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Child safety at home, at the street and in public places: How parents can ensure the safety of the child in the modern world

by Samuel Greenberg

Learn how to ensure health and safety for your child

Modern house and street environment, which surrounds your child from the moment of birth, is not baby friendly. Technical progress made our everyday lives easier, but brought in lots of dangers like electricity, gas, cars, moving doors, opened windows, stairwells, home ware, TV, internet etc., which can harm the child health, if they not used properly. To prevent bad things from happening is easier than to deal with them. A pen, a button, a piece of wood, a TV remote, a gadget etc… can become dangerous items in child hands. This book addresses most of the dangers and situation that parents can face in house and outside and outlines measures for protection of your child and ensure his health and safety.

What is inside the book?
The book provides practical advice for parents to help the child to avoid any injury at the house, at the street, in the country, in the forest, in transport, at the store and other public places. It covers period from the birth of a child until the preschool age and considers wide variety of common situations, which the child and his parents can face such as: fire, home alone, dealing with strangers, first aid to a child with cardiac arrest, lack of breathing, poisoning, burns, fractures and bruises and much more.

What makes this book different from similar ones?
The main thing that distinguishes this handbook from the rest is the modern approach to the problem. It considers each situation in great details and gives practical tips. Parents will learn how to teach the child the basic rules of behavior on the street, in the store, with strangers and in case of emergency situations.

Parents, who want to learn what to do in different situations to ensure health and safety of their kids.

Handbooks for Humans, Volume 1: Learn to Manage Your Attitudes in All Your Relationships

by Grace Stevens

In the traditions of Life’s Little Instruction Book, Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, and the Messiah’s Handbook, Handbooks for Humans will provide you guidelines to help make you a better person, and learn to manage our attitudes in our relationships with ourselves and others.You probably wish you were given instructions for living at birth. Because, the truth is, being human isn’t easy. Now, by putting in the effort, working with the guidelines in the Handbook for Humans, Volume 1, there is a path forward that makes it easier. You could probably read this book in a matter of minutes, glean some helpful insights, and toss it asideâ?¦or pay attention to each guideline, reflect, go more deeply inside, and do some work. As a reward, you can learn to articulate your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and experiences which in turn create your attitudes. Your attitudes affect every interaction you have in this world. As one of the guidelines teaches us,Never stop learning.It’s never too late to be a better human.Handbooks for Humans, Volume 1 provides a platform for personal work and sharing, making it perfect for individuals, couples, and families.

MAKE YOURSELF AUTHENTIC: Organic skin care for busy mums

by Alicia Dey

Make yourself authentic

Organic skin care for busy mums

This book is for you, if you are tied down by the hectic daily life of a mother but want to find a cheap, healthy and stress-free beauty regime. Being a mother is a wonderful gift, but it usually leaves little time for pampering yourself and often stretches one’s resources to the limit. A mother’s job is never finished, and between planning and preparing nutritious meals, attending to your children’s needs and taking them to classes, it is easy to forget that apart from being a mother, you are also a beautiful woman.

As a mother of two tireless children, I know how hard it is to find even a few spare minutes for myself. Therefore, drawing on my decade-long experience in natural cosmetics, I would like to share with you some tips and tricks on how to refresh your looks and enhance your natural beauty with very easy home-made recipes. Most of the recipes included in this book require one or two ingredients that you already have in your kitchen cupboard. There is no need to shop for fancy essential oils, plants, seeds and dried herbs that you would not normally use in your day-to-day life.

In this book, I focus on face masks, scrubs and toners, since these are particularly easy to make and are great for enhancing your natural aura of health and vigour. Give your facial skin a nurturing care treatment, explore different recipes presented in this book and create unique facials for your skin based on my examples. It is time to take care of yourself, give natural ingredients a go and make yourself authentically beautiful!

Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction And Sexual Impotence: How To Completely Cure Erectile Dysfunction And Sexual Impotence To Regain Your Confidence And Enjoy Great Sex

by Diana Rose


How to completely cure erectile dysfunction and sexual impotence to regain confidence and enjoy great sex (the ultimate secrete to men’s sexual health)

Erectile Dysfunction is one of the most common health conditions that afflict men today, yet it is also one of the least talked about. From embarrassment to fears of aging, the reasons for the silence vary, but in order to really understand Erectile Dysfunction and the causes behind it, the condition – and its effects – needs to be discussed. This book breaks that silence, pealing back the covers of a potentially sore subject to take a hard look at what Erectile Dysfunction really is, what it isn’t, the possible causes and even potential solutions. ED is often a complex condition affected by physical, psychological, and relationship issuesâ??and it’s a problem shared by both a man and his partner. This book is the first ever to address this common problem using a comprehensive biological, psychological, and social approach. It offers a proven-effective program for regaining erectile function, building strong and intimate relationships, and having great sex.
This book will explore alternative and much healthier methods to deal with the sensitive issue of erectile dysfunction. It’s time for men to realize that there is life beyond the pharmacy counter, beyond what our contemporary culture tells us is acceptable, and it’s time to delve into centuries-old remedies that build up, not tear down our system.

