year’s resolutions and then, come April, you can’t even remember what they were. If you are like most people, you can find yourself falling into a personal pity party and just stop trying, until next time. If you repeat this self-defeating cycle every year and become frustrated because you don’t feel as if you are making any progress while the lives of those around you seem to be taking off, don’t give up. This book was written especially for you!

The techniques you’ll discover in Goal For It will help you achieve your goals once and for all and set you on your personal path to progress. In this book, you will learn tips, tricks, and best practices that will enable you to gain control of your goals and, in essence, gain control of your life. This book is not filled with vague theories and empty promises. Rather, you will be given practical tools that you can implement now to achieve your goals and experience the life that you desire.

Goal For It goes straight to the heart of the matter, taking a proven, no-nonsense approach to reaching your goals. This book is for everyone who still has life in their body. It will help you write that book you’ve drafted in your head, lose that extra weight, save money for your future, and complete those neglected projects that have been sitting on your “to do” list, since Abraham Lincoln was president.

The difference between the life you have today and the life you want to have represents a goal but, if it is to become a specific goal, it must be tied to a plan to move you toward building the life you want. Goal For It is your guidebook toward creating – and completing – that plan.

How To Build A Website: Blog or Business – Learn How To Make Any Website!

by Lewis Chilner

An In-Depth Guide For Website Creation – Illustrated / Detailed / Condensed.
Possibly the easiest and most detailed way to learn how to create a website.
Follow along as we build a website from scratch, from choosing a domain name – to integrating an online shop and beyond. Everything is covered from a beginners perspective, building towards advanced best practices and search engine optimization.

I have detailed information which has taken myself years to acquire. Learn best practices to stay fully compliant with search engines, learn how to market your website and also how make a profit.

On completing this book, you will have created a website which has:
+ Branded Content
+ Blog
+ Online Shop & Shipping Options
+ Digital and Physical Products
+ Advanced Marketing Online
+ Analytics (Tracking Performance and Sales)
+ Search Engine Optimization (Helping Your Website Grow)
+ Legally Compliant With Recent Regulations
+ MANY more topics, detailing how you can scale your new website further.
+ FREE Glossary included – Detailing over 100 words and terms which you should know.

Listed inside of this book is advanced practices on how to market your new website. Learn how to market your website through social media, organic web search, pay-per-click advertisements, email best practices, and many more. We uncover how you can easily rocket your new website up the search engine results pages (SERPs), gaining more website views and ultimately detailing how we can convert those views into paying customers.

This book is laid out in a logical progression but gives you the option to skip ahead to a desired chapter. I have wrote this book in clear simple English with computer screen-shots throughout, allowing all ages to grasp the content within. Read from cover to cover, or use it as a reference, this book accommodates all learning styles.

Sit back, relax and learn how to create a website with ease!

THE SECRET BOOK: Discover the hidden treasures within you

by Michael Kintalel

The Secret Book explains more about a number of secrets within us, that i believe upon knowing them will definitely change the way view ourselves. The book reveal these little tings that unlock our potential and brighten our paths to our destiny. It provides motivations for almost every purpose and goal.

Rules For Rad: Rapid Application Development And Project Management

by E. Carruthers

Learn the secrets of RAD from a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer and Systems Engineer with decades of RAD experience. Learn the system for successful bug free software projects from a CIO and lead developer on hundreds of fortune 500 projects. Excellent for developers and project managers.

A-Z of Traditional Home Remedies

by Peter Dunn

Nowadays when there is anything wrong with us we are used to purchasing a whole range of patent medicines
over the pharmacist’s counter or to going to our doctor to get a drug especially prescribed for us. This, however, is a recent development in the history of mankind. The drugs revolution did not really get under way until after World War II, although of course doctors had recourse to a range of medications before that.

In contrast with the drugs revolution, folk medicine dated back into the mists of time. There is archaeological evidence that primitive human beings made use of healing plants.

It was natural that people would make use of what was to hand, whether this was to feed them, keep them warm or make them well. Finding cures for particular ailments was obviously carried out over the centuries on a trial and error basis. These cures were handed down by word of mouth, originally because this was the only way possible, but even with the spread of literacy family remedies continued to be handed on orally from generation to generation.

With the introduction of the a National Health Service, people could consulted doctors. This, in addition to the fact that many people had moved to populated urban areas where medical treatment was more readily available, and to the fact that transport facilities had generally increased, led to a marked decrease in the reliance of cures based on the fields, hedgerows and kitchen cupboards.

Recently there has been a reaction in society against our technological age, and some people are once again turning to simple, natural things and rejecting the sophisticated and the synthetic. This reaction has included remedies for illnesses, and herbal medicine has become popular as a branch of alternative medicine. To some extent the wheel has come full circle.
It should be pointed out that this book is intended only for the interest of the reader. It is in no way a do-it-yourself herbal manual and should not be treated as such. The whole area of folk and herbal medicine is one that is fraught with potential risk, some herbs being toxic and some being inappropriate. and even dangerous in certain situations. Anyone contemplating using herbal cures should consult a herbal specialist trained in modern herbal medicine techniques.

No one involved with the preparation or publication of the book can be held liable for any consequences arising from the use of this book or for any errors. This also applies to the old stain remedies given in the Appendix.

How To Make Money From The Fashion Design Phenomenon: fashion design markers

by Hemal Gandhi

High Fashion is the current trend of Today’s Fashion Design World. Presently, What works the most is Ready to wear. You may need to get used with High Street Fashion.

