Free poetry Kindle books for 04 Dec 18

Don’t Be A Hater

by Pete Marchesi

I am not… in a good mood. It goes by. I do not care. I hold onto what anger I have left. Most of it has left me.It becomes a personal thing, when your life is threatened. And the alternatives are formidable. Do not be caught in it.


by Pete Marchesi

We are pretty. And in the mind, the leader takes it out on us. We persevere and try to see the sense in it.I am just… holding on. I need to be released from the dilemma. And pray for it to be so. Or that I am strong enough… to realize.

Whispers of a Bard

by Anand Bose

In this anthology of poetry, there are many love poems; there are poems coping with depression; there are poems writtern about the beauty of nature. The poetry is experimental and postmodern.

August Baptism

by Randy Norton

A collection of poetry gathered from the past twenty years or so. Contains locally taken pictures. A variety of poems,some experimental, others free flowing from my brain. 

the day my heart turned… COLD

by Torrie Moore

This is a collection of poems influenced by listening to music..from the first time your path was crossed by the aura of another to the break up and moving on after a relationship…

Love in Bloom: Volume 1 (The Darkness and the Light)

by Cheryl Bradshaw

This collection of poetry written by New York Times bestselling author Cheryl Bradshaw is split into two partsâ??the first darkness, the second light. These delicate, heartfelt poems allow you to explore the raw, heartfelt emotions we all experience in lifeâ??joy, sorrow, confusion, and above all â?¦ love.

Far Out Factoids

by Neil Carpathios

Did you know that a pig’s orgasm lasts thirty minutes? Or that each year more people are killed by teddy bears than by grizzly bears? How about that 83% of people believe in a perfect day? Welcome to the wild world of factoids! Using a different factoid as the starting point, and title, for his musings, award-winning poet Neil Carpathios offers up thirty poems in this unique collection that explores sexuality, relationships, culture, metaphysics, and many other corners of our universe. By turns humorous, irreverent, intimate and thought-provoking, Carpathios takes full advantage of the mental springboard that is the factoid. As an added treat, included are original drawings by artist Carole Carpathios, the poet’s wife. These whimsical and beautifully rendered images complement the poems to take readers on a journey through a palpable factoid galaxy. Laugh out loud. Scratch your head in thought. Fasten your seatbelt. Enjoy the ride.

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