Free fantasy Kindle books for 02 Dec 18

The Orphan’s Secret (Principality Book 1)

by R J Francis

Nineteen-year-old orphan Elaina has a lot going for her. She’s beautiful. She’s creativeâ??crafting gourmet dairy products in a factory she built. She’s also a brilliant student, finding higher dimensional physics quite simple, really. 

But she’s alone much of the day. She has no family and only two friends: her magnificent black horse, and her private tutor, Alessa.

Everything changes the day Elaina rescues the handsome Prince Jaimin of Arra. Pulled into his turbulent world, she becomes the secret girlfriend of a future king, and discovers true friendship and love. 

When a bitter evil threatens to destroy her, the prince, her new friends, and the rest of the kingdom, Elaina finds a remarkable power within herself. Along with this power, she discovers who she truly is, the incredible truth about her parents, and how she came to live on the farm. 

She also learns that only she can save everything she loves. 

Follow Elaina, Prince Jaimin, and the socialite genius Nastasha, as they unravel clues from their past to save their kingdom. 

Coils of Eternity: A Threads of Fate Novella (The Legends of Dhanen’Mar)

by Peyton Reynolds

The Legends of Dhanen’Mar – A Threads of Fate Novella

A prequel set 200 years before the main timeline.

For her entire life, Cryslyn Rogim’s very existence has been shrouded in mystery. Why were she and her mother always fleeing into the night? Who was her father? Was something hunting them, and if so, why?
Having now reached her fifteenth birthing-day, Cryslyn is determined to finally learn these answers. Setting out to claim her Secondary Patron, she takes the first step toward her destiny, a fate both unforeseen and unimagined.

The Legends of Dhanen’Mar
Auguries of Dawn – Volume 1
Tides of Fortune – Volume 2
Veils of Destiny – A Threads of Fate Novella
Shadows of Illusion – A Threads of Fate Novella
Web of Portents – Volume 3
Shades of Death – A Threads of Fate Novella
Sea of Omens – A Threads of Fate Novella
Path of Stars – Volume 4
Seeds of Betrayal – A Threads of Fate Novella
Legacy of Blood – A Threads of Fate Novella
Dreams of Mist – A Threads of Fate Novella
Binds of Fate – Volume 5
Coils of Eternity – A Threads of Fate Novella
Tangle of Thorns – A Threads of Fate Novella
Trail of Masks – A Threads of Fate Novella
Labyrinth of Myths – Volume 6 TBR FALL 2018

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