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North Pole Anthology 1: Books 1-3 (North Pole, Alaska)

by Noelle Fox

Lots of Kids write letters to Santa, but those delivered to the North Pole are answered by a group of dedicated volunteers who call themselves The Elves.

Blame It On Mistletoe – Abby Baxter has spent the year since her husband’s death trying to hold on. When she discovers her son is missing, her entire world tremblesâ?? until her husband’s best friend appears at her door. Secretly in love with Abby for years, Frank Machado is determined to see JD back in his mother’s arms. Sparks fly, hearts warm, loveâ??and Christmasâ??are in the air. Should they Blame it on Mistletoe?

If Only In My Dreams – Jilted in North Pole, Alaska, café owner Amelia Beckett’s bad man-karma has struck again! She wants out of this cutesy townâ??until a snarling, injured fox in her backyard sends her running to strong, silent neighbor and café regular, Wes Curtis. Wes moved to Alaska after his wife died, not expecting he’d need to brush up admittedly rusty dating skills. But moonlit nights spent helping beautiful, skittish Amelia and the fox relax and heal make him determined to convince Amelia she belongs in Alaskaâ??with him

What Child is This? – Hope Grayson’s six-year-old daughter clearly wants a daddy for Christmas. Eli Thompson has never forgotten Hope, realizing just how much he’s missed her. When he unexpectedly shows up to help in the clinic, Hope is stunned. She wants to protect her daughter and her heart, but is it possible Eli is the perfect Christmas present for them both?

Shifting Sands Resort Collection 1: Books 1-3

by Zoe Chant

Escape to Adventure and Romance at Shifting Sands Resort

Shifting Sands Resort is a (clothing optional!) luxury resort for shifters only. Come to find love and tasty treats of all kinds – but prepare for heart-pounding adventure and layers of puzzling secrets. Warm up to the eclectic staff and get to know some of the resort regulars as tough shifters meet their fated mates.

Combining sizzling romance with laugh-out-loud humor and plenty of mystery, the Shifting Sands Resort series is a must-read for fans of T. S. Joyce, Terry Bolryder, and Lisa Ladew.

Now you can save 30% on the first three books with this convenient box set. Relax on the sands with a tropical drink and a taste of adventure. Includes Tropical Tiger Spy, Tropical Wounded Wolf, and Tropical Bartender Bear. No cliffhangers!

Santa Daddy

by Katherine Deane

Alex and Connor are undercover again, and it’s all fun and games until the caroling startsâ?¦

Alex loves the new suit she’s donning for her part in the undercover drug bust at the mall, but she is definitely not in the fa-la-la mood. Not after losing her mother’s ring.
Can this elf figure out who the culprit is in time to save Christmas?
And the mall Santa?
And her relationship?
Or will her Daddy Dom, Connor, have to take matters into his own hands?

(Santa Daddy was previously published in the “Daddy For Christmas” anthology)

Hayden’s Holiday Cookies

by Hayden Momot

You will find vintage cookie recipes, along with a few classic cookies, in this holiday cookbook. This cookbook has been created by a Southern family to share cherished family recipes with people who enjoy baking at home. Their wish is simple: to share good food with everyone.

This book has been updated as of December 15, 2012 with pictures of the cookies. Hayden and her family wish you and yours a joyous holiday and hope that you enjoy these cookies as much as they do.

This eBook offers thirty cookie recipes with easy to follow instructions. A few Southern classics are sprinkled in with old-fashioned favorites.

You will find recipes for Polish Angel Wings, Beauty Queen Meringues, Benne Wafers, Charleston Sands, Cheesecake Crumb Bars, Cherry Bon Bons, Chocolate Crinkles with Peppermint Sprinkles, Chocolate Peppermint Drop Cookies, Classic Chocolate Chip, Classic Gingerbread, Coconut Crunch Cookies, Christmas Cowboy Cookies, Cranberry Christmas Bursts, Cranberry White Chocolate Pecan Bites, Cream Cheese Drop Cookies, Dough Boys with Royal Icing, Elf Prints, Forgotten Cookies, Ginger Molasses Big Boys, Lemon Snaps, Nanny’s Sugar Cookies, Peanut Butter Favorites, Pecan Drops with Brown Butter Frosting, Red Velvet Macaroons with Cream Cheese Frosting, Salted Butterscotch Cookies, Salted Peanut Chews with Caramel Glaze, Snickerdoodles, Traditional Holiday Spritz, Walnut Drop Cookies, and Walnut Lace Cookies. You are sure to find a new holiday favorite in this selection of homemade cookie recipes.

