Free business and investing Kindle books for 03 Dec 18

Cryptoconomy: Bitcoins, Blockchains & Bad Guys

by Gary Miliefsky

CRYPTOCONOMY® – Bitcoins, Blockchains & Bad Guys

Learn the real story about the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market, the innovative Blockchain technology that powers it, while learning how to avoid the scammers and cybercriminals.

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There’s so much more to the Crypto Economy that you need to understand before jumping in.
Combined with the Foreign Exchange (FOREX), this Cryptoconomy is becoming a multitrillion dollar industry. That means there are millions, maybe even billions to be made.

Yes, it’s making some people very rich but it’s also risky enough to bankrupt you.

It’s also become high priority to nations due to the potential for digital currencies.

This also draws in a new wave of cybercriminals – some using cryptocurrencies as a form of ransom payments and others looking to deploy malware that steals crypto wallets and others have created botnets that secretly mine bitcoins using your computer and your electricity without your knowledge or permission.

This book will teach you everything you need to know to understand and even consider joining in the Cryptoconomy. You’ll not only learn all the basics, the author shares expert tips and knowledge you’ll need to avoid being scammed along th eway.
Please grab a copy and review this eBook at this great discount, while supplies last.

Welcome to the Cryptoconomy – where a bright future awaits.

Body Language: Master The Psychology and Techniques Behind How to Analyze People Instantly and Influence Them Using Body Language, Subliminal Persuasion, NLP and Covert Manipulation

by Ryan James

Body Language: 5 Book Compilation

This Compilation Book includes:

  1. How To Analyze People: How to Read Anyone Instantly Using Body Language, Personality Types, and Human Psychology
  2. How to Analyze People: Mastery Edition – How to Master Reading Anyone Instantly Using Body Language, Human Psychology and Personality Types
  3. Manipulation: The Definitive Guide to Understanding Manipulation, Mind Control and NLP
  4. Manipulation: How to Master Manipulation, Mind Control and NLP
  5. Manipulation: The Complete Step by Step Guide on Manipulation, Mind Control and NLP

Body language is one of the most powerful tool to read people and discover more about them. You can lie with words, but you can’t lie with your body language.

In this book, we will discover the different types of body language cues and how to read them, and how to best communicate with each of the 4 main personality types using this information we obtained.

We will then learn how to ethically influence people with positive manipulation, mind control, and NLP.  If you consider manipulation to be contrary, you’ll find out differently when learning and applying our step-by-step guide to getting what you want.  Reaching success doesn’t have to be at the expense of others.  Instead, you can get others to help you achieve success, and they can enjoy all the benefits of your success as well.  A change of perspective, a focus on the positive, and five easy steps to learn how to change behaviors and beliefs can put you on the road to riches.

Manipulating others should present an attractive opportunity for them as well.  Our step-by-step guide will show you how to analyze people first and then Influence them in a way that is not offensive.  With this knowledge, you’re in charge of your destiny. What you become and believeâ??how you react or respond to different situations will all help to mold your reality.  Nobody’s reality is the same, but each one’s life is what they make of it.  It’s a culmination of the choices and decisions they make.  So, read our book and begin to make the decisions that will change your life for the better and help others to do the same.

In this book, you’ll find out:

  • The 4 Different Personality Types
  • Reading People Using Body Language
  • How to use this Information
  • Cold Reading Methods and Tips
  • What characteristics and traits to be wary of in any new relationship that every master manipulator possesses
  • How to recognize and master even the subtlest manipulation maneuvers used by master manipulators
  • Different NLP models, and how manipulators apply these techniques in everyday applications
  • Mind Control techniques every master of persuasion uses to achieve their desired outcomes in life, and how to protect against them
  • The most common characteristics manipulators look for to spot an easy target, and how to not fall victim
  • What locations offer manipulators the most cover, and provide more targets to practice their skills on, these are places you should always be on guard

And much more!

So what are you waiting for? Grab this book and learn how to read people on the spot, and how to increase your persuasion and influence!