You may see rapid Dynamic changes in Menswear, womenswear, children’s wear. Unbelievable Growth and development in Design and technical skills.

Know More…


by Paul Fuhr

BOTTLENECK traces the messy, alcoholic life of writer Paul Fuhr from his days as an insecure James Bond-loving teenager all the way to his bleary-eyed parenthood, when nearly every one of his kids’ diaper changes came against the headwind of a hangover. From stealing his very first drink (two terrible bottles of Zima) to breaking out of a detox center many decades later, Bottleneck charts the aimless trajectory of an alcoholic who refuses to acknowledge that he’s an alcoholic.

Fuhr’s memoir is much more than a chronicle of the quiet corrosion of alcohol: BOTTLENECK is a darkly funny, occasionally artful account of deserts, death, disillusionment, DUIs, narrow escapes, unpaid bar tabs, unhappy reunions, unexpected friendships, epic lies, awkwardly admitted truths, rehab routines, horrible AA-meeting coffee, and staring down life without happy hour.

It’s a book that reveals as much about relationships as it does addiction, showing what happens to families, friends, strangers and casual acquaintances when the sagging weight of alcoholism finally breaks loose, sweeping everyone and everything away.

“One of the best recovery memoirs of all time.” – Anna David, New York Times bestselling author of PARTY GIRL

“Deserves to be a classic.” – Raymond Benson, New York Times bestselling author of 007, THE BLACK STILETTO books and IN THE HUSH OF THE NIGHT

“Eye-opening and courageous.” – Nancy Carr, author of LAST CALL

“Hilarious, heart-wrenching and unflinchingly honest.” – Chuck Salmons, author of PATCH JOB and STARGAZER SUITE

“Reading this book was like experiencing a car crash in slow motion.” – Chris Aguirre, “Since Right Now” podcast

Anti-Inflammatory Diet:Healthy Eating For Healing The Immune System, Boosting Energy And Enjoying Life: Healthy Eating For Healing The Immune System, Boosting … Your Energy,Natural Solutions)

by Jackson Gabriel

Inflammation is like a silent bug that slowly triggers chronic illnesses in our bodies over a long period, leaving us to suffer in our obliviousness

Each day, it is becoming very clear that inflammation plays a huge role than many people thought with respect to the prevalence of many diseases; think heart disease, high blood pressure, cardiac problems, arthritis and even stroke, just to mention a few.
To solve this problem, experts have come up with a diet known as the ant-inflammatory diet. It is actually not even a diet as such, but more of a lifelong eating plan. It is based on the simple idea that out-of-control or constant inflammation in the body leads to ill health and trying to treat the various illnesses that pop up without addressing the underlying cause is pointless.One of the key things that you need to do to avoid or reduce inflammation (and the illnesses associated with it) to manageable levels is taking foods that directly fight inflammation and avoid those that trigger inflammation.
Whether you are a victim or inflammation or not, this book is here to help you understand what inflammation is, what the inflammation diet entails (and why you need it) along with a few recipes to get you started in the right direction.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn..

  • What Is Inflammation
  • How An Anti-Inflammatory Diet Helps
  • The Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • Anti-Inflammatory Recipes
  • And Much More

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Understanding The Root Cause To Start Healing From Inside Out: ADHD Natural Cures

by Reid Baron

You can take back your life today.

There are very few diseases or disorders that are diagnosed in children and don’t carry over into adulthood. ADHD or Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is one of those disorders that is usually diagnosed early on in childhood and persists throughout the person’s life. It is a myth that as we become adults, ADHD would just disappear or go away.

While the symptoms of ADHD are similar in childhood and adult ADHD, their appearance presents itself quite differently. Every individual has a unique set of symptoms and not all symptoms are required to diagnose this disorder. In most cases, the person will have some if not all the same symptoms in adulthood as they did in childhood. Even though diagnoses of ADHD in children have increased over the last decade, there are many cases that often go undiagnosed. Some children are able to cope with mild symptoms and therefore they aren’t diagnosed until later on in life. Either way, most adults who are diagnosed with ADHD have had some types of symptoms all their life.

Fortunately, there are now safe, natural, and effective ADHD answers for your child’s needs. Before, as soon as somebody gets diagnosed with ADHD, prescriptions for medication were routinely given to patients. And yes, these can prove to be quite expensive. A better alternative would be to turn to a more holistic approach that addresses everything about your child and not just their ADHD symptoms.

“The kidney doesn’t care if you call it sick, but the mind does.
If you tell a person she has a mental disorder, you create a mental disorder;
Not only in the patient, but in those who love her as well.” â?? Edward M. Hallowell, M.D

Book Content Includes:


Chapter 1 – The 4 Sub-Categories of ADHD

Chapter 2 – Diagnosis For ADHD

Chapter 3 – A Specific Range of Causes & Treatments

Chapter 4 – What You Should Avoid Eating

Chapter 5 – Top 10 Innovative Ways To Beat ADHD

Chapter 6 – Is ADHD For Life? (Top 4 Ways To Address It)

Chapter 7 – The ADHD Answers You Were Looking For

Chapter 8 – The Myths & Facts About ADHD

Chapter 9 – The Differences Between Adult & Childhood ADHD

* Bonus Comprehensive List – ADHD Herbal Remedies
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