Free horror Kindle books for 03 Dec 18

The Haunting of Seafield House: Trapped (The Spirit Guide Book 1)

by Caroline Clark

DOWNLOAD FOR FREE WITH KINDLE UNLIMITED or just 0.99 to own Gail wants to create some memories – if she survives the night in Seafield House it is something she will never forget.

Gail Parker never believed in ghosts and yet she knows her boyfriend does. Jesse saw ghosts as a child and has spent the last decade trying to reconnect with spirits. Every haunted house he has investigate has been a hoax or he has found a logical explanation for the phenomenon. That was until he found Seafield House.

Stay after dark and you will never leave. That is the legend, but Gail does not believe in ghosts.

At first the house is just dark and uncomfortable and Gail has enough problems of her own. There is a secret she must tell Jesse and she promises to do so after this weekend. Only things don’t go as planned. Soon she begins to doubt her own sanity. Strange noises, and draughts can be easily explained but did she really see those hands? Gail does not know if this is real or if she is hallucinating.

When darkness falls Gail is trapped in the house with a lost child and she cannot find Jesse.

Will they survive?

Will they escape?

Find out in The Haunting of Seafield House FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

This is the first book in The Spirit Guide Series. Each book is a complete and standalone story and they can be read in any order:
Book 2 The Haunting on the Hillside – Called From Beyond
Book 3 The Haunting of Oldfield Drive – DarkMan
The Haunting of Brynlee House
The Haunting of Shadow Hill House
The Ghosts of RedRise House – The Sacrifice
The Ghosts of RedRise House – The Battle Within
The Ghosts of RedRise House – Suffer The Children

The Academy of Good & Evil: The Shapeshifters

by Julianna C.

The children of The Academy are in danger and need your help.

Yes, your help. You there reading this sentence.

Join Adara, Scout, Ben, Steve, William, and Cordelia as they learn to survive in the world of magic and mystery at the hallowed Academy of Good & Evil. Some will learn that goodness is better while others will move into the shadow of evil power.

Six writers representing six completely different perspectives have created a first-ever reading experience where you the reader can apply to be one of those lucky few who will help write the story of these amazing children.

Who knows? Maybe you’re the next best-selling author. Accept the challenge.

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Saucy Jacky: The Whitechapel Murders As Told By Jack The Ripper

by Doug Lamoreux

Come into the East End of London, England, 1888.

Walk the streets of Whitechapel and slums of Spitalfields, side by side with history’s most notorious serial killer.

Overhear his plans, and listen – or try not to – to his secret thoughts as he waits in the shadows. Keep pace, if you have the nerve, as he stalks his victims.

Watch, if you have the stomach, as he commits his outrages. And run with him, if you’re still upright, as he escapes the swarming forces of police desperate for his hide and head.

Imagining the unimaginable in this unabashed novel of terror, award-winning author Doug Lamoreux takes you inside the mind of the infamous killer who was never caught.

Discover the Whitechapel murders… as told by Jack the Ripper himself.

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