With wonderful book this book:
-Learn to separate the facts from the myths about ED
-Find out which medicines and medical treatments really work, and how to integrate them into your sexual relationship
-Understand and change the important personal and relationship features of your ED
-Team up with your partner to develop your own unique sexual style
-Avoid future sexual problems with an individualized relapse prevention plan

Treading On Thin Ice: Breaking The Barriers Of Anxiety

by Seth Berg

You can break the barriers of anxiety today.

Nearly everyone in this world has experienced the feeling of being afraid, worried, anxious, nervous, or even panicky. The everyday term for this is anxiety, and it is perfectly normal to have this experience. However, it’s the degree and level of how you handle it is what matters at the end of the day and since anxiety can ultimately lead to anxiety attacks, and also linked to many life-threatening phobias and conditions, educating oneself is crucial.

When you manage to successfully create a world of peace and tranquility within yourself, instead of one filled with fear and chaos, anxiety has no entry points. Remember anxiety and tranquility cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Over here in this summary guidebook, we take you to a deeper level and understanding of this emotional rollercoaster ride and help you overcome some of the obstacles and also debunking some of the “unknowns” instilled ahead for your future.

Book Content Includes:

Chapter 1 – Destructive Anxiety Disorders and Symptoms You Need To Know

Chapter 2 – Basics of Treating Anxiety Disorders

Chapter 3 – Natural Technique to Stop Panic Attacks and General Anxiety Fast

Chapter 4 – The Benefits of Having Anxiety

Chapter 5 – The Most Common Causes of Anxiety

Chapter 6 – Types Of Anxiety Attacks And Disorders

Chapter 7 – Become a Willing Student To Overcome Anxiety

Chapter 8 – Best Natural Supplements for Anxiety

Chapter 9 – Best Herbal Anxiety Remedies

One Life Decision Away To Saying, â??I Choose You.â?: Adoption Miracle

by Colette Hotchner

We all have our own views and perspectives about what adoption is and isn’t. Some of them come from what we have seen and heard throughout the life experiences of someone that is adopted or has adopted in real life, or even documentaries and books like this one. Others are just simply vague “ideas” that people plant into our minds based almost entirely on hearsay and fallacy. These myths are everywhere and there are tons of them out there.

Over in this book, we have organized a very straightforward summary of everything you need to know covering the fundamental basics of the process of adoption and debunking your fears with all the worry and anxiety you might have built up over time as you consult more of your friends or even “strangers” for their opinions. Sometimes preparation would go a long way when you do your research properly and your mind arrives at the destination before you do. That way, you can reduce alot of unwanted wasted energy on the things and people that don’t matter or participate in the role of raising this child. At the end of the day, you hold the key to your life decisions and this would be one of those times that would change your entire world forever. We are here with you every step of the way in this book.

“Adopting one child might not change the world overnight, but for the child, their world would never be the same.” â?? Colette Hotchner

Book Content Includes:

Chapter 1 – So What Do I Do First?

Chapter 2 – Nine Adoption Myths Debunked

Chapter 3 – How To Get Ready To Adopt A Baby

Chapter 4 – Getting On The Same Page As Your Partner

Chapter 5 – Top 7 Reasons To Use An Adoption Agency

Chapter 6 – Ideas To Help With The Cost of Adopting

Chapter 7 – The Pros & Cons of Adoption

Chapter 8 – The Future of Adoption

An Ambition to Belong (Leaving Home Trilogy Book 2)

by James Sniechowski

An Ambition to Belong, second book of the Leaving Home Trilogy, is an astute and insightful psychological journey into the inner life of Jim, an adolescent who is trying to forge his own identity. Trapped in two different worlds, he belongs nowhere: at one end his Polish immigrant inner-city Catholic family and its Eastern European peasant beliefs and terrors; and at the other a late-1950s upper-class suburban Jesuit college-prep high school in suburban Detroit where he is totally unprepared to deal with that world of money and arrogance he finds there. At home, raw gut emotion; at school emotionless intellect. At home he is a member of The Royal Lancers, a street gang where his life is threatened by Donny, a psychotically deranged fellow gang member; at school, because of his dress, especially his Ford Motor Company issue black work shoes, he is perceived as a non-entity, a non-being who has little or no existence. Confronted with racism and a savage incident of anti-Semitism, Jim rises to find the strength that forms the first layer of his conscience and his conscious sense of self.

Der Drache (German Edition)

by Chris S. Enibas

Jonas verliert im zarten Alter von sechs Jahren seine über alles geliebte Mutter. Der eher verschlossene Junge setzt alles daran, den letzten Wunsch seiner Mutter zu erfüllen, doch wie passt da das geheimnisvolle Geschenk hinein…

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