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Lead Me to Better Life: 15 Steps for Happiness

by Widy Gorbachev

This book is dedicated for people who is losing their goal in life.

Are you sad? Are you losing your hope for living?

Have you got any bad accident? Have you just got fired from the job?

Did you get the biggest rejection in your life?

Did you just lose your business?

Did you just get any betrayal from your love or friend?

Did your family member oppose your way of thinking to be success?

Did you think this live is nothing?

Before you start thinking of “Okay, I’m done. I have no more point of life.”, you should start reading this book.

This book is written to make the good way of achievement and good way to think how you will get the Magic in your life.

Yes! I have just said, “Magic” in your life. It is about the great Magic that you will achieve that you will be able to said the greatest think awaits you.
So, what’s this “Magic”? Let’s start the first chapter.

The good living will need the good motivation. The great motivation lead to better life. The better life lead to better creation of more better people in this world.

What is waiting for you as the reader of this book is the better life. If you already success, you are already having enough in your life, you don’t need to read this book anymore. It is only the small motivation that will bring you to remember your success life.

If you are still wondering about the life you want to achieve in the future. You are still not aware of what will you be in the next five years. You can read this book. Try to get your time at least 15 minutes a day to read this book to let your motivation and spirit of success alive.

You don’t need to spend more than 15 minutes in a day to read a step for this. But, it always depends on yourself. If you like to read this book, I will be happy enough to see your successful smile in the future.

Susie’s Re-Creations

by Diane Baxter Trapeni

Susie has noticed the value of recycling, reusing and re-creating beautiful and unique designs.
I know you can do the same thing boys and girls and isn’t now a great time to begin?
Enjoy! Don’t forget to show me what you made. Just send photos to my website.

Notebook Math Activities

by Migdalys del Carmen Daboin Pizzani

The purpose of this activity booklet is to provide reinforcement tasks to support the child in the learning process at the primary education level. The teacher and / or the parent-representative through the different works presented in the activity notebook, must collaborate and accompany the child to consolidate the knowledge acquisition process, while the child learns mathematics he has fun coloring, drawing, among others.
It is relevant to highlight, that the works contained in this activity book were applied to different groups of children, for several years, producing successful results.
Different activities are proposed, complete the numbers one by one to one hundred, to finish series of two in two, of three in three, of four in four, of five in five, of ten in ten, write in numbers the objects that are inside an oval, complete the number of objects indicated, Write in number the amount of objects given, represent graphically the numbers given, color the indicated objects, identify the primary and secondary colors, difference between ten and a dozen, complete the three-digit numbers, three-digit series, solve addition and subtraction operations graphically, ordinal numbers and sort them graphically.

A Guide to Winning Scholarships

by Victoria Nahley

Are you tired of writing mediocre scholarship essays? Having trouble with researching scholarships? Then this book is for you. A Guide to Winning Scholarships was written by self-proclaimed scholarship guru Victoria Nahley. In less than six months, she won over $11,000 in scholarships – allowing her to spend her Freshman year of college with no worries.

In this book, you will find information on how to correctly research scholarships, how to write better essays, and how to answer some of the common scholarship interview questions.

This book was written by a student, for students, with the goal of helping students and parents navigate the waters of scholarship research, essays, and interviews.

Democratic Transition and Political Development in Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan

by Vijay Bhatia

The book deals with the democratisation process of Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. The book cover all the relevant developments related to Constitutional development and institutional building in Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan

Sprachlehrer werden – leicht gemacht: Wie du in 10 einfachen Schritten erfolgreich als Sprachlehrer durchstartest (German Edition)

by Marta Rechul

Du bist es leid, keine Jobperspektive zu haben? Möchtest du im Ausland leben oder reisen und dennoch Geld verdienen? Dann hol dir mein Buch SPRACHLEHRER WERDEN – LEICHT GEMACHT und erfahre, wie du es als Quereinsteiger schaffst, dir eine erfolgreiche Selbstständigkeit als Sprachlehrer aufzubauen!

Sympathie und Möchtest du endlich mehr als nur arbeiten? Willst du beruflich frei und unabhängig sein? Erfahre in meinem Buch SPRECHLEHRER WERDEN – LEICHT GEMACHT, wie du dir in 10 einfachen Schritten das notwendige Wissen aneignest, Schüler findest, sie behältst und selbstständig erfolgreich Geld verdienst!