Sins of Luv

by R.O. McCray

Sins of Luv is the tale of Southern love fighting to exist. Set in the City of Soul, the lives of Anthony Bishop and Hylene Smith When two successful young executives cross paths, a whirlwind of secrets and past sins are released. Set in Memphis, Tennessee, the city sets the perfect backdrop for a tale of love, heartbreak, and the blues. Anthony is the southern playboy trying be something more. Hylene is a beautiful woman that has only found her work as her only companion. Can these two really find love or will their sins punish them for life.

Focus on their careers, they are the envy of all that know them. Anthony is the best marketing and management consultant in the city. He is also a playboy and sex fiend. Never alone, he can be seen with nothing but beautiful women. However, his years of chasing girls have taken a toll on his mind and soul. Feeling that void growing larger by the hours, he is constantly fighting with himself for growth. Hylene is similar on the career path. She is the Executive Director of the Mayor’s office. Spending most of her time creating programs and fixing city scandals, Hylene literally was the backbone of the city. One choice meeting sends the two career driven individuals on whirlwind ride.

In both of their personal circles, they both serve as the heart and mind of their respected groups. Although they are mirror reflections of each other, the hearts are identical matches. Each covered with scars and bad memories, they both hold onto their past as a shield of protection.

Hannah’s Duke: Regency Sexy Romance (The heir and a spare Book 4)

by Fiona Miers

Can an American lady find love with a cold-hearted Duke?

American heiress Hannah Turner has been sent ‘across the pond’ by her father to find a worthy British husband. She will stay with her second cousin, Lord Archibald Turner and his bride, the new Countess of Tother.

At Charlotte and Archie’s summer house, Hannah meets Lord John Dunford, a handsome rakehell famed for his naughty behavior. She always swore to save herself for marriage, but the man is sensual temptation incarnate. In his constant company she wondersâ?¦ would learning the arts of the bedroom early be such a bad thing?

Lord John swore an oath as well–never to marry. His parent’s stormy union, and his mother’s devastation at his father’s love for another woman, have put him off marriage for good. As for an heir, surely his brother’s wife will bear a child eventually.

But when John meets Hannah, his cold heart awakens. He can’t offer her forever, but a few nights in her bed would consummate the attraction burning between them. Surely they can enjoy each other and walk awayâ?¦ or can they?

Don’t miss the last story in The Heir and a Spare series–get your copy of Hannah’s Duke now!

Island Hopping (The Escape Series Book 3)

by Ann Omasta

She’s the workaholic everyone loves to hate. He’s perfectly content basking on the beach.

Can these two polar opposites find enough common ground to let their undeniable spark of attraction ignite?

Lizzie Lowe didn’t mean to steal her best friend, Roxy’s, fiancé the night before the wedding. It happened, though, and now Lizzie’s desperate to make amends with Roxy’s family for that dumb mistake.

Knowing her planning skills are needed to avoid having Roxy’s sister, Ruthie’s, reality television wedding turn into a complete disaster, Lizzie follows the family to the lovely island paradise of Antigua.

Local island slacker, Shay Sanders, is the last man Lizzie can imagine playing a role in her organized, structured life, yet he keeps miraculously saving her from difficult predicaments.

Two crazy grandmothers who despise each other, producers intent on gaining ratings by any means necessary, and the perfect storm all combine to create a hilarious game of one-upmanship that the entire world is watching.

Who will come out on top? Start reading Island Hopping today to find out.

This delightful romantic comedy can be enjoyed as a standalone novel or as the third book in The Escape Series.

Sunflower: Self- Awakening and Heartbreak


Jasmine Coco wrote a Sunflower as an ode to the process of heartbreak and becoming self- aware through that process. She wrote poetry most of her life and decided to share it with the world. Her abstract perspective of matters of the heart brings a thought-provoking collection of poetry. Through her experiences and others with love and heartbreak, she has put words to emotions that are complex.

FireSong: the secret room (LeGarde Mysteries Book 4)

by Aaron Paul Lazar

Life’s gone crazy in East Goodland, New York.

When Gus’s country church is hit by a rogue tornado, the bones of a missing parishioner are revealed in a field, shocking the parish and devastating the dead man’s family. Days later, heroin is found in their beloved minister’s bloodstream, throwing the congregation into chaos.

Strange panel vans roar through the countryside at weird hours of the night. The local salt mine collapses due to illegal mining practices. Gas fires burn in water wells. Watering holes turn to brine. Crops are dying. Tempers are short. Forest fires threaten. To top it off, the new mine lies directly over ancient Indian burial grounds, bringing anguish to local tribes and inciting riots at the mine site.

