Free religious fiction Kindle books for 02 Dec 18

Guardians Of Egypt: An Ancient Egyptian Mystery Thriller: Short Story

by Phil Philips

Ancient Egyptian Historical Thriller
Kindle 30 minute Short Reads

When Julien Bonnet finds the remains of an ancient city under the Red Sea, he unleashes the might of the Guardians of Egypt. They carry the burden of destroying ancient sites – and anyone who discovers them – to keep their secret safe.

Only this time, they messed with the wrong guy.

Killing him will not be as simple as it seems.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Prequel Short Story to the Last Secret Chamber

Fans of Dan Brown, Wilbour Smith and Matthew Reilly will love Phil Philips Guardians Of Egypt.
Ë?Ë?Ë? Question: Who would I recommend this Short Story to? Answer: To anyone who loves ancient Egypt, a history buff, an adventure junkie, and/or obsessed with history’s greatest mysteries.
Ë?Ë?Ë? Truly a “page turner.

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THE IMMACULATE: Demon or Divine? Saga of a Modern Day Messiah

by Kevin Alyn Elders

A chilling sequel to the Greatest Story Ever Told, this spellbinding supernatural action thriller written by a veteran Hollywood screenwriter confronts us with a powerful dilemma: If we heard a young Messiah walked among us — Would we recognize him? Would we follow him? Or would we kill him?


After decorated Service Service agent Sol Turner rescues a teenage ‘miracle worker’ from a terrorist attack on a church in Montana, Turner, an atheist and cynical unbeliever, is assigned to protect the boy who millions now believe is the new Messiah.

While the boy’s â??miracles’ are vetted by an international team of inter-denominational clerics, he survives an assassination attempt and garners the interest of the aging Pope who believes in his divinity and declares he wants the boy to succeed him. After battling his detractors in the College of Cardinals, the boy ascends the papal throne and Turner realizes the new Pope is at the heart of the biggest conspiracy in the history of the Church. Turner risks his life to stop the global chaos that ensues and the truth that’s revealed to him will shatter the very foundation of the world’s religions.

THE IMMACULATE moves like a freight train barreling toward an ending that you will never see coming. It’s the second in the Screen Novel series written for the cinema inside your head — Imagined as movies, written as books, Screen Novels will captivate you from the very first page and keep you riveted until the end. Get it now and Read Different.

Simply from the heart: Poetic insight into the heart of Gods word

by Melissa Sanchuk

Words of inspiration for life’s ups and downs. Emotionally stirring, you will laugh and cry.

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