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Mental Training: Develop Mental Toughness, The Mindset, Boost Performance, Become Unstoppable

by Richard Gonzalez

**Maximize your potential and develop unstoppable power, have a mindset that can take on the world.**

Achieve greatness and be in control of your life, no dream is too big; to have all this you need to develop a “warrior mindset.” This book will inspire and show you how to be in control of your mindset and not become a victim. If you liked authors Jocko Willink and Carol S. Dweck, then get ready for the transformation of your life.

Here is what you will learn:

  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Gain mental toughness
  • Live with joyfulness and passion
  • Always maintain a positive mental attitude
  • Be a leader not a follower, a positive role model for you family and friends
  • Develop positive self-talk
  • Gain success and a spiritual side
  • And much more

The mindset and inner beliefs revealed in this book will empower you to take control of your life be the person you were meant to be.

Scroll up, click the “Buy” button now, and begin your journey to Mindset, Self-Confidence, and a Fantastic you!

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I Knocked Him Out: Women Defeat Men

by Ken Phillips

I have been interested in strong, skilled, butt-kicking women for decades. Nothing has been more thrilling to me than hearing about the experiences that these women have been through. If you love beautiful, dominant women putting men in their place, then this is for you!
We begin with Nan. Nan teachers her boyfriend’s brother than small, weaker men should not mouth off and brag. She shows him the power and the appeal of a trained woman’s legs. If you like strong, dominant blondes, you’ll love Nan!
Melanie is shorter but heavier than her husband. She explains how the dynamic works between a powerful woman and her weaker husband. See the absolute delight that this lady takes in wrapping her powerful legs around her helpless husband. Danny boy is one luck (but crushed) man.
Hanna was born to wrestle! She has two sisters and they all got the grappling gene. Hanna began as a serious student of the weight room and of martial arts. But over the years she has learned about the male vs female component to combat. Hanna enjoys the power that this gives her over men. Hanna has a devilish, gorgeous smile and a sleek, powerful body that will leave you begging for more!
Have you ever seen a gorgeous rear end and wanted to grab it? Some guy felt that way when he was looked at April and he paid the price! This athletic lady understands that she is powerful and also very empowered! April is a rock climber with strong arms and the perfectly shaped legs. She also describes what happened to the larger man that cornered her. One hint, fellas; don’t make this lady feel threatened! She WILL retaliate!
Cori is 5’5″ and over 200lbs of female beauty and power. What does it feel like to be such a powerful, beautiful lady? How does her power compare to that of the men she knows? If you like curvy powerhouse ladies then Cori is for you!
Raquel is originally from Nigeria and she had legs to die for! This lady learned to grapple from her father and she transitioned into both body building and session wrestling seamlessly. Fortunately she has only needed to use her self-defense skills once and when she did she left her male adversary unconscious. Raquel is an amazing beauty with the perfect skin tone and ideal hips!
Our last two women may be the two of the most incredible females around. Ariane and Joanne are both with men that they can defeat. Ariane is married to Anton and Joanne simply keeps Doug around for her own enjoyment and amusement. These two ladies go into detail about like in a female-led relationship. Both women can defeat their men in tests of strength and they can/have defeated them in combat. If you like confident, sexy, dominant women who keep their men under their thumb then Ariane and Joanne will leave you breathless!

DIETA VEGANA PARA TRIATLON: Incluye 50 Recetas Veganas para Triatletas de Alto Rendimiento (Spanish Edition)

by Mariana Correa

Dieta Vegana para Triatlón es el mejor libro para cualquier triatleta que está buscando nadar más rápido, correr a una mejor velocidad y pedalear con mayor fluidez.
Usted sólo alcanzará su mejor ironman si su cuerpo está sano desde adentro hacia afuera. Va a mejorar su rendimiento a través de comer los alimentos adecuados para usted. Este libro incluye una explicación clara de lo que necesita para tener éxito y cuenta con más de 50 recetas veganas fáciles que le ayudarán a conseguir su mejor rendimiento.
Su conexión con los alimentos es la mayor influencia para su bienestar a largo plazo. La primera cosa a considerar cuando se desea hacer un cambio en su vida es su dieta. Una alimentación sana es la base de su programa de entrenamiento y desarrollo atlético.
La autora Mariana Correa es una ex atleta profesional y nutricionista deportiva certificada que ha competido con éxito en todo el mundo. Ella comparte años de experiencia tanto como atleta y entrenador aportando una perspectiva de valor incalculable.
Disfrute de este libro con postres veganos, desayunos, cenas veganas, aperitivos veganos, comidas veganas y mucho más.

The H Files 3 man standing odds by inserting a stick into the anus (Japanese Edition)

by Aki Matsu




Cómo Evitar un Colapso en una Media Maratón: ¡10 Cosas que Debes Saber Para Asegurarte de Que tu Primera Media Maratón no Sea la última! (Principiante a Finalizador nº) (Spanish Edition)

by Scott O. Morton

¿Desea realizar el salto de un corredor de 5K / 10K a un finalista de media maratón?

Scott Morton establece el campo de juego de lo que debe hacer mental y físicamente para hacer realidad sus sueños.
En su libro, Cómo evitar un colapso en una media maratón, se despliegan 10 cosas que le ayudarán a eliminar el fracaso el día de la carrera.

En su libro más reciente habla de:

  • Técnicas para energizarse
  • Planes de respaldo
  • Progreso de entrenamiento semana tras semana
  • Derrotar a su critico interno
  • Supercargar a su Entrenador Interno
  • y muchos otros temas.

Compre, Cómo evitar un colapso en una media maratón de fusión, hoy y comience a descubrir los elementos esenciales necesarios para evitar una crisis en el circuito de carreras.

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