Join Gus as he’s lured into a bizarre network of underground tunnels to expose the most shocking discovery ever to rock the Genesee Valley.

Crazy for You: Christmas in Starlight Hill: Starlight Hill series Standalone, insta-love romance

by Heatherly Bell

He needs a break. She needs a date.

What do a washed-up L.A. cop and a celebrity hair stylist have in common? Christmas magic.

Fallon McQueen needs a date to a wedding.The pickings at the speed dating events she’s attended are slim indeed, and it doesn’t help that she has someone specific in mind…

Then she meets…Santa Claus.

Jack Cooper is tired of the big city. He needs a break from the streets of L.A. But when he stops a deadbeat from breaking and entering, he’s simply trying to do a good deed. Now he has a hot but crazy blonde asking him to be her date to a destination wedding. 

If Jack is going to help, they’re going to do it his way, and faster than you can say “road trip” Fallon McQueen is on the trip of lifetime…

“Heatherly Bell’s sweet, warm romances are the perfect escape.” ~ Jamie Farrell, Bestselling author of The Officers Ex-Wives Club

“Sweet and tender, Heatherly Bell writes romance that will capture your heart.” ~ Marina Adair, #1 national bestselling author of Summer in Napa

Romance fans will find all the usual meet-cutes and secluded moments that they know and love from the genre, mingled with an original emotional narrative on Scott’s part. I would definitely recommend Unforgettable You to contemporary romance fans everywhere.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, 5 Stars on Unforgettable You

The Icarus Effect: A Harvey Bennett Adventure (Harvey Bennett Prequels Book 1)

by M. P. MacDougall

He just wants a new life. To escape from it all… but fate has other plans.

Harvey Bennett is no stranger to tragedy.

He’s searching for something. But he’s not sure what.

Life, unfortunately, keeps getting in the way.

When tragedy strikes Harvey during a family camping trip, he does the only thing he knows how to do: he runs away.

The Icarus Effect is a coming-of-age story set in the woods and backcountry of the US, following the saga of a young man who just wants to find his place in the world. He’s alone, scared, and stubborn.

The runaway bestseller The Enigma Strain and the follow-up series of Harvey Bennett Mysteries has fans asking the question: “who is Harvey Bennett?”

How did Harvey Bennett go from reclusive park ranger to head of the Civilian Special Operations?

Now, discover the answer: Introducing the newest in the Harvey Bennett universe: the Harvey Bennett Prequel series.

If you like authors like Dan Brown, Clive Cussler, and Matt Reilly, you’ll love Harvey Bennett. Start reading The Icarus Effect today!

Lost Love: The Complete Series – Billionaire Second Chance Romance

by Marcella Swann

LOST LOVE is here, four steamy stories all in one complete set! These stand-alone, HEA books give our naughty billionaires a second chance at true love and the women of their desires.

Redeemed (Shawn): There’s only one person who I can turn to help my fatherâ??the best criminal defense attorney on the planet. She also happens to be my sexier-than-ever ex. I had told Cynthia that my father made me dump her but that was a lie. I’m willing to pay anything she asksâ??anything, except losing her again. Her investigation could destroy people, powerful people. Now everyone wants her dead. I have to protect her, keep her close, very close.

Reunited (Bobby): I had Siena for one night. It was hot. It was right. It was incredible. I’ve never really shaken her from my mind. It’s still the best night of my life and, trust me, I’ve had plenty of action since. But she was gone by the morning. Fine. I can play that game, too. So I bolted. Now I’ve got a billion bucks coming my way. One catch, though: I’ve got to get my shit together or else my uncle’s money goes elsewhereâ??to my scheming cousin trying to cause trouble. But f*** the money, no one’s going to mess with my womanâ??and my daughter. So bring it on!

Rekindled (Tristan): I’m back in my hometown for one reason only – to take over the last manufacturing plant left there, then sell it for parts. The place basically killed my dad, so I’m here to settle the score. No one can stand in my way, I have more money than God and a corporation I built from the ground up to back me. But then I see Faith, my first girlfriend, who now runs the plant. It ended bad between us, and she makes it clear right away, this factory is not for sale. She’s gorgeous. It could get real interesting trying to bring her to my side. At least her funny bulldog, Lucy, likes me. I’ll take these odds any day.

