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Waiting for the Light Bulb: the ramblings of a crazy, gritty mom

by Dr. Lisa Peña

“Waiting for the Light bulb” is a true story that follows the life of a little girl over the course of ten years. Told from a mother’s perspective, it begins with a pregnancy, high hopes and dreams for the future but as diagnoses are made the fear of the unknown is tangible. Follow a determined, gritty mother as she navigates the world with a daughter who has an incredibly unique subset of autism. Read as she learns how to maneuver her way through medical mediocrity, broken public school systems, past stigmas and preconceived notions of what a special needs child is like, and what an advocate entails. She is fierce and intelligent and realizes that gritty moms are sometimes not well received. Raw, witty and holding nothing back, this story will help you quickly learn not to judge a mother, a child, a family by the chapter you walk in on.

Frederick the Great and the Rise of Prussia

by William Reddaway

In Berlin the superb monument of the Great Frederick is instinct with a different spirit. Raised high above the throng, the King seems to gaze with his inscrutable mask-face at the astounding works of his successors. At the base of his lofty pedestal are stationed generals and civilians of renown, numerous enough almost to confute the Cassius who should infer of Frederick’s Prussia that there was in it but oneonly man. The statue none the less suggests the truth. Between monarch and people there was ever a great gulf fixed. Through all his lifeâ??in his counsels, in his despair, in his triumph, and in his deathâ??Frederick, almost beyond parallel in the record of human history, was alone.

An Episode of A Girl with Schizophrenia

by Haniah Hamzah

Based on a true story – This book tells about my delusion with hallucinations when the Schizophrenia was highly active. It depicts on how ugly and unusual of a devil and jinn’s mind game towards me. What it made me do was horrifying but I could not disagree or say a word.

The Young Country Doctor Book 9: Bilbury Relish

by Vernon Coleman

‘Bilbury Relish’ is the 9th book in The Young Country Doctor series by Vernon Coleman. A collection of medical and country stories about the usual Bilbury characters – set in the village of Bilbury in Devon, England. A stand alone book which can also be enjoyed by readers new to the series.




Counting Numbers: Free to Learn Spanish to English Counting in Spanish Numeros en Ingles (Pedro & Pete Spanish Kids Book 1)

by Bobby Basil

Learn numbers and counting in Spanish with this fun book!

Pedro & Pete teach young readers how to say words in Spanish and palabras en ingles. Like Spanish apps, each page uses a split screen so readers learn how to speak the Spanish language by seeing the English to Spanish words at the same time. Perfect for beginning readers or anyone who wants to learn a new language.

Buy this book and help your child become bilingual today!


by Ricardo Panisi

Este livro é um testemunho e uma análise do fanatismo neopentecostal. � um autobiografia do Rev.Ricardo Panisi e de como muito padeceu por causa do fanatismo religioso, e procura ensinar a necessidade do cristão por uma fé mais madura.

Shaming My Red Lips: The Diary of a Wild Poppy Who Lost Her Identity and Found It Again

by Shaghayegh Poppy Farsijani

This is the true story of Shaghayegh “Poppy” Farsijani, an American-Iranian rebellious teenager living a care-free life in Brooklyn, on track to go to college and become a journalist, just as she’d always dreamed of. But when Poppy’s father reevaluates her cultural assimilation at the age of seventeen, he decides she’s becoming too white–and relocates their family to Tehran, Iran. Poppy is wrenched from her life in a liberal American environment and faced with a new and unknown life in a rigid Islamic country. Upon landing, the captain announces that all women aboard must put on their long coats and head scarves before stepping off the plane; but Poppy finds herself frozen. Fear is a mild word to describe what she was feeling.

Her new life in Iran strips her of the Western freedoms she had grown up with, including the freedom to choose her religion, choose who she wanted to date, or choose what she wanted to wear. In public, she wasn’t allowed to wear red lipstick, listen to pop music, dance freely, or show any interest in men–something that proves difficult for a flowering teenage girl.

This diary-like account details the eye-opening, frustrating, and often hilarious true story of how a young woman, during the most formative years of her life, desperately fought to maintain not only her freedom, but her identity. It’s a story of change, fear, hope, and ultimately, triumph. This is the story of how Poppy remained true to herself when the world around her was trying to make her forget who she was.

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