  • Möchtest du einen Job, der dich erfüllt?
  • Willst du als Lehrer überzeugen?
  • Möchtest du gut didaktisch unterrichten

Kauf dir meinen Ratgeber SPRACHLEHRER WERDEN – LEICHT GEMACHT und erfahre, wie du dir im Selbststudium die wichtigsten didaktischen und methodischen Basics aneignen kannst: Grammatik beibringen, Wortschatz einführen, soziale Kompetenzen entwickeln, richtiges Lernumfeld schaffen

Kurze Vorstellung:

Mit dem Buch SPRACHLEHRER WERDEN – LEICHT GEMACHT erfährst du, was der Beruf Sprachlehrer eigentlich ist und worauf es in erster Linie ankommt. Das Buch führt dich durch 10 notwendige Schritte, um erfolgreich als Sprachlehrer durchzustarten

Dieses Buch enthält au�erdem bewährte Strategien zum Selbststudium, die dir helfen, deine Kompetenzen als Sprachlehrer zu entwickeln und zu erweitern.

Du möchtest dich gerne als Sprachlehrer selbstständig machen, aber dir fehlt die didaktische und methodische Kompetenz? Du wei�t nicht, wie du an Schüler rankommst? Stell dich der neuen Herausforderung und nimm deinen Job selbst in die Hand. Entwickle deine Fähigkeiten gut zu unterrichten und werde zum Schülerliebling. Starte noch heute mit deinem Selbststudium, finde bald schon deine ersten Schüler und überzeuge mit einzigartigem Unterricht.


  • [(Gliederung, Auszug aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis)]
  • 1. Eigne dir Wissen im Selbststudium an
  • 2. Finde gute Schüler
  • 3. Organisiere deine Zeit effektiv
  • 4. Finde das richtige Unterrichtsmaterial
  • 5. Performe mit Begeisterung

Warum ausgerechnet dieses Buch?

In meinem Ratgeber SPRACHLEHRER WERDEN – LEICHT GEMACHT nehme ich dich an die Hand und zeige dir gezielte Lernmethoden – sowohl für deine Schüler als auch für dein Selbststudium. Du erfährst, wie du dir das notwenige didaktische und methodische Wissen aneignest und an deine Schüler kompetent weitergibst. Mit diesem Buch wirst du schon bald als Sprachlehrer durchstarten, unabhängig arbeiten und dich in einem Job wiederfinden, der dich selbst verwirklicht.

Auf geht´s – werde aktiv und überzeuge deine Schüler von deinen Unterrichtsfähigkeiten! Verdiene erfolgreich Geld als Sprachlehrer!

Behavioral Economics For Kids

by Neil Bendle

This cartoon book explains basic ideas in behavioral economics in simple terms.

It uses examples from childhood illustrate the psychology of decision making, explaining key ways in which people don’t behave like standard economic models often assume.
1) The Endowment Effect, 2) Sunk Cost Bias, 3) Hyperbolic Discounting (impatience), 4) Reference Dependence, 5) Framing, 6) Trust, 7) Fairness, 8) Loss Aversion, 9) Mental Accounting, 10) Dishonesty, 11) Base Rate Neglect, 12) Competitor Orientation, 13) Overweighting of Small Probabilities, 14) Overconfidence, and 15) Identity. After illustrating and explaining each concept we refer to a key academic article for those who want to know more.
Perfect for students, teachers, and academics in psychology, behavioral economics, and business (especially marketing). Also excellent for inspiring children and adults to think through why we behave the way we do.

How to Improve Memory for Kids, Teens and Young Adults: How to Learn and Remember Faster, How to Perform and Score Higher in Your Next Exams and How to Use Diets to Improve Your Memory

by Scott Lewis

Learn How SCOTT LEWIS, Became One of the Best Students in His College Days.
Do you know that you can improve your memory to remember anything and important information irrespective of your age, social and economic status, if only you open your mind to learn new skills?

As student, you will learn the secrets to improve your brain functions, perform better in your next exams, and finally join the top group in your class. This book reveals some study hacks and techniques to overcome mediocrity and accept excellence through diligence in your studies.

It is the desire of every responsible parent, to see his child becomes outstanding in career. So, if you lack wisdom or the ability to remember things, it is your absolute and fundamental right to ask for wisdom from the Creator of all things (God). Even the Holy Book of the Lord says “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that gives to all men liberally, and upbraids not; and it shall be given him -James 1:5.

Therefore, youâ??ll learn the followings in this book.
-The two common reasons, why some students perform below their potentials in examinations or interviews
– Over seven (7) study hacks to improve your memory
-The importance of Meditation
-The power of imagination and visualization in connection to memory improvement
-Bad habits that affect creative thinking
-How to connect long term memory and short term memory to remember important information
-How to summarize notes when studying for exams or presentation and remember what you’ve memorized as simple as A.B.C
– How to use diets to improve memory
-25 foods that can improve your memory

Welcome on-board, I will like to hear from you soon. Kindly drop your comment and review for this book if you love it. Your positive review will be highly appreciated.
Scott Lewis

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