Reclaimed (Elliot): I’ve got a billion in the bank, own whatever I want and don’t give a shit. I loved once but never again. My father disgraced the family, lost everything â?¦ ruined everything between Samira and me. But I’ve clawed his way back. I’ve done it by gaming the rules, hacking the system, crushing competitors. The women, the money, the deals, they were all just ways to keep score. And then, she strides right into my life â?¦

Christmas with the Sheriff (Shadow Creek, Montana Book 1)

by Victoria James

After fleeing her beloved small town five years ago, Julia Bailey is back to spend Christmas with her family. Returning is hard, but keeping the devastating secret about her late husband is even harder. Her place isn’t in Big Sky Country any longer…but the more time she spends with the irresistible Sheriff who saved her once before, and his adorable little daughter, the more Julia starts wishing she could let go of the past and start a new life.

Single dad and county Sheriff Chase Donovan had been secretly in love with his best friend’s wife for years. But after her traumatic loss he knew Julia needed to get away from Shadow Creek, even though helping her leave was the last thing he wanted to do. Now she’s home and he doesn’t intend to lose her a second time. Chase is going to prove to Julia just how good they can be together this Christmas…and forever.

Smoker Cookbook: Complete Smoker Cookbook for Real Barbecue, The Ultimate How-To Guide for Smoking Meat, The Art of Smoking Meat for Real Pitmasters: Book 2

by Roger Murphy

Smoker Cookbook: Complete Smoker Cookbook for Real Barbecue, The Ultimate How-To Guide for Smoking Meat, The Art of Smoking Meat for Real Pitmasters: Book2

The complete how-to guide for smoking pork, beef, lamb, ham, vegetables, fish, seafood, poultry, and game. The book is written for mastering the low and slow art of smoking meats at your home. An essential cookbook for beginners who want to smoke food without needing expert help from others. 

You can find in this cookbook such delicate recipes as; 

  • Smoked Beef Brisket Oregano
  • Pineapple Honey Smoked Pork Butt
  • Smoked Lamb Loin with Chipotle Dry Rub
  • Pineapple Brown Smoked Ham
  • Spicy Sriracha Smoked Tuna
  • Smoked Quails with Mexican Oregano
  • Smoked Green Beans Tender
  • Smoked Boneless Chicken Breast

This book offers detailed guidance obtained by years of smoking meat, includes clear instructions and step-by-step directions for every recipe, also it includes full-color photographs of every finished meal to make your job easier.

Where there is a smoke, there is a flavor. Smoking is something has withstood the test of time, it will continue to stand the test of time for years to come.

The only guide you will ever need to professionally smoke a variety of food!

Then Came You (Love Everlasting) (The Youngers Book 1)

by Iris Morland

You met them in DREAM A LITTLE DREAM OF ME. Now prepare to fall in love with THE YOUNGERS, a brand-new series from Iris Morland, full of sexy men, passionate women, and the love stories you can’t get enough of.

After witnessing his parents’ doomed love affair, serial playboy Ash Younger decided long ago that love was not meant for him. With his charm and good looks, he’s never lacked for beautiful women. He may push numbers as an accountant by day, but by night, he’s only interested in having a woman in his bed.

Yet the night he encounters a mysteriousâ??and gorgeousâ??widow who doesn’t immediately fall under his seductive spell, Ash realizes he wants her more than he’s ever wanted another woman.

Following the loss of her husband two years ago, Violet Fielding wants to focus on two things: her jewelry business and beginning her life anew in the small town of Fair Haven, Washington. She doesn’t have time for men or romance, and she certainly doesn’t have time for a man who’s a well-known playboy and younger than her.

Violet already found the love of her life in her husband, and after his death, she knew she could never love anyone again.

But when Ash kisses her, all of her plans and promises are turned upside down. A passion stronger than either Ash or Violet could imagine envelops them both one nightâ??and that night changes everything.

As old heartbreaks threaten to tear the couple apart, both must find the courage to see that, of all things, love is worth a second chance.

This book is a part of the LOVE EVERLASTING series, which is one large series following multiple families and friends. Each book can be read as a standalone (unless otherwise noted), or they can be read in order of publication as one long series. Each book is interconnected, with many of the same characters showing up in multiple books.


