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Cycling the Velodyssee from La Rochelle to Biarritz: Five over-60 year-old Englishmen & One Japanese Lady on a cycling tour of over 320 miles along the Velodyssee from La Rochelle to Biarritz

by Mike Newton

In August 2017 three of us cycled on the Velodyssee from La Rochelle to Roscoff, and there had been some talk about finishing the route, and cycling down from La Rochelle to Biarritz. I had a chat with Paul Greenhalgh, who declined joining us on the first part of the Velodyssee due to concerns about his heart and monetary considerations. He was feeling much more positive about cycling in Europe again – he had been in the team of three that had cycled from Budapest to home in 2015. I drew up a rough itinerary in September 2017 for the ride from La Rochelle to Biarritz, and issued it to Paul, and the two members of the team (Alec & John) from the first ride. The route was going to be over 500km (320 miles). We chose to cycle it in September 2018. Another friend, Jeff King, asked if he could join the ride, and finally my Japanese wife, Naoko, asked if she could join us.
Before the ride I went through the Velodyssee website thoroughly to try to understand what the route would be like, and expected that it would be very flat and that we would cycle through many trees. The route did turn out to be very different to the route going north as there were no canals, just one short railway line section, and long sections cycling through forests. We cycled past many beaches and only stopped at a few.
This book provides the story of our ride with the many photographs providing an idea of what the route is like. We completed the Velodyssee cycling in 7 days so an average of about 48 miles a day.

Three men, five bikes, four hundred miles and Sue in a van: Cycling the length of Scotland (Cycling tours )

by Chris Walker

Determined to achieve, determined to prove, determined to do it. That’s really how I got to the point of deciding that I should cycle the length of Scotland. The original idea of Lands end to John o’Groats was I guess replaced in my mind with something more realistic. I could do Scotland but the whole UK – the fear of failure crept in. I could prove to myself and my friends and family that you really can do what you want in life. It takes planning, it takes training, it takes determination, its selfish in many ways but having had a bad run of health, Stroke, Brain aneurysm, Atrial fribulation combined with poor diet and drinking habits it was time to sort myself out – how many chances do you get in this life ? Sort myself out wasn’t just for me but for my wife of 30 years Sue, my true love and soul mate who has stood by my side through all the tough times, cared for me, been there for me and never stopped loving me. I’ve been through the mill but I was determined to get fit and prove to myself that anything is possible. Six years ago if you’d have said you’ll cycle the length of Scotland I would have laughed and said – what on my mountain bike – I don’t think so.

Gambling Addiction: Seeking Help In The Middle Of A Crisis (Blackjack Poker Craps Tables Battling Depression Losing Homes Itch Casinos)

by Meiso

MаnÑ? people dоn’t know whаt can be dоnе tо help someone who is a gambling addict. Anyone can fall into the trap of addiction. It may start off as casual fun but quickly escalate into an obsessive craving behavior. Casual gamblers who are on the path towards addiction may think of compulsive gаmbling as something thаt only wеаk mindеd individuаlÑ? deal with, but ANYONE can fall into the addiction trap. Suffеring frоm high levels оf Ñ?trеÑ?Ñ?, bеing Ñ?tuсk in a jоb that you hate, оr еvеn an unhаÑ?Ñ?Ñ? rеlаtiоnÑ?hiÑ? саn аll сrеаtе circumstances that could help push someone’s desperation аnd vulnerability tо become an аddiсt. UnfоrtunаtеlÑ?, irrеÑ?Ñ?оnÑ?iblе gаmbling iÑ? one оf thе thingÑ? Ñ?о mаnÑ? people Ñ?ееk out.

Winning will TEMPORARILY make your problems go away. It’s a good distraction, but the problem lies when you CONTINUE TO GO BACK AND GAMBLE. It will only mask all of the underlying problems that you face. Once you get a taste of the adrenaline of winning, you may begin to fall dееÑ?еr аnd dееÑ?еr into an unhealthy cycle of аddiсtiоn. This is the scariest part because many times you begin to be secretive about going to the casino or placing sports bets. It’Ñ? pretty similar to being аddiсtеd tо drugs or аlсоhоl. Sometimes you just fall into it.

Bеing in dеniаl iÑ? оnе оf thе firÑ?t things a compulsive gаmblеr will fасе. Thе firÑ?t Ñ?tаgе оf gаmbling аddiсtiоn iÑ? loss оf control, lеаding Ñ?оu to dеniаl. You might say things such as, “I’m not an addict, there’s no way I’m dumb enough to fall for that”, or “I can quit anytime that I want”. This iÑ? not a gооd Ñ?lасе tо bе in if Ñ?оu’rе Ñ?оmеоnе who iÑ? Ñ?uffеring frоm Ñ?оmе fоrm оf dеÑ?rеÑ?Ñ?iоn оr еxtrеmе Ñ?trеÑ?Ñ?.

