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The Second Chance Bride (A Love to Last a Lifetime Book 1)

by Indiana Wake

Heartbreak on the Oregon Trail, left Grace needing a home and a new life. Can she ever hope to heal her wounds or is her life over?

When young Grace Salter loses her husband on the Oregon Trail, she doesn’t think there’s anything worth living for. With nothing left she goes in search of a suitable profession.

Josh Lacey is desperate. Having lost his wife he now struggles to control his distraught daughter. Once again he is looking for a housekeeper, once again he wonders if she will stay.

The job is a life saver for Grace, but the real challenge is Janet, Josh’s eleven year old daughter. Janet is belligerent, difficult, and angry at the world and at Grace for the passing of her mother.

Meanwhile, Grace and Josh’s strictly work relationship is developing into something more. Although both long to let their feelings be known, neither wish to disrupt their stable little worlds.

When Grace finds she is expecting a new baby she is overjoyed to have something left of her late husband but terrified she will lose her job.

The baby further complicates things but can love and faith overcome the deepest of divides?

Find out in this sweet historical western romance with a guaranteed happy ending.

The Lady and the Secret Duke (Sweet Regency Romance Book 1)

by Charlotte Darcy

A lost love, a secret meeting, a new friendship, and a betrayal. Can Rebecca ever find love or will her heart be forever broken? Find out in The Lady and the Secret Duke a sweet Regency romance novel with a guaranteed happy ever after.

A novel about honour, love and happily-ever-after.

Rebecca Beaumont runs a school from her family’s parlour. Rebecca’s mother puts a stop to it out of fear that she and her sister Diana will not find a suitable husband. Her mother’s fears seem founded as the man Rebecca loves insists she stop teaching. Rebecca, heartbroken but ever resilient, is determined to find another option to teach the local poor children.

Tristan Forbes is the new Duke of Hillington. He never expected or wanted the title but after the death of his brother he has no choice. He has no affection for those who are suddenly seeking his attention, especially the women. To get away from the vapid and ambitious people he visits his long-time friend, Nicholas Robshaw. Tristan never counted on his world being rocked by the beautiful Rebecca.

When Tristan and Rebecca stumble upon each other they have a fiery encounter leaving them wanting more. Unfortunately, decisions are made that put the beginnings of their relationship in jeopardy. Now there are two interested parties set on keeping them apart, add a lie by omission, and will their love be destroyed?

Can Tristan and Rebecca find their happy ending? Find out in The Lady and the Secret Duke a sweet regency romance by bestselling author Charlotte Darcy.

A Love This True (Jasper Lake Book 2)

by Leah Atwood

Trixie Graff grew up in an ideal family, but with that love came a heavy load of expectations. When she fell short, she ran rather than face her parents’ disappointment. Only, distance didn’t make her shame disappear. Caught between loneliness and independence, she struggled with the decision to return home. Plagued with guilt after missing her sister’s wedding, she finally goes home to Jasper Lake, but her life can’t return to what it once had been.

Elijah Brewer had his future mapped outâ??attend seminary, marry a nice girl, then pastor a mid-sized church. Moving to a small town in the Adirondacks didn’t play into those plans, but when he was asked to act as interim youth pastor at Jasper Lake First Community Church, he saw an opportunity to build his resume before leaving for seminary, bolstering his chance for a better position after graduation.

Nothing could have prepared him for Trixie Graff. Opposites attract, but will her shame ruin his future or will they both learn the meaning of grace?

Jasper Lake Series:
Not This Time- Prequel- ASIN: B01IFCYS2K- Drew and Amie
Born to Love- Book One- ASIN: B079V68BNW- Landon and Jessa
A Love This True- Book Two- ASIN: B07C1V44D2- Elijah and Trixie
All That Glitters- Book Three- ASIN: B07G2XV89P- Mac and Phoebe
What Matters Most- Book Four- Late Fall 2018- Hunter and Beth

Buddhist Scriptures

by E.J. Thomas

This small book presents 23 highly readable selections from the Buddhist scriptures, in which we read the words of the Buddha and the early Buddhist disciples themselves.

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