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Morning Glory – How to Make the Most of Your Day by Changing Your Habits and Routines

by Lenny Olsen

How to Become an Early Bird and Love Your Mornings

Getting up in the mornings can be a real drag, especially if you’re the type of person who likes to stay up late. You would much rather stay in bed as long as possible, hitting the snooze button to try and capture just a few precious moments of sleep. This type of behavior usually results in stress, feeling rushed, and trouble being productive. The morning sets the tone for your whole day, and if your morning is sluggish and grumpy, that’s how the rest of your day will go.

Morning Glory is all about how to transform your mornings so you not only endure them, but love them. The book contains chapters on the importance of creating a sleep sanctuary, eating the right foods, and exercise. Establishing a good nightly routine is just as important as a morning routine, so adopting rituals like turning off all electronics an hour before bed, working out, and/or taking the time to wind down are critical if you want to get deep, quality sleep that makes waking up easier.

When morning comes, there are two patterns of behavior that are important: necessary rituals and “fun” rituals. Necessary rituals include:

  • Breaking the snooze-button addiction
  • Exposing yourself to light
  • Eating and drinking

The “fun” part should not be dismissed, because if you don’t love your mornings, it will be much harder to stay consistent. Fun rituals should serve as a reward for getting up, so have something special with your breakfast like a fancy coffee, or get up a little earlier so you have time for a long shower.

It has been scientifically-proven that morning people are happier, healthier, and even more successful. By taking the steps found in this book, you can change your life and go from a night owl to an early bird, and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

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The Best Break Up of Your Life: How to Quickly Overcome Grief and Find Joy Today. (Plus Them Book 1)

by Michael Timothy Dugan

This book will change your life, the author teaches you how to take your break up learn and ingrain lessons that will positively impact you for the rest of your life. Everyone could benefit for this book but it is specifically for those that have been dumped and did not have a choice. Once you make the clear decision to make this the best break up of your life the transformation starts. This author is a professional sales trainer that sells you on you. Buy the book now and embrace it the world needs you healthy.

Global Warming of Hearts

by Shaq Tom

Global Warming of Hearts

Shaq Tom, PhD has written this book to help people believe that “every individual in this world can all contribute to the Global Warming of Hearts.” The book is about people who have hope and inculcate the feeling into people around them even though they may face harsh circumstances. While writing this book, I felt obliged to share what living in this amazing country meant to me: U.S. can be pronounced “US” if you eliminate the dots.Yes, that’s what the U.S. meant to me – US!It was not you, them and me, but US – U.S. without dots.Or you could use those dots to connect people. Just connect the dots.Who I wrote about in this book: -They were sure that they did not even hurt ants. They spent minutes saving an ant from the toilet. Their role models did not even bother a cat while sleeping. They preferred cutting their coat on which a cat was sleeping with scissors not to wake the cat up. -Their ancestors were told not to take baby birds from their nests, not to make the mother bird worry about where her babies went and who took them. The mother bird screamed when she came to the nest and did not see the birds, she was crying, she was screaming. Her voice was heard throughout all the sky and land. There was someone who heard her cry and asked people not to touch baby birds ever. Is it worth letting a mother cry? No, it is not my friend.-About a single mother who had to flee from her country due to people who wanted to take away her freedom. Her hope was to live in a camp in Germany. What a dream? She was not even able to get enough nutrition to breastfeed her little twin daughters. Right before her husband passed away, she told him, “Let’s name them Hope and Promise. Hope â?? they would never lose hope in this life and Promise â?? no matter how bad people may act towards them they will promise to serve humanity.

Personal motivation to achieve the goal: How to Get Rid of Excess Weight and Bad Habits, Start to Play Sports, Create Stress Resistance and Learn to Save it All.

by Thomas Rich

This book is suitable for both men and women.
In the book you will find psychological and practical advice on how to change your lifestyle for the better, namely: how to get rid of excess weight and bad habits, start to play sports, create stress resistance and learn to save it all.

In addition, here you will find a course of practical exercises in order to create and maintain all of this. Just believe in yourself.
Do you want to achieve this?
Just read this book and do it as written here!
Interesting? Then do not waste time.

In the turmoil of everyday life, we are often busy with the things that we really do not want to do, but simply because we consider it our duty and obligation.

And often this happens only because we think that we cannot do different things in our life and that we cannot be different.
Stop, sit down and think: Are you satisfied with everything in this life? Did you try to change anything? No? And why?
You look at other people and just envy their successes. At the same time you think: How I would like to change something. How I would like to look like this. How I wish I could be so confident and calm. How I would like to have this or thatâ?¦
But in fact, you do not do anything for this. Why? Because you do not want to, and because do not believe in yourself. Everything is very simple. All the problems are in our head. It is important to understand this and realize this. In this book, I will tell you how to change yourself for the better: how to start a normal lifestyle, get rid of excess weight, bad habits, play sports, cope with stress, create stress resistance and learn how to keep all of this. I will tell this in my own words, from a practical point of view. Minimum of theory, more practice.

Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything!

Thank you and wish you every success!