One way to overcome a gambling addiction is to find another outlet that’s healthier to maintain. For example, you can switch out the time you go gambling to finding a hobby or passion. You can start reading comic books, watch a ton of movies, pick up tennis or basketball, or something creative such as art and photography. It’s going to be TOUGH to start, but ONCE YOU DECIDE to BREAK YOUR INITIAL HABIT, you are on the right path towards reprogramming your brain into chasing that good feeling.

Another method could be finding a SUPPORT GROUP. You can Google local addicts and join ANONYMOUSLY. Having a support group is awesome because it helps make you realize that you’re not alone. Gambling is something that millions suffer from and it’s good to tackle it together. Find a partner and message or call him/her whenever you have the urge. Keep each other accountable.

Responsible gаmbling iÑ? a grеаt dеаl оf fun, оnlÑ? if аÑ?Ñ?rоасhеd with control and undеrÑ?tаnding. Treat gambling as entertainment and Ñ?аÑ?t timе, rather thаn a mоnеÑ? mаking vеnturе. Understanding the сurrеnt situation Ñ?оu аrе in iÑ? imÑ?оrtаnt. If you are in a mоdе of unhаÑ?Ñ?inеÑ?Ñ?, it is nоt thе timе to begin gаmbling Ñ?оur sadness аnd mоnеÑ? аwаÑ?.
Bе fully аwаrе оf Ñ?оur state оf mind. Take out cash YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE. That way you’re not dependant on ANY outcome, and actually get to ENJOY the experience of the casino and gambling.

If you hаvе a gаmbling problem оr a gаmbling аddiсtiоn, then rеаd this guidе thoroughly to find a wаÑ? оf escape.

The Unknown Kingdom, Revelations of Shambhala: A Journey of Discovery

by M.G. Hawking

Discover The Unknown Kingdom. You are invited to take an unforgettable journey of discovery into a fabled world to explore ancient knowledge virtually unknown to the modern world.

Sweeping in an immense arc across South Asia is the Great Himalayan Range, an uninterrupted 1,500 mile crescent of mountains with over 110 peaks rising to elevations of 25,000 feet or more. Extending from Kashmir’s 26,600 foot Naga Parbat through Tibet’s 25,445 foot Namcha Barwa, the immense wilderness of the Himalaya cradles the most isolated areas of Earth’s landmass. Yawning gorges as deep as 16,000 feet and ice peaks towering nearly six miles high shelter remote, lushly forested valleys.

For thousands of years, the largely inaccessible and unexplored inner portion of this vast frozen fortress has been known in esoteric literature as the Great White Island, and has inspired countless stories and legends that it conceals a kingdom of great masters possessed of transcendent wisdom and power.

Many years ago, on an extended trek into the remote inner range of the Himalayas, explorer M.G. Hawking chanced on a small valley deep in the rugged wilderness. Surrounded by massive peaks, he encountered a beautiful village, a mysterious realm referred to by its residents as Siddhalaya. Siddha, in Sanskrit, denotes a high adept or master; alaya means the abode ofâ??for Siddhalaya is said to be the ‘Kingdom of the Masters.’

From Hawking’s journal of that day: “The village is small and ancient, yet very beautiful. Seemingly overhead, rising nearly six miles into the sky, towers the great Himalayan massif of Dhaulagiri. Vast snowfields roll upward from evergreen forest to immense blue-white glaciers and ragged cliffs of ancient ice. Far above, magic colors appear, shimmer and disappear, silent reflections in clouds that sail across iced granite on high, swift journeys. Nestled in a valley below the snowfields, in dense emerald-green forest by a pure azure lake, the village spreads its river-stone structures. To the north, eagles glide in the sunny mist; the clouds drift and a high forest comes into view, threaded by waterfalls. To the east, across the crystal lake, more shining waterfalls flow down out of the clouds. As I gaze, Dhaulagiri’s peaks appear and vanish in the lavender and gray of high clouds. Over everything there lies an immortal light, a luminous brightness like transparent silver.”

Hawking’s discovery marked the beginning of a series of extraordinary encounters and experiences. Soon after arriving he realized, a bit like Columbus or Marco Polo, that he had discovered a world far stranger and vastly more profound than he could ever have imagined. In that isolated community he had the privilege of meeting a number of remarkable men and womenâ??introduced to him as ‘masters’ and ‘adepts’â??possessed of wisdom, knowledge and power virtually unknown in the Western world.

Transcribed directly from the journals and field notes Hawking recorded of his experiences with these sages, this book contains detailed narratives of his encounters and conversations, providing detailed, first-hand accounts of their esoteric knowledge and power. Inspirational and enlightening, this is a book you will not forget.

2019 Edition, Kindle e-reader page count 318 (estimated, actual page count varies depending on the reading device used). Includes Reference Citations and a Source Material Anthology.

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