Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 02 Dec 18

Bo the Bear Builds a Race Car: A Car Book for Kids Who Love Race Cars

by James McDonald

If you have a young child who loves to build and loves cars, then they are going to love this book. Bo the Bear is crazy about building, and he’s found all the parts to build a race car.

The Adventures of Quint the Bookmobile: The Big Move to Roneyville

by Kathleen Quinton

Books are for everyone!

“First stop, town square!” Ms. Morris the librarian exclaims. It’s the first adventure for Quint the lovable bookmobile. Quint will be leaving his best friend Barnabus the big brown dog and the big red shop where he came to life (Shhhâ?¦) to deliver the keys of knowledge to the people of Roneyville.

Quint thinks, “Oh, I hope everyone will like me!”

Come along on this journey with Quint to discover the joy of readingâ??and find the keys hidden along the way.

Minecraft: The Ultimate Survival Handbook: Spectacular All-in-One Minecraft Game Guide. An Unofficial Minecraft Book (Minecraft Books)

by Steve Kid

Are you prepared to learn how to play Minecraft like an expert? This book Minecraft: The Ultimate Survival Handbook will guide and offer you with powerful tips on how to play Survival like the finest Minecraft players! You can have an incredible time once you know the secrets that the best players know, and this book will share all of this and more. In this book, experts will guide you by the hand and teach you everything that you want to know. You will also get step-by-step guidelines for amazing recipes and ideas. You’ll be playing like a pro in no time!

Pino the Baby Mammoth (Pino and his friends Book 1)

by Yegor Nekrasov

Pino is the Baby Mammoth in search of his parents. Readers will meet him on unexplored shore where he is going to find new friends, escape dangers and develop its way back home.

Earclaw and Eddie

by Daniel Jude Miller

Eddie is just a regular guy trying to get by in his boring life, when out of nowhere he finds himself underneath a very unwelcome visitor.
Earclaw is the unwelcome visitor and exists as nothing more than a crushing weight on Eddie’s head. Faced with this permanent guest, Eddie must learn to endure, accept and possibly trick Earclaw in leaving once and for all.

This beautifully illustrated children’s story is both comical as well as inspirational, reminding children and adults alike that life is not what sits on your head, but what you do while something sits on your head!

Flovely and Unicorn Erna: A modern fairy tale for children

by Siegfried Freudenfels

Flovely and Unicorn Erna is an adventure story full of tension for children between three and eight. In the Flower Forest Flovely and her best friend Flirty meet the legendary unicorn Erna. Together they discover her fairy tale home counrtry and get to know diverse secrets of the mythical creatures. Helping the friendly unicorns with an important task, they collect the rare and costly golden fir cones. And the friends have to overcome some difficult situations.Written in an affectionate way and with explanations full of details this children’s book is recommended as a very good read for children who like adventures. Colourful pictures suitable for children illustrate the action in a cheerful way.  This is a free children’s book. Flovely presents high quality children’s books for free, which have been developed in cooperation with educators.

You are looking for free children books, free ebooks or adventures for readers? Perfect! Flovely offers high quality google and kindle books for free.

Hermanastras: she want to play (Spanish Edition)

El libro trata de de dos adolescentes sarcásticas y divertidas,que tendrán que convivir juntas. Al principio no se soportan pero poco a poco se enamoraran y tras pasar sus obstáculos deberán enfrentarse a sus padres. Así como se desarrolla la historia, la hermana pequeña de una de estas hermanastras tendrá un papel crucial.

Toby Makes a New Friend: A book for Children about a Little Tugboat Named Toby and his friends in Kalk Bay Harbour, Cape Town, South Africa (Toby The Big Little Tugboat 3)

by Leo Donaldson


Toby and Maggie decide to have a race. Maggie is sure that she will win. Halfway through the race, the two discover something in the water and forget about the race altogether. On close inspection, they find a new friend and end up playing in the harbour together for the rest of the day. There is a lesson to be learned in this stories for kids book in that Toby learns that to play a game or compete in a race, he has to stick to the rules of the game or otherwise it’s not fair.

Durango the Doberman: Durango’s First Adventure

by Sydney Hampton

Meet Durango the Doberman! In this book you will learn about Durango, what his favorite things are and what he likes to do. Durango The Doberman is a series of Children’s books about a very happy doberman, that travels the country with his family in his Van, and spends his spare time hiking, adventuring, swimming and learning about the world. This is Durango’s first book, the story of his first adventure across the country. Durango is ready to tell your children about all of his adventures, and to teach them many new things including geography, colors, animals, and more.

Flovely´s Adventures: Free children’s books

by Siegfried Freudenfels

“Flovely’s Adventures” is a lovingly written children’s book, containing seven short stories, which make great bedtime-stories. Each story is completed by a lovingly illustrated picture. The positive themes will give your child a good feeling at the end of the day or serve as great entertainment during the day.The stories address topics like friendship, love, justice and team spirit. They are ideal for telling your child an encouraging story in only little time.The seven short stories:Freddie, the little birdFiona upside downThe rabbit festivalThe sand castleWalter, the whaleThe desert flowerThe vacationYou are looking for high quality children´s books, ebooks or adventures for readers? Perfect! Flovely offers quality google and kindle books.

With Help from the Wise Parrot (Alice’s Adventures Book 3)

by Mariza Formaggini

Monica and Julie play building a doll house but they have a hard time agreeing on who puts the pieces on the house. Fortunately a very intelligent parrot helps them to solve the situation. A delightful story to help sleep children from 2 to 6 years old, based on a real experience of a very sweet girl named Alice.

