Free horror Kindle books for 02 Dec 18

Welcome to Oceanside Inn

by Sheri Velarde

Alison Michaels has settled into her predictable and comfortable life as manager of the Oceanside Inn. She scoffs at the rumors surrounding the place, finding it the perfect place for her to start over and make a life for herself, a nice boring life. The winter at the Oceanside Inn should have been slow and easy, until twelve rich socialites check in for no apparent reason. Soon Alison finds herself embroiled in a world of mystery and supernatural undertones, something she thought she had left behind in her old life. The arrival of her elusive boss, Brendon Adams, only seems to heat things up in more ways than one.
Witches, magic, vampires and more are all keeping secrets at the Oceanside Inn. Can Alison handle what she learns about her new home, her boss, and herself? One thing is certain, some things are about to change forever.

Blood Heiress

by Elaine Markowicz

There was something familiar about the old Gothic Church that intrigued Carlota enough she returned to look at it every day after school. So, when she gets invited to participate in the evening service, she accepted without hesitation, not realizing the dark journey it would take her to.

The Vampire’s Mistress

by Elaine Markowicz

At the orphanage where she was raised, a girl must find employment by her eighteenth birthday or take to the streets. Elyse Anderson found one as governess to the Duke of Vaile’s only child.
Lord Worthington is a mysterious man with dark secrets. A man who becomes obsessed with Elyse and makes her his mistress. No matter how many times she tries to escape his madness, he hunts her down and brings her back. And despite his insanity, Elyse finds herself in love with him. But in the end that love turns to loathing and she finally breaks free of his hold.

They shall walk again

by Gregg Manning

A town built on a 14th century burial site and a young man who experiments with the occult can only have one outcome. As the town is plunged into a nightmare of killings and unexplained deaths it is a race to find the solution before the town is wiped out.

The Second Stage

by Benjamin Burkett

Meredith Haynes, once a mother and always a nurse, lived in a world she despised, and stumbled into one that she hoped to never return to. It should have been a routine anesthesia on a less than routine boy, but in the midst of a horrific attack, she found herself in a strange place somewhere between life and death. Her patients roam there; she recognizes all of them. Though, as she finds out, they aren’t quite her patients, and they don’t care for her being there.

Even with creaky joints and shaking muscles, escape isn’t the problem for Meredith. For at the end of her first visit to the Second Stage, she found someone she thought she would never see again. Escape is indeed not the problemâ??it’s staying away.

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