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Loving: Poetry and Prose

by Christopher Brown

This collection of poems and prose is a philosophy. It’s an approach to loving others and ourselves. The goal with these writings is to define what love is and what it is not, as well as to persuade readers that all people have power to influence the world with their unique abilities to love. There is creative power in each of us, and when it’s used to reach others for good there is no greater way to make a lasting impact. It’s the course to happiness.

Transformation of personality: This book helps you to change your life

by Richard Diddick

With the help of this book you will start a specific change of your personality, you will have more understanding and life will become easier.

Christmas: Its Origin and Associations (Illustrated Edition)

by William Francis Dawson

“In looking at the celebrations of Christmas, at different periods and in different places, I have observed that, whatever views men hold respecting Christ, they all agree that His Advent is to be hailed with joy, and the nearer the forms of festivity have approximated to the teaching of Him who is celebrated the more real has been the joy of those who have taken part in the celebrations.
My aim is neither critical nor apologetic, but historical and pictorial: it is not to say what might or ought to have been, but to set forth from extant records what has actually taken place: to give an account of the origin and hallowed associations of Christmas, and to depict, by pen and pencil, the important historical events and interesting festivities of Christmastide. With materials collected from different parts of the world, and from writings both ancient and modern, I have endeavored to give in the present work a chronological account of the celebrations and observances of Christmas. “

Claiming The Vampire: MM Vampire Werewolf Romance

by Van Cole

What Happens When You Fall For The One That You’re Suppose To Protect?

Willis Vaughn is a king with a problem. He has fallen deeply in love with another man and now desperately wants him to be his mate. But he is a vampire and the man he loves is a werewolf – and both species are sworn enemies.

And then there is the not so small issue of his fiancée, Luna. A formidable woman intent on getting her own way!

With his kingdom in disarray and open war breaking out, Willis realizes he needs to bring unity to the land. Might that way be to lead by example and bring equality between the vampires and werewolves – starting with him?

Can Will’s love for a werewolf transcend his people’s long feud with them? Or is his crown – and his romance – doomed to failure?

Because unless he can do something, there will be no hope for him and the vampires of ever living in peace.

This Novella Was Formerly Titled The Vampire’s Bodyguard

Beauty And The Beasts: MMF Werewolf Biker Romance

by Van Cole

Three’s Company

Elise has always been the good girl. Doing what others want of her; tending to her demanding father and being a doormat for her non-committal boyfriend.

And perhaps, if it hadn’t been for that day, she still would be.

When a pair of bikers ride into town, her life is to change totally.

Liam and Cain are more than just friends. And before long, they make her the missing link in their love triangle.

But trouble seems to follow the pair around and they have a secret too big for this small town.

Everywhere, there are people pointing fingers at them, making it impossible for them to remain.

It would seem there is more to the boys than meets the eye and they desperately need someone to believe in them.

Will Elise trust them over everything she has ever known? Or will she abandon them, when the going gets tough?

Depression: How to survive one

by Jim Sonofsil

Would you like to enjoy life?
Do you want to discover the secrets of someone who beat a decade long depression and found happiness?
Would you like to become happy yourself?
If yes, please read onâ?¦

It’s morning and the alarm on your phone goes off. You need to wake up and get out of bed.
As far as you can remember, you’ve always hated getting out of bed, and having to start the day.
But this time, you don’t hate it.
You have the greatest ease with getting out of bed, and feel energetic.
You look forward to having breakfast and getting dressed.
You feel free.
You are free.
You have beaten your depression.
Before you know it, you are enjoying so many things in life. At some point you will walk down some street and think to yourself: “I can’t even remember last time I felt depressed.”

“A book that will guide you throughout your depression, until you have found happiness” -John C.

“A book written from passion, I can tell” – Susan R.

“Easy to read, hard to forget” – Jeff G.

“The changes this book has brought to the life of me and my wife are astounding” – Daniël L.

With this book, you will defeat depression years before you would without it.
This book consists of all the knowledge I have gained by being depressed for over 10 years!
But it’s not just my knowledge; it’s also that from psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and many more!

Not only does this book discuss topics such as:
-Controlling your thoughts
-What kind of help is out there, and how to get it
-Suicide prevention


This book also

Is straight to the point, so you won’t suffer reading fatigue or stress
-Can be read any way you’d like
-Can be read from the comfort of your own home
Never gets boring
-Is very relatable
-Is simple, without using any unnecessary difficult words.
-Looks good on your bookshelf
-Costs next to nothing!

“A must have for everybody that wants to enjoy life!” – Rob J.

Right now, you have three options.

Option 1 is for you to give up on curing your depression.
You don’t want to give up, because if you did, you would have never read this far.

Option 2 is for you to keep trying the way you have been trying, which hasn’t worked up until now.

Option 3 is for you to get this book, and get rid of your depression 10 times faster than you would without it.

I personally guarantee you that this book will improve your life!

10 times the happiness
10 times the relaxation
10 times the energy
10 times the productivity
A 10 times better life!

Get it today!

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