Free humour Kindle books for 04 Dec 18

I Got the Holiday Shopping Blues

by BJK Brown

Here is a humorous tongue-in-cheek look at the perils and adventure of shopping during the holidays. Also included is a parody of the holiday classic “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy a good laugh!

Wait… this is recovery? (Perfectly Imperfect World Book 2)

by Ruby Slippers

The second book in the Perfectly Imperfect World series, this book is a deeper look in to the twisted reality that was my twenties and a view of my life, in recovery. Recovery is a tricky thing. It’s slippery and there are little gray areas that we allow ourselves. I have been sober since 2012. However, on one fateful night, I pulled the dumbest move in my drugging career. A move that ultimately cost me an amazing job and made me question, am I in recovery? Is this recovery? Some would say absolutely not. Let’s see what you think…

Dad Jokes: Over 650 pun-ishing jokes to laugh, groan or shake your head at.

by Ian Gielen

If you like a superior form of humour then have I got some jokes for you!
Actually, I don’t have that type of joke but if you like eye rolling, groan out loud, shake of the head style jokes then this is the book for you!
Loved/hated throughout the world, dad jokes make the world go round, mainly because everyone is running around the circumference of the earth trying to escape them. Featuring:

I bought a pen that writes underwater.

It writes other words too.


What do you call a Dinosaur that lost its gold?

A Dinosr

And over 650 more, grab this collection for all your dad joke needs today!

True Tales From The Bed Pan: Funny and Poignant Nursing Stories From Someone Who’s Been There

by Mark Downey

This book is the first volume of stories based on a collection of some successful blog posts I have written over the years. Many of them have been expanded from the original as I remember new facts. Use this book however you choose. Either start at the front and read to the end or click on a highlighted heading that may interest you from the table of contents.

Many of the stories are are downright funny. Some are irreverent and should be read with your tongue firmly implanted in your cheek. A few are poignant and are designed to have you thinking about your concept of nursing. There’s a sprinkling from my time as a nursing teacher and contain subjective opinions on my ideas of what education and the nursing profession should be all about. You might have a completely different view, and that’s fine.

Some have a philosophical bent to them. Each story has been written from a personal perspective and everything you read actually happened.  Nothing has been made up, although occasionally one or two facts may have been slightly embellished to help the stories jump out of the page. Indeed, life can be stranger than fiction.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed reflecting on and writing them down for posterity. Even though some of the incidents I refer to weren’t that much fun at the time, looking back in hindsight, I can see that they have contributed to my development as both a person and my nursing persona.

If you’d like to comment on anything you read here or would like to ask me a question about anything in this or the other books I have published, please send an email to [email protected] I promise I reply to all correspondence received.

Other books I have written can be found at or at

Pad’s Army

by Paul Addy

A brief account of one man’s journey through life in the British Army from 1975 to 1994 and how a gormless face, an unrealistic belief in ‘Rodger the Dodger’ and a determination to survive conquered all, well … nearly all – no one’s perfect. *Now includes additional material

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