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The Aurora War: A Record of the Catalian Conflict

by Michael Morea

In the kingdom of Catalia, a conflict is brewing. Dark forces have overtaken the government and the king has not been heard from in months. A band of freedom fighters in the capital and beyond have been preparing for war against the despotic forces that now control their country but are hopelessly outnumbered.

However, there is hope. Their neighbors, the kingdom of Regulus, have sent a convoy of troops led by their most famous general to investigate what is happening and speak with the Catalian king. To a certain faction of Catalians, they represent a chance to turn the tide and uncover the evil that has taken hold of their kingdom. But to another faction, they represent certain doom.

While the Regulan’s most famous general navigates his way through the conflict, all eyes are on a young knight who is suddenly thrust to the forefront of the war, coveted by the war’s true instigator for his unique position and abilities.

Together, heroes from both Regulus and Catalia will discover the war’s ancient origins, reveal its ultimate purpose, and grapple with the holy power that binds them all: the Aurora.

Touched (The Marnie Baranuik Files Book 1)

by A.J. Aalto

The media has a nickname for Marnie Baranuik, though she’d rather they didn’t; they call her the Great White Shark, a rare dual-talented forensic psychic. Twice-Touched by the Blue Senseâ??which gives her the ability to feel the emotions of others, and read impressions left behind on objectsâ??Marnie also has a doctorate in preternatural biology and a working knowledge of the dark arts. She is considered without peer in the psychic community.

Then her first big FBI case ended with a bullet in one shoulder and a chip on the other, a queasy heart and a serial killer in the wind, leaving her a public flop and a private wreck. When the FBI’s preternatural crimes unit tracks her down at a remote mountain lodge for her insight on a local case, her quiet retirement is promptly besieged by a stab-happy starlet, a rampaging ghoul, and a vampire-hunting jackass in tight Wranglers. Marnie figures the only real mystery is which one will kill her first.

Too mean to die young, backed up by friends in cold places, and running with a mouth as demure as a cannon’s blast, Marnie Baranuik is about to discover that there’s no such thing as quitting time when you’re Touched.

Bridal Sacrifice (Sacrifice, #1)

by Alison Swan

For Keira, life is not a fairy tale. Growing up in a witch clan, she was nothing but a treasure, for others to take power from. Now at the age of 19, running from the wedding that was meant for her to be sacrificed, she has nowhere to go other than a witch, hoping to survive from her clan members. Just when she thought, she survived everything her soon to be a husband who was supposed to be dead returns with every determination to take her soul and leave her insane. For Alexander, everything has been easy. You either love him or hate him with all you have. So when he needs the soul that can make him more powerful than he is, he’ll use everything he can to make Keira his. But in the game of trust, she refuses to give into his charms and he dreads to feel something for her. And just when both of them thought things couldn’t get any worse, an old Reaper comes back to hunt both of them, forcing them to team up to save themselves. Now it can work between Alex and Keira, but only-If the other doesn’t kill one first. 

Uncommon Beings: Irrational

by Samantha Lee

Live like there’s no tomorrow! That’s the motto Annie lived by and used to encourage her best friend to stop waiting for their cancer to finally kill them. Jasmine and Annie have been best friends since their parent’s enrolled them in a cancer research program when they were little. Though the treatments have been grueling, and both have suffered multiple setbacks, they have surpassed the life expectancy rate for their type of cancer. Now adults, Annie wants out of the program so she can try to have some semblance of a normal life as long as she can. Jasmine has come to accept that “surviving cancer” is all that they are meant to do and therefore does not understand why Annie would just give up. She wants desperately to convince her best friend to reenter the program, but how can she when she herself does not believe there’s anything in life worth fighting for?

Derrick lost the love of his life in a vicious attack years ago. He abandoned his family, his life and his feelings in order to cope with losing Antanasia. Now back, physically, with his family, he is still struggling to deal with his emotions. He spends his days existing by working at Canyon, Corp., and avoiding any quality time with his family. Derrick doesn’t understand why his family will not just let him be. He believed just being present would make them happier than being gone again. For him, a life of feeling was worse than death. And death for a vampire does not come easily.

When Jasmine and Derrick met, they knew instantly that there was a connection. Jasmine tried to ignore it because all she wanted to do was save her best friend. Derrick was against feeling anything, yet no matter how hard he tried, he could not keep her out of his mind. Once he learned of her cancer, he was shocked that he only felt more compelled to be with her. He knew vampires could cure a lot of things, but cancer was not one of them. He questioned why he would want to fall for someone so frail and cause him more pain.

Personal struggles, mixed with a past long thought dead, are more than enough to prevent these two from being together. Jasmine struggles to understand her feelings for Derrick. Guilt, fascination, fear, and excitement are on endless repeat in her mind and heart. She comes to understand what Annie has been preaching to her all these years, but it may be too late. Derrick needs to understand why after all these years, this fragile, little human would be the one to awaken emotions he buried decades ago. He will need his family to help his relationship with Jasmine but believes he may have done too much damage to receive any help.

Cinderella: The Ultimate Collection

by Various Artists

Every version of Cinderella in one beautifully formatted e-book with stunning original art.

The Cat Cinderella
The Little Glass Slipper
The Baba Yaga
The Little Glass Slipper
Katie Woodencloak
Ashey Pelt
The Sharp Grey Sheep
Cap O’Rushes
The Hearth Cat
The Princess and The Golden Shoes
The Twelve Months
Kongji and Patzzi
Bawang Putih And Bawang Merah
The Story of Tấm and Cám
Fair, Brown, and Trembling

And more …

*Illustrated with original art from renowned artists Harry Clarke, Elenore Abbott, Gustave Doré and others.
*Includes the famous essay on Cinderella by W.R.S. Ralston.
*Links to free, full-length audio recordings of different versions of Cinderella.
*Cinderella at the Movies – Comprehensive list of movie adaptations from 1911-PRESENT.

Troublemaker at Eland’s Fist (War Among Gods Book 1)

by Fitz Draconian

All Roeden wants to do with the remainder of his miserable life is sit in the ruined tower of Eland’s Fist, drink ale, and eat roasted chicken. Annoyingly, he seems to be caught up in the intrigues of others instead. A secret lies beneath the rocks of his wilderness abode, and the stirring of evil abroad brings more than a few wayfarers to his doorstep. At the same time, the mute he has hired to cook his meals is not who he claims to be, the woman he was forced to marry won’t speak two words in his direction, and there might even be an army on its way to kill him.

Nobody Dies: A Dungeon Core Novel (The Altruistic Dungeon Core Book 1)

by Tim Underwood

Can a dungeon who doesn’t want to kill anybody survive?

In a world where adventurers kill monsters to grow powerful and get treasure, and dungeons kill unprepared, stupid or simply unlucky adventurers to grow more powerful, there is one dungeon who won’t do any of that. He just wants to make friends, and it wouldn’t be very nice to kill his friends just because they are a bit slow and really not cut out for this whole adventuring thing.

Nearly killing them again and again until they get better at it, that’s just being friendlyâ?¦

He’ll need these friends to survive

Warning: This novel is set in a fictional world that is based on the Medieval middle east. This does not make it a Muslim novel, because the religion in it is fictional. I am not writing pro Muslim fiction, because I’m an atheist who hates ISIS as much as the next person. However, if you are a special snowflake who is so obsessed with the culture war that you can’t read a book which has a fictional religion positively portrayed that culturally appropriates features of Islam to get the pseudo historic tone that lots of fantasy novels use, then you shouldn’t read this book. Also there are scenes of sexual violence.

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