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Highland Savior: A Medieval Scottish Highlander Historical Romance Book

by Alisa Adams

When Rosina Buchanan got married to the dashing Alasdair McPhail, she had no idea she has wed an abusive monster.

On their wedding night, she kills him in self-defence after he tries to rape her. She is helped by the dour and disliked Laird Logan Fraser, who arranges the murder scene to look like a robbery. But soon someone is spreading rumours that Logan had committed the killing and he is soon a wanted man. After fleeing to the Highlands, he and Rosina fall in love. Meanwhile, Connor, Alasdair’s brother has arranged to marry a beautiful Frenchwoman called Monique, but she has a passion for Rosina’s father Hugh, which is returned.

Will Connor take revenge? â?©

And will Logan be able to clear his name?

“Highland Savior” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words.
No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Carnival of Hate

by Ed Bowie

A deadly secret lurks beneath the Vatican

An American general disobeys a direct order and sends his army in a desperate dash to liberate Rome from the retreating Germans.

Then, while the people of Rome are rejoicing in the streets, the Americans seal the city â?? even their allies are kept out.

Priest-turned-soldier Guy Wolfe is sent to investigate â?? but even before he reaches Rome he is sucked into a far darker mystery.

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