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Building your Vocabulary

by Mito Bessalel

Building your Vocabulary is computer program Based on Office words. The users input words definitions, synonyms and antonymous. The user can retrieve any of those as he needs it for his writinds,

The Fall Of The Kingdoms: The Epic Of The Lost Continent

by Gerard Winter

The Seven Kingdoms were divided by war, the Kingdom of Islands was the strongest among its neighboring kingdoms. Nevertheless, the Kingdom of Islands lost the war against the Bashikes. King Aaron decided to retreat, leaving the Royal Island to defend itself.
Throughout the Misty Sea the imperial ships sailed to the Forbidden Land; the place, King Aaron had chosen as the destination of retreat.
King Aaron leads his people into a tough journey throughout the desert until they arrives at the promised paradise. However, their journey was met with unexpected happenings.
The Forbidden Land was just a prison with only one prisoner, who was impatiently waiting their arrival.

My Stepbrother’s Baby (Forbidden Secret Book 1)

by Ted Evans

I took a chance and it changed my life.

As the nerdiest girl in class, I was never invited to parties, and I knew that Evan Stewart had the best parties. The type of party that only the cool kids got invited to. I had a plan! When the lights went down, someone suggested a game of spin the bottle, and I could only stare at the bottle as it landed on Evan, the hero of our hometown, the hottest quarterback ever to grace a high school stadium. The bottle stopped at me. I had to go to the closet and take a chance.
I did and now there’s not only one problem but two.
Not only will he be my stepbrother, but the father of my child too.

Author’s Note:
It’s short and steamy with enough sexiness for you to enjoy this novella. It’s the first part of the series.
Have no fear, there’s no cheating in the book!

The Story of the Fox and White Rabbit: (not your ordinary fable)

by Mateja Klaric

Are you into deep and weird? Then you should give this story a try. It will take you into the dark world of the fox who meets the magical White Rabbit and is for the first time in her ruthless life moved to tears. She becomes obsessed with him and thus the hunt begins. This is the first story in the Fox and White Rabbit series.

The Road to Complacency

by Steven G. Monteiro

He would stay up late at night and watch old movies where love appeared like fireworks on the Fourth of July: From Here to Eternity, Casablanca, Gone with the Wind. Movies where love screamed into the room and was all-consuming and the lovers loved exclusively, forsaking all others. The kind of love that was an illusion.

At least that’s what he thought – until the day he held Lauren. At that moment, he realized everything the poets had prophesied was coming true: the forsaking, the excitement, the fireworks; they were all there in a single moment. He knew the instant he held her that he would give up everything to be with her: his career, his lifestyle, his family, even his own wifeâ?¦

A simple outstretched hand and a simple touch mark the beginning of a love story that becomes both timeless and tragicâ?¦

Robert St. James never asked to fall in love. His life was content, filled with books, art, culture, and of course, his beautiful wife. His calm warmth was the balm that soothed her sharp intellect. His affection was the candle that lit the long, dark corridors of her ever-consuming corporate life.

He never asked to meet the young mother across the street, or her pleasant husband and two beautiful children. He never guessed that a single moment, a single touch, would ransack his world and descend it into a ruin of ashes and embers – but amidst them, more beauty and passion than any man could ever hope to endure.

Robert and Lauren’s love came on suddenly, burning unabashedly, without control. But sometimes, the spark that flames into a blaze, rages against all it touches, burning so hot it blights all those who get too close.

Promises left for ashes, sacred oaths billowing up in smoke.

Yet, despite all the conflagration, like the moth drawn to the flame, Robert would go through it all again, burn his very soul, if only to hold her in his arms one last timeâ?¦

And then the kiss. It had been years, maybe a decade since she’d been kissed like that. All-encompassing kisses. Dangerous kisses that led nowhere, but reached out to everywhere. Kisses that existed only for the sheer enjoyment of exploring each other’s mouth.

For so long, the only kisses she had received were perfunctory and short. Kisses that were dispensed like food rations to impoverished souls. But not with Robert. He understood what so many men had forgotten: a kiss was more intimate than sex…

Entrecuentos (Spanish Edition)

by Carlos Gamissans

“Entrecuentos” lo componen 29 relatos cortos, como si de entremeses literarios se tratasen. Se leen con rapidez gracias a su brevedad, pero poseen muy variados sabores, ya que abordan temáticas y estilos distintos. Tienen cabida, desde la fantasía y la ciencia ficción, hasta las contradicciones propias de la sociedad contemporánea o el mundo de los sueños.

El libro fue valorado por el jurado del I Premio Jóvenes Creadores Aragoneses 2017 que organizó el Instituto Aragonés de la Juventud, otorgándole el segundo premio.

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