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720 Linden Street: An Erotic Romance (Jessie Hayes Book 2)

by KC Decker

Following Jessie Hayes’ kinky introduction to BDSM at 1462 South Broadway, she now embraces her shameless journey into eroticism. Now her eyes are open to the sexy side of BDSM and kink that hide behind the doors of the exclusive sex club, 1462. The seductive atmosphere and her own sexual awakening lead her down a provocative, alluring path. 720 Linden Street is filled with heady desire, emotional intimacy, impossible choices and raw kinky sex.

Trigger Warning: This book contains a sexual assault that some readers may find distressing.

Future Men

by Douglas Wilson

As much as it may distress us, our boys are future men. When Theodore Roosevelt taught Sunday school for a time, a boy showed up one Sunday with a black eye. He admitted he had been fighting and on a Sunday too. He told the future president that a bigger boy had been pinching his sister, and so he fought him. TR told him that he had done perfectly right and gave him a dollar. The stodgy vestrymen thought this was a bit much, and so they let their exuberant Sunday school teacher go. What a loss.

Unbelief cannot look past surfaces. Unbelief squashes; faith teaches. Faith takes a boy aside and tells him that this part of what he did was good, while that other part of what he did got in the way. “And this is how to do it better next time.”

As we look to Scripture for patters of masculinity for our sons, we find them manifested perfectly in the life of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the one who set the ultimate pattern for friendship, for courage, for faithfulness, and integrity.

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