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Breaking Free

by Karen Jabez

Life is full of twists and turns. Some we cause; some just happen.Katelynn was young, energetic, enthusiastic, and ready for the greatest delights of her life, or what should have been.With a new husband, a new home, a lifestyle most dream of, she should have been at the top of her game. Why then, did she find herself struggling to find any normalcy? Where did the dark forces come from? And, why was everything now threatened… her faith, her health, her marriage, and perhaps, even her own life…Could she ever, truly, break free?

Tales from the Old Man (It Begins Book 1)

by Frank Figliomeni

Join Grandpa as he tells his life story dealing with the supernatural which is hard to believe yet true to a his young grand daughter Sarah. Follow young Sarah as she begins college life as she deals with a strange community. Ghost, spirits, demons occult are their journey.




Tells of a blood feud that would not stop, how a single spontaneous act of violence brought an abrupt end to a profound love story and of the physical, emotional and spiritual consequences that reverberated throughout the hills and valleys of glorious Arcadia.
Based on the true story of Kostas and Vasilis, two young men from warring clans, it tells of Broken Bodies and Broken Hearts, but also of Miracles, of a Far-Seeing Priest with Magic in his Fingers and of the Inner Power that so often goes untapped.
The action unfolds in an era when there were no cars and rifles fired lead balls; before doctors, when the sick and injured went to gifted healers; when fame as a healer or vintner spread by word of mouth, even as far as Tripoli.

THE BRAIDS OF KAMINARI Quartet is a deeply human saga of interwoven lives in the foothills of beautiful and bountiful Arcadia in the late-1800s. The rich variety of memorable characters, the vibrant dialogues, the jaw-dropping other-worldly happenings and the evocative storytelling bring 19th century Greece vividly to life, while stretching the limits of our beliefs.



The interwoven stories of many characters  takes place in a remote mountain area of Arcadia, Greece, around the village of Kaminari in a period in which an isolated way of life, which has prevailed for centuries, is still intact and pretty much untouched by the modern world. The world the book depicts is a stark and archaic one of blood feuds between families, passionate relationships between men and women, and a sense of closeness to the supernatural world, a world where Angels and Demons and natural forces interact with the life of human beings. – Harris Smart, MA.
Harris Smart is an Australian writer and TV Producer and former Fellow in Creative Writing at Stanford University. He is an award winning short story writer and has written seven books including the novel, Passion Play, and the biography Tom Bass Totem Maker.


Storyteller is the term that best describes Greek-American John Panopoulos, his life and his works. John’s stories have taken many shapes: poetry, short stories, sculpture – a favorite medium – various forms of visual arts, bedtime tales, good conversations over coffee and of course the Braids of Kaminari quartet. Each piece of artwork tells a story and is deeply rooted in his spiritual and philosophical values.

He found those values in the spiritual movement of Subud, a movement which embraces all cultures and religions, and the inspiration he gained therein shines through his creativity.

Despite identifying so thoroughly with his Greek heritage, John made only one visit to the land of his roots. It was just as he had always seen it in his mind’s eye. In the wake of that journey, deeply affected and inspired by the testimonies and folktales, landscapes and faces he found there, he picked up his writers pen and wove the Braids of Kaminari. Almost two decades later, with the assistance of his beloved Olivia, the final draft was completed.

 The Braids of Kaminari quartet reflects John’s being in so many ways. It is a treasure trove of wisdom and humor, personalities and contrasts, a masterful dance of love and hate, light and darkness, the spiritual and the physical, pushing the boundary between truth and fiction.

The Braids of Kaminari quartet is the culmination of John’s life’s work. His masterpiece, many say.

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