Free war Kindle books for 01 Dec 18

Triumphant at Last (the Jacobite Battle for Scotland Book 1)

by John Marshall

No one wished for war, but when it came it was a call that could not be refused. The Hanoverian government and King George was not to the liking of Scotland. It took them down a path to rebellion which would impact the life of Scots for generations to come.
In 1715 the Earl of Mar raised the banner of rebellion against his King having served in the government of Queen Anne before her successor took to the throne. It was a brave move, but rebellion does not always go the way you expect it to. Even the arrival of King James on Scottish soil could not win this war. In 1715 a young Scottish fisherman joined the fray against his family’s wishes and it would change his life and that of his family forever.
So why when rebellion rears its ugly head again in 1745 does his nephews Jamie and Willie Shepherd decide that it is still a worthwhile cause. Only time would tell whether it proves them to be right.
This is the story of a family at war over the Jacobite rebellions of 1715 and 1745. How will it end for them. Only time will tell.

MARKED NOT TO DIE: Tale based on real facts

by Orlando Fernandes

A young man enlisted in the Navy at the time of World War II and is summoned to embark to fight in Europe. But before embarking he is attacked by epidemic influenza, which prevents him from embarking.
Soon he learns that the ship on which he would be crossing the Atlantic is torpedoed by the Germans.
After that, he befriends a colleague from another state, to whom his mother dies on the days when it would be his turn to embark Europe to fight in the war. But a fatality will change the situation.

Joxer Daley

by Edward Hill

1916. Europe is ablaze. Unrest foments in Ireland. Joxer is fighting for the King in France.
Siobhan, the love of his life, finds herself seconded to France from the Irish Postal service to collect information and censor Irish letters while the attentions of a British Army officer threaten to sweep her away.
The Irish Easter Rising calls into question the true loyalties of all Irishmen fighting in British uniform. Events see Joxer court- martialed and facing execution.
Can Siobhan do anything to help or will the vagaries of war and fate decide their destiny?
A tale of adventure, brutal trench warfare, love, loyalty and courage.

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