Stroke Recovery, What Now?: When Physical Therapy Ends, But Your Recovery Continues

by Tracy L. Markley

In “Stroke Recovery; What Now?” Tracy brings as much knowledge and experience as she can, hoping to help survivors continue with their personal stroke recovery. She teaches about the biomechanics of the body’s movements based on science. Tracy has helped several survivors achieve continued success in their stroke recovery. In “Stroke Recovery; What Now?” Tracy’s desire is to bring understanding to why specific muscles must be strengthened before other movements in the body can improve. Included in this book, are several important exercises for survivors and anyone who wants to become more stable when they stand and walk. There are also descriptions of why each exercise works. Tracy shares tips to improve a drop foot, spasticity, muscle strength, balance, communication, spatial awareness, cognitive skills, brain care and more. Tracy asked more than one hundred survivors about the struggles and challenges they faced when they were left on their own to continue their recovery. She was surprised by many of the tough challenges some faced, and she was determined to include all concerns in this book. There is no time frame on stroke recovery. Learning ways to help your brain build new pathways and helping your body move correctly more will assist you toward further recovery.

Essential Oils Gifts: 30 Wonderful Fragrant Presents For Everyone You Care About In Your Life: (Christmas Gifts 2018, Creams, Lotions, Bath Bombs, Sprays, Balms)

by Daisy Courtenay

Essential Oils Gifts:

30 Wonderful Fragrant Presents For Everyone You Care About In Your Life

In this book, “Essential Oils Gifts: 30 Wonderful Fragrant Presents For Everyone You Care About In Your Life”, you will learn how cost-effective it is to make pleasing gifts for people you care about. In addition to being able to make otherwise expensive products for a fraction of the cost, you get to test your creative skills and to touch people’s hearts with gifts that are customized to their taste, values and needs.

You will also notice that the gifts whose recipes are included in the book also serve as valuable therapeutic products in addition to their respective basic grooming roles. Go through the 30 easy recipes that have amazing essential oils, and they will become your go-to recipes every festive season!

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Weight Loss Cookbook: 2 Manuscripts – Ketogenic Diet for Beginners, Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss

by Kayla Hansen

Does it sound impossible to lose weight while on a high-fat diet plan? You will soon discover how easy it is to break the sugar dependency and open a new way of eating. The program will provide you with the roadmap to lower your carbohydrate intake and provide you with a healthier body. At the same time, you will have a lifted spirit.
A ketogenic diet will help you reduce your calorie intake to below the volume of calories your body can use up daily. It is essential to beckon the energy stockpiled in the fat cells to deliver fuel or energy to your muscles.
The keto diet will also limit the volume of carbs you consume. A substantial percentage of your fuel for the day will come from fat transformed to ketones. Once you have the protein, carbohydrates, and fat ratio monitored by the diet plan such as shown in this cookbook; you are well on the way to a successful diet strategy.
By using the lower carb keto plan, you can reduce your carbohydrates, calorie
counts, and nurture your body with the suitable amount of water, meat, eggs, fish, veggies, nuts, as well as high-quality oils which create fat loss minus the unpleasant side effects.
There are plenty of books offered on this subject in today’s market, thanks again for choosing this one! Every effort was made to ensure that it is full of as much useful information as possible. Please enjoy!
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Cannabis Extracts Made Easy: The History of cannabis, Different Strains, Medical Benefits, DIY Extracts & Recipes with dosage calculation

by AJ Jackie

The state of Colorado introduced new cannabis regulations during November 2017. Every infused product will need to be tested and labeled accordingly for potency and if THC is homogeneously distributed through the product as well as be clearly labelled with the profiles of cannabinoids contained within each product.
This change in policy will likely increase the price of medical edibles, not only in Colorado but also in other parts of the USA. This book will show you how to make quality and relatively cheap medical edibles at home. It is time to learn how to extract cannabis concentrates and make some delicious medibles in the safety and privacy of your own home.
This book will help you understandâ?¦
What are medibles how they can treat patients with anxiety, stress amongst many other medical conditions etc
Find a perfect cannabis dosage for yourself and keep using it
Avoid overdosing and underdosing on medibles
Remove the fear you may have in making medibles in the kitchen.


by Francis Verlaine

Joe Iocca, an undistinguished veteran P.I., hadn’t seen a new client walk through his doors in several months. So when his former clients start appearing, asking him to solve their cases as if he never had, the fact that they haven’t aged a day is worth investigating. In the tumult of his mysterious circumstances, Joe stumbles into a cold case homicide. Little Girl is out to find her father’s real killer. Lewis wants the same thing, his dad having done thirty-three years for the murder that everyone is sure he didn’t commit. There were always plenty of other suspects to pick from in Ferguson, Missouri, but none of them were black men like Lewis’s old man.

“A smart, well-crafted debut that jumps time and space between the Midwest in the late-70s and contemporary San Francisco, Francis Verlaine’s “Priors” combines the heft of a literary novel with the page-turning drama of a hard-boiled detective story.” – Randall Roberts, arts and culture writer, Los Angeles Times

“A rare novel, set partially in St. Louis, full of toasted ravioli, unforgettable characters, a ton of heart, humor, and a wild ending in Mexico, Missouri. A MUST read. Two giant thumbs up!” – Tony Patrico, Radio Co-Host, KPNT 105.7 FM, St. Louis, Missouri.

“Finally a novel that shows the real San Francisco, my hometown: a hardboiled city that the world seems to think is stuck in the Summer of Love. It captures the gritty, fast-paced nastiness of the city by the bay, while exposing the love that is deep in its heart, albeit with a thick-ass skin. Francis wrote the screenplay for a film I acted in several years back, and “Priors” proves the author still possesses those darkly humorous chops.” – Dewey Weber, writer, musician and actor, The Doom Generation, Ulee’s Gold, Melrose Place, and Showgirls.

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