The Nearness of You
The Very Thought of You
If I Can’t Have You
Dream a Little Dream of Me
Someone to Watch Over Me
Till There Was You
I’ll Be Home for Christmas (A Thorntons Christmas Novella)

Then Came You
Taking a Chance on Love
All I Want Is You
My One and Only

Virginia Woolf: The Complete Works

by Virginia Woolf

The Voyage Out (1915)
Night and Day (1919)
Jacob’s Room (1922)
Mrs. Dalloway (1925)
To the Lighthouse (1927)
The Waves (1931)
The Years (1937)
Between the Acts (1941)

Orlando: a biography (1928)
Flush: a biography (1933)
Roger Fry: a biography (1940)

Two Stories (1917)
Kew Gardens (1919)
Monday or Tuesday (1921)
A Haunted House, and other short stories (1944)
Nurse Lugton’s Golden Thimble (1966)
Mrs Dalloway’s Party (1973)
The Complete Shorter Fiction (1985)

Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Brown (1924)
The Common Reader I (1925)
A Room of One’s Own (1929)
On Being Ill (1930)
The London Scene (1931)
A Letter to a Young Poet (1932)
The Common Reader II (1932)
Walter Sickert: a conversation (1934)
Three Guineas (1938)
Reviewing (1939)
The Death of the Moth, and other essays (1942)
The Moment, and other essays (1947)
The Captain’s Death Bed, and other essays (1950)
Granite and Rainbow (1958)
Books and Portraits (1978)
Women And Writing (1979)
383 Essays from newspapers and magazines

A Writer’s Diary (1953)
Moments of Being (1976)
The Diary Vols. 1-5 (1977-84)
The Letters Vols. 1-6 (1975-80)
The Letters of V.W. and Lytton Strachey (1956) 
A Passionate Apprentice. The Early Journals 1887-1909 (1990) 
Freshwater: A Comedy (both versions) (1976)

A Duel for Christmas (Pevensey Mysteries Book 3)

by Rosanne E. Lortz

After seven long years in Devon, Lady Maud Worlington returns to London to reclaim life on her own terms, but a nefarious shadow and the prospect of financial ruin dog her steps. An impulsive and unforgettable kiss under the mistletoe creates a connection with Geoffrey, the handsome, young Duke of Tilbury. Yet as pleasant as it is to have a suitor, Maud is not sure how a boy of one-and-twenty can prove an equal partner in life and the equal of all the forces mounted against her.

The Duke of Tilbury considers himself as adept at managing matters as he is at swordplay, but his beautiful new acquaintance Lady Worlington has other ideas about how to manage her complicated life. Intrigued by their stolen kiss, Geoffrey pursues Lady Worlington’s affections, only to be foiled by the lady’s own doubts, by rivals for her hand, and by a sudden death that affects both their families. When Jacob Pevensey, the investigator from Bow Street enters the scene, the duke becomes a prime suspect in the murder case. Truths are unearthed that Geoffrey would rather keep hidden, and the twelve days of Christmas race toward a perilous end.

This Regency novel of romantic suspense was inspired by the medieval events surrounding the sinking of the White Ship in 1120. It is the third novel in the Pevensey Mysteries but can be read with enjoyment as a standalone Christmas novel.

Cursed Bear: A Shifters in Love Fun & Flirty Romance (Silverbacks and Second Chances Book 1)

by Harmony Raines

Twenty-five years ago, Cath’s husband walked out of her life, leaving her to raise two sons alone. She threw herself into raising her boys and showered them with love.

Her sense of betrayal ran deep. After all, Hector had told her they were true mates, fated to be together forever. Now, another man is telling her the same thing.

Can she believe in fate again? Can she risk opening her heart once more?

She’s here. Catherine. His Catherine, the woman who Julius recognized as his mate on the exact same day she married another man.

Catherine, the woman he named his hotel after. The woman he never stopped longing for.

Is it too late for them? Or can this silverback bear shifter claim his mate, and hold onto her, even when fate has one more surprise to play on them?

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (West Brothers Series #1)

by Jess Bryant

Everyone in Fate, Texas knows that Bluebell Carter has always been a little bit crazy. There was that time she colored her hair pink and the time she keyed her boyfriend’s car not to mention how she up and left town and her daddy in the dust ten years ago. Rolling back home in an ugly orange bridesmaid dress was not the reappearance she’d ever planned to make and staying in town was the last thing she ever thought possible. Then again, being in Texas does crazy things to her brain (maybe it’s the heat?) because before she can say “bless your heart” she finds herself tangled up with a handsome, hard-muscled cowboy.

Zach West earned his hard body the old fashioned way – lots of hard work on hard Texas land. He’s spent his life playing the role of responsible West brother, the oldest, the protector and guardian. His father’s death left him to care for two younger brothers, a grieving mother and a ranch. He’s had enough of caring for other people to last a lifetime and zero plans to add a woman to that list but Bluebell has a way of driving him nuts that’s impossible to resist. He dreams about her long blonde hair and even longer legs. She’s pretty enough to drive a man to drink, to sinâ?¦ but to love? Now that’s just crazy.

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