A Practical Guide to Writing a Winning Business Plan Geared for Success

by Jasdeep Lamba

Written by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, this book will teach you step-by-step how to write a business plan that is effective and geared for success.
If you are an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to to learn the basics of writing a business plan from the ground up, this book will speed up the learning process for you. It includes every aspect in a successful business plan and addresses the critical issues that every entrepreneur face like marketing concerns and financial projections.
By going through the book chapter by chapter, you will get a business plan template that can be adapted for any business venture. This summary guide is written in an easy-to-read and clear manner, making it straightforward for you to finish writing your business plan.
If you follow through to the end, you would have written a complete business plan, which is the first step of success for your business.

Principles of Stock Trading: 14 Foundational Modules for Stock Traders (Bonus Investment Report Attached)

by Jasdeep Lamba

Have you wondered how professionals trade the stock market? If you are a newbie to the stock market, the Principles of Stock Trading will teach you all that you need to know to be a confident stock trader.
The book consists of 14 modules that will give you a solid foundation to trading stocks in the stock market even if you know nothing about the markets. This bestseller, written by finance professionals from top business schools, starts by explaining basics about stock market indexes, index funds before moving on to advanced finance principles like asset allocation, portfolio composition and various investment strategies.
Whether you are a newbie, novice trader or intermediate investor, this book will help you improve your practical skills, learn new insights and gain more confidence in stock trading and investments.
At the end of the book, there is a BONUS investment report on a leading Chinese billion dollar company incorporating concepts and principles from the earlier modules. Strongly recommended as a basic course for those who have interest in the world of stocks and investing!

Cryptocurrency Mining: The Ultimate Guide About Blockchain, Mining, Trading, ICO, Ethereum Platform, Exchanges

by Robert Sinek

Cryptocurrency mining is the rage today – You want to invest but it seems so complicated. What if there was an easy way?

This book is here to walk you through all the information that you need to understand the process of mining cryptocurrencies. You will learn a lot of the basics for starting your mining rig to help you get the most from your mining adventures.

The second part offers you a comprehensive investment section. This is not another guide that pushes trading strategies from stocks into Cryptocurrencies. We are investors ourselves, and we have seen everything cryptosphere has to offer. We focus on Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Portfolio Management and Investment Strategies, but from the perspective of the volatile market.

For those who do commit to learning the art of cryptocurrency trading, you will never look at or enjoy the life same way ever again. The purpose of this book is to provide a full perspective of cryptocurrency trading, including how to make money investing in cryptocurrencies and how to know more about the cryptocurrency world.

Get this book today and start mining.

Twenties in Your Pocket: A twenty-somethingâ??s guide to money management

by Kate Nixon Anania

Does personal finance make you feel a little nauseous? Don’t even know what questions to ask? Embarrassed or intimidated? Whether you’re eighteen, twenty-eight or a bit older, this is the book for anyone just getting started with financial management.

In this approachable, entertaining and informative book, Kate Nixon Anania deals with everything you need to know to manage your money as a young adult. Anania covers the basics- banking, budgets, credit, debt and retirement. She gives step-by-step, clear and actionable advice. Anania tackles salary negotiation, taxes, how to make financial decisions about education and student loans, and she includes a number of ways to save money and ideas for side hustles. Anania also includes practical advice for couples to manage their money together, advice specifically tailored for women, and quizzes to help you determine the best budgeting techniques for your personality. Anania also deals with some of the emotional aspects of financial management.

This book is empowering. It will teach you how to make the most of what you have so that you can live the life you want. We all have limited time, energy and money; this book will teach you the skills to make the most of the resources you have. Learning how to manage your money early and to gain confidence in your financial choicesâ??to deal with debt, to make smart career choices, to advocate for yourself and to invest in your futureâ??is life changing. This book will get you on your way.

Anania writes for her blog,, has worked as a personal finance writer and provides personal finance coaching and classes to her community. Anania has a master’s degree in economics, but before she earned that degree she graduated from college months before the market crashed in 2008. She worked a number of jobs including gardening, tutoring, waitressing, making photocopies, writing educational materials, answering phones, selling dolls, working on a fishing boat, doing data entry and teaching. Anania’s experiences with her own finances taught her how to manage money like a pro. Her book is a comforting lifeline for those looking for financial management skills that will set them up for life.

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