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Where & When Can I Get Some In My Life?: The Idea of Happiness

by Anna Lowell

The title question might appear a little surprising at first. Does “Happiness” really need to be defined? After all, we all seem to know quite well what it is. We know when we are happy, and when we are not. However, it turns out to be not that simple. Stating selected moments where we feel great or terrible are just sample states where we would use the expressions “happy” or “unhappy”.

They do not actually define what it is, and leave several questions unanswered. Can it be considered “happy” if we are not feeling significantly positive or negative? For the purpose of every discussion on happiness for that matter, it is important to ensure that we have a solid definition and clear understanding of what we mean by happiness.

Book Content Includes:

Chapter 1 – What is Happiness?

Chapter 2 – The Psychology of Happiness

Chapter 3 – The Keys to Finding Lasting Happiness in Your Life

Chapter 4 – Are You A Happy Person, What Do You Say?

Chapter 5 – Quest for Happiness in This Material World

Chapter 6 – The Secret to Lasting Happiness

Chapter 7 – Can Happiness Be Rated?

Chapter 8 – Happiness Information

When I Was a Child

by suzy torres

Catherine and Shawn set out on a journey which they think will solve their problems only to find the opposite has occurred. Follow their harrowing journey through the Hill Country of Texas encountering a myriad of good and bad people in the process. Set in the cities of Eden, Brady, San Angelo and Galveston, Texas.

The Real World of Impotence | Overcoming Sexual Frustrations |

by H.R. Simmons

The Real World of Impotence

In medical terms, impotence is defined as the inability of a male to copulate or get an erection. Over the years, another term has become synonymous with impotence – erectile dysfunction. Some medical experts view these terms as two totally different conditions; impotence is psychologically based, while erectile dysfunction is caused by an underlying physical problem.

Where does this leave me?

In either case, there are treatments, devices and medications available to help a man through the ordeal of being unable to sexually satisfy his partner. YAY! you say. Well, don’t rush out to the pharmacy just yet. Read on.

Accepting and dealing with the reality of impotence takes a lot more than a therapy session or a bottle of pills. It takes love, understanding, commitment, friendship, lifestyle changes and much, much more. It is hard to comprehend the impact impotence has on a couple’s relationship unless it has landed on your doorstep firsthand. And, once there, it’s very difficult to look down the road and see survival, both as a couple and as a man. But, it can be done.

What you will learn from this eBookâ?¦

– How to recognize the first telltale signs

– How to form a safety net of mutual support

– How to survive as a couple – compensating sexually

– How to weather the long-term storm – going strong or giving up


-Moving forward

When the challenge of impotence hits, it can literally “make or break” a couple, but survival is possible.

Recommended Reading:

Overcoming Impotence: A Leading Urologist Tells You Everything You Need to Know by J Stephen Jones and Bob Dole

The Viagra Alternative: The Complete Guide to Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction Naturally by Marc Bonnard M.D.

Get It Up! Revealing the Simple Surprising Lifestyle That Causes Migraines, Alzheimer’s, Glaucoma, Sleep Apnea… by Soma Grismaijer and Sydney Ross Singer

Saving Your Sex Life A Guide for Men with Prostate Cancer by John Mulhall

La Era del Baby Boomer, Enfrentando la Vejez (Spanish Edition)

by George F Conrado

“La Era del Baby Boomer, Enfrentando la Vejez” visita la historia y los eventos que definen esta generación de adultos. Primero, revisaremos sus valores, los ideales y las características que han establecido este grupo como unos de los más importantes innovadores de este centenario.

Después, nos dedicaremos a examinar el futuro que este grupo enfrenta y al mismo tiempo, delineamos el trayecto más positivo para desafiar el envejecimiento natural de estas personas.
Concluiremos este libro con varios capítulos relacionados con el proceso de jubilación, la documentación necesaria para finalizar sus deseos personales, e importantes sugerencias para mantener su mente activa durante su retiro. Confrontar la vejez no es fácil, pero con una aptitud positiva, su envejecimiento puede traer los años más maravillosos de su vida.

Acompáñame a recordar la vida de los Baby Boomers!

Como ganar dinero en Ebay y otras plataformas (Spanish Edition)

by Ricardo Villarpeña

Todos conocemos esas paginas de compra venta de objetos, todos hemos comprado alguna vez por Internet en ella, pero las personas que hay detras¿ganan dinero? ¿ganan dinero trabajando desde sus casas o son grandes empresas?

La respuesta es que la mayoría son personas que trabajan tranquilamente desde sus casas(yo entre ellos), esto ebook es un manual económico en el que te voy a enseñar las claves para montarte tu pequeña tienda online en portales de venta como Ebay, Wallapop, y similares

Te enseñare estrategias de venta, como conseguir buenos proveedores e incluso a comenzar sin un solo céntimo de euro. A que esperas comienza ya a preparar tu negocio y ganar dinero

Visita para conocer mas.

Using Law of Attraction to Fix a Damaged Relationship | Don’t Call it Quits Too Soon |

by Garrison Lindonson

Using Law of Attraction to Fix a Damaged Relationship

There comes a time in some relationships where things begin to fall apart. Sometimes something drastic has happened like an affair, or maybe that lovey dovey feeling you had before just broke. Now you’re feeling alone, thinking about ending it with your partner. Before you make any rash decisions, consider reading this book. Nothing is ever too far gone, and, with our help, we will give you the tools you need to fix your relationship.

What more can I possibly do?

Based off of our own personal experience with damaged relationships, we have compiled some tips and tricks on how to mend your broken relationship. The main secret we will cover is the law of attraction. Some may say it is a shallow approach to fix things, but when you have a history with someone you used to be deeply in love with, sparking some physical flames can be what you need to igniting a blazing, passionate, in love again fire. Some topics we will go over in this eBook include:

-how to change your attitude toward your body and your partner’s body

-what qualifies as romantic and genuinely sweet gestures

-how to read your partner’s sexual ques


-how to incorporate meaningful, emotional connections within your physical interactions

No matter who you are or where you are at in your relationship, nothing is ever too far gone; it’s never too late to fix your relationship with your partner. You will no longer have sleepless, lonely nights, awkward dinner dates, and uncomfortable moments alone. With the help of our eBook, you’ll be able to feel whole again. Enjoy the company of your partner once more. The first step starts with you. Be the initiator and build a long-lasting, strong relationship out of the dust.

Recommended Reading:

The Relationship Cure: A 5 Step Guide to Strengthening Your Marriage, Family, and Friendships by John Gottman

Reclaim Your Love: How to Fix your Relationship by Cara Stein

How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It by Stosny Ph.d, Steven and Patricia Edd Love

10 Things To Do Today To Fix Your Marriage – 10 Simple Steps To Put The Joy And Intimacy Back In Your Marriage… by Grace Stevens

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