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Shelter From The Dead

by Keith Luethke

The world has fallen to the ravenous undead. Small bands of humans strive to make their way through the ruins of humanity by forming gangs and fighting for leftover supplies.
When Alex loses the last shred of his family to a nomadic biker, he promises to track the man down and end him no matter what the cost.
Sarah and Joelle are apart of the same biker gang but have been left behind. They journey to reach the other nomads only to discover parts of themselves they thought they’d lost long ago in the old world.
When the trio joins up is their bond enough to survive a world decimated by animated corpses? Will they thrive or die in a world where there is no shelter from the dead.

Sweet Chuckling Morbidity

by Jeremy Thompson

Though October has come and gone, 2018 has a few scares left for steadfast readers. Namely, this collection. Sweet Chuckling Morbidity incorporates voodoo dolls, sea beasts, demons, aliens, strange neighbors, and irrepressible drug trips in its short fiction odyssey. There’s even a new Hallowfiend story!

Herein dwell six previously published tales (half of which had gone out of print) and eleven all-new pieces. Read them. You know you want to.


myNdwOrm (from Journal of Experimental Fiction Volume 73: Offbeat/Quirky)
Dollimination (from DarkFuse Magazine)
In Case You Were Wondering (from DarkFuse Magazine)
Entropy in Blue (from Under the Bed Vol. 3 No. 9)
Stash Reunion
Smells Like Scissors
Lionel’s Fanged Chimera
Burst Contact
An Opening (from Shopping List 3)
Our Forecast Reads Stygian (from The New Accelerator)
A Rape Lair Christmas
Hot Slices of Damnation
Bloodletting and Intrigue on All Hallows’ Eve
The Censor

Crimson Black: A Dark Fantasy Romance (Crimson Black Series Book 1)

by C. C. Morgen

Nothing is more bittersweet as the love that turns to betrayal in this Dark Fantasy Romance. A Harpy Princess and the Ocean Goddess, fall into a forbidden love while living in the kingdom of the Harpy’s. The story tells of their struggle to find happiness and freedom. One tries to escape her fate of becoming a bride, the other is forced to transition into Harpy to become the next queen of the three clans. They both learn the hard way that a happily ever after is far beyond reach in this game of hearts.

Darkness is not born, it’s a curse for the one who’s consumed by a broken heart in the first installment of the Crimson Black Series.

Deadly Games (1)

by Wayne Clark


A killer is on the loose in Westminster, London and Detective Carl Thomas is desperate to find the killer before more lives are taken. Overwhelmed by work and a failing marriage he’s fighting to save, Carl finds comfort elsewhere: but can he live with the guilt when he’s faced with life changing events? With a hunch that the killer was someone close to him, can Carl stay a step ahead of the game or will he be swayed off course leaving him to start over and search for new clues? Will the killer target Carl, or perhaps it’s just another random killer on a mad rampage?

Book 1 – CLAIM ME YOURS | Werewolf Paranormal Romance | Big Beautiful Woman Romance Books: A BBW Romance | Werewolf Mating Romance (Big Beautiful Women Romance Books)

by Jessica Holly

She’s felt his presence her entire life. Someone has been watching over her, she just could never pinpoint who or what, until that night.

That was the night she met Eli, the brooding, strong, well-built man that would turn her life upside down. The night she’d discover the mystery of who has been secretly protecting her all these years, a man who loves her all the woman she is inside and out for all her curves and the night she’d make unbelievable passionate love … to a werewolf.

If you’re a fan of Awakened, The Mating: The Original Law of the Lycans Story, The Wolf Gift, Prince of Wolves, Bonded or Captured, and other werewolf romance sex or other BBW romances, then you’ll love this short novel.

This is a short sexy werewolf mating romance read (12,000 words) and the first in the BBW romance series version of Marked For Love.

The Break of Dawn

by Hitesh Goenka

A village loses its families one after another. The villagers can’t help themselves. Even the police fail. The last family goes through the ordeal of witnessing the hues and cries of the villagers. They wait for their time to come.

Dr. Frank N. Stein: The Rise of Gabriel (Book 1)

by Jennifer Martucci

A classic horror tale that has spanned centuries with a modern twistâ?¦
Every town has secrets. But is Harbingers Falls ready to be home to the most terrible of all secrets? A madman, who seeks to eradicate humanity and replace it with his own creations, nestled among them? Recently relocated to the small, sleepy town in upstate New York, Dr. Franklin N. Stein has a secret. A terrifying secretâ?¦
Gabriel James was not brought to life with a bolt of lightning. He was not sewn together from the corpses of the fallen. He was, however, created in a sophisticated lab as the prototype of the future of humankind. Deemed the perfect specimen by the brilliant Dr. Stein, Gabriel possesses unparalleled intelligence, looks and agility. A shining beacon to be introduced to the dull, dismal masses as a high-school student. But more important than his looks, intelligence and physical prowess is the adjustment his maker made to his brain that stripped him of the ability to feel. Dr. Stein sees emotion as the ultimate flaw of humanity. A weakness responsible for every ill in society worldwide. Gabriel is not flawed. Gabriel is not weak. Gabriel is the future.
Seventeen year old Melissa Martin has never seen a boy as handsome as Gabriel. The day he arrives at her school, her life changes. As she gets to know him, she realizes he’s unlike any boy she’s ever met. In fact, he’s unlike anyone she’s ever met. She likes everything about him. He seems â?¦ perfect. But is he?
Gabriel never felt a single emotion in his short existence. Happiness, fear, anger and sadnessâ??words he was familiarized with but never truly experienced. All of that changes the day he meets Melissa. She awakens feelings he isn’t supposed to have. Feelings that make him contemplate risking everythingâ??his very lifeâ??to be with her. Discovery of his newfound feelings would result in his demise, his maker will terminate him. Can Melissa accept the dark secret of his creation?
Will Gabriel risk it all just to be with Melissa? Will Dr. Franklin N. Stein discover what Gabriel is hiding and unleash another of his secretsâ??his first creation, a creature more deadly and horrific than any to ever walk the earth?
Find out in the first book of the Dr. Frank N. Stein series â?¦

*formerly Dark Creations: Gabriel Rising (Books 1&2)*

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