Henry and Hailey Hockeysticks: A North Pole Hockey Christmas

by Brian Johnson

Henry & Hailey Hockeysticks play hockey in the North Pole on Christmas Eve. It is a night filled with outdoor hockey on Polar Pond that ends with a sleigh ride for Henry & Hailey. Santa, Mrs. Clause, the elves and others also take the ice for this annual hockey game to see who will hoist Lord Santa’s Cup! This adventure is filled with great hockey terminology which will be enjoyed by children and all hockey fans of any age.

CLÁSICOS DE BASSILI: El manuscrito. Mi princesita. (Spanish Edition)

by M. A. Bassili

Estas dos historias que son una misma, fueron escritas casi a la vez. La primera, el manuscrito, tenía que ser algo más dramática pues está dirigida a la adolescencia, etapa que Bassili jamás superó. Se supone que con la historia quería dejar constancia de un ejemplo moral que él jamás seguiría. Bassili odiaba los consejos y los modelos a seguir.

La segunda, a pesar de ser casi la misma historia, está enfocada a los niños. Bassili adoraba a los niños, que podían hacer con él prácticamente lo que querían. Esta vez está escrita en clave de representación teatral, como para divertirse, para dejar entrever algún mensaje bondadoso de humanidad, pero sin atisbo de drama.

Al igual que en el resto de clásicos, el prólogo es del propio autor. Esta vez nos cuenta detalles de a quién iba dirigida la obra la primera vez que se escribió.

The Sword Of Oblivion: Could It Be? (A Dwarfen Brothers Trilogy Book 1)

by Grim

Torms and his fellow dwarfs find the location of a long-forgotten mineral called Amberinth, which is believed to be the ancient mineral of the Gods. At this discovery they set off to Ironclad, the Dwarfen Kingdom, to seek an audience with the king and to ask for a royal mining party.

But they soon hit a few setbacks along the way, mainly in the form of Tennant; a very annoying, dwarfen advisor who obsessively lives his life by the legendary book: â??101 Golden Rules on How to Stay Alive as an Advisor.’

So, with only a hand full of The Blood Born Guards, a royal mining party, two personal bodyguards the size of a small-mountain; Bash’m and Beat’m, the advisor and an old philosopher who makes the best omelettes in the kingdom they begin their expedition.

They think they’re the only ones that know about it, maybe they should think again…

Seeking Magic (The Legacy of Androva Book 3)

by Alex C Vick

How far would you go to find an explanation if you were still the only magician in the entire world, and no-one knew why?

You could try reading some ancient history books. That’s pretty harmless, at least to start off with. Or you could experiment with some brand new spells. That’s a bit more risky, but still nothing you can’t handle.

Or maybe you could go back in time two thousand years to question the one magician who might have the answer? That’s dangerous by anyone’s standards. You might get stuck there. You might die there. Or you might discover that you never become a magician at allâ?¦

Jax and Shannon return in another exciting adventure, where nothing is as it seems, and the past could be rewritten in a heartbeat.

The Legacy of Androva is a complete series of contemporary fantasy books for a lower young adult / upper middle grade audience. The stories are self-contained, with no cliffhangers in between books.

Book 1: Stealing Magic
Book 2: Capturing Magic
Book 3: Seeking Magic
Book 4: Controlling Magic
Book 5: Breaking Magic
Book 6: Surviving Magic
Book 7: Connecting Magic

Paddy Pumpkin & Prof’: The enchanted forest

by Mrs Valerie Anne Kelly

A children’s fun adventure about three gnomes living in an enchanted forest. The story is all in rhyme with an enchanted Tree, a Witch, a Castle and a Unicorn. The fight of three good gnomes against the wicked witch overcoming the darkside.
Moral of the story is: Good overcomes evil.

The Rock that fell from the Sky : Children story book to make kids feel special for being themselves: â?? A perfect bedtime story for children in formative years (boys, girl from toddlers to and 4-8)

by Elisa Anderson

A beautiful Children story book for ages 3-5 and beyond that teaches about the dangers of not being satisfied with one’s self

This black and white colored bedtime story is about a rock that is tired of being a rock!
He looks up the sky and would rather be there than on the ground.
He does get his wish but when he does, is it what he hoped for?
Find out reading the Rock the fell from the Sky!

Encourage your children be they toddlers or kids ages 4-8 years old to be self assured by reading them this story book!

Growing up can be hard for kids as they learn about themselves and their place in the big wide world. It can be very easy for them to feel that other kids are cooler or smarter or better than them!
Now is the best time for you to boost their self confidence and telling them not to make the mistake of wanting to be like someone else just like the rock in

this story.

Nothing helps a kid like knowing that they are perfect just the way they are!

Make your kids feel special too by adding this book to your kindle and reading it to them.

The Modest Proposal Institute: A YA Dystopian Novel

by Paul James

Welcome to The Modest Proposal Institute

Like many young men, Alexis dreams of adventure and being an adventurer, a Viking or a Pirate, or maybe just your movie-style heroic action man saving the Western world. He knows that he’s going to do it by leading his new school, an offshore boarding school and university built by his grandfather and a retired engineer, to ever greater success. The only barrier he sees standing in his way is a kid called Shane.

Shane is only at the school because he somehow upsets people whenever he speaks, which isn’t too surprising because while they’re very ordinary, he’s very extra-ordinarily clever. It turns out this strange island school is full of misfits like him and he quickly sees that his destiny is to lead it to worlds away from the people who rejected him. His only real rival for head of the Institute is a kid called Alexis.

Each of them believes that only by besting the other, and by clever detective work to stop the other’s rise, will they achieve their true place and that only under their leadership will the future of the world be safe. It’s a coming-of-age, do-or-die struggle, him or me story – or is it? Could they both achieve their destinies?

This visionary science fiction tale begins with Paul James’s new Dystopian Young Adult Fiction novel, The Modest Proposal Institute: An Old Path to a New Future, which launches two new heroes into the world’s oceans and the cosmos.

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