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Somebody Like You: Starlight Hill series standalone sports romance

by Heatherly Bell

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Her high school crush is back, and he bought her vineyard!

Strike One … in one night, Brooke Miller loses her boyfriend, her job and possibly her reputation. She vows revenge on her old boss by bringing a defunct vineyard back to its former glory. But ex-baseball star Billy Turlock swoops in and buys her dream vineyard.

Strike Twoâ?¦Billy hopes the new family business will give him direction and purpose, now that he can no longer play baseball. He can’t afford to fail again, and for that he needs Brooke, who has hated him and all athletes since high school â?¦ even if he’s never forgotten her.

Wild pitch â?¦ when it becomes clear the hot hunk is interested in more than a working relationship, Brooke wonders if their wild attraction could ever last â?¦

Sweet and tender, Heatherly Bell writes romance that will capture your heart. ~ Marina Adair, #1 national bestselling author of Summer in Napa

Heatherly Bell’s sweet, warm romances are the perfect escape. ~ Jamie Farrell, bestselling author of the Officers Ex-Wives Club

Deathcreator Book Three: Ambient Decay Explicit Edition (Deathcreator Explicit 3)

by John Domus Cruo

This is the Explicit version of Deathcreator Book Three. It is intended only for mature audiences and has graphic, descriptive sexual content. If you prefer the shorter hinted at style, then check out the normal edition.

John deals with his new role as chief while uncovering mysteries that have long plagued him while unaware of a bigger foe that plots in the shadows. He learns of the crusade that’s rallied against him and makes plans to gain some dangerous allies.

This book is told almost entirely through John’s perspective as he experiences new revelations first hand.

Experience it as he does, no behind the scenes peaks, no foreshadowing, just the jarring realities of a harsh world.

This book has dark themes, extreme cruelty, sexual themes and harem as well as some Litrpg elements.

Triad: A Three Way Love Story

by Clairissa SinClair

What happens when Joss loses everything, her career, her home, her fiance and her dog, all at the same time? she lets two handsome biker’s pick her up out of the mud and take her home for the night and some steamy three way rebound sex.

All three of them have their own issues to work through. Can they put their pasts aside and have a successful, three way relationship or will the ghosts of their past make them throw it all away?

This stand alone book contains super sexy adult situations and language. It is meant for mature readers.

The Relentless God: Encountering the One Who Won’t Let Go

by Cecil B. Murphey

Why won’t you leave me alone?” author Cecil Murphey asked God. “Why can’t I be all right the way I am?”
In The Relentless God, Murphey vulnerably shares what happened when the Holy One broke into his life and forced him to look at himself. He didn’t like what he saw. As he finally faced the reality of who he was, he was able to see himself through the eyes of a loving God. He also learned three important truths:
God relentlessly pursues those He loves.
He never gives up on us.
He refuses to let us just get by, be like anyone else, or be less than we can be.
Using illustrations from the lives of New Testament characters, contemporary accounts, and personal experiences, Murphey shows his readers that whenever God pursues people, their lives are changed forever.

Survive! SHTF Acronyms The Letter A: A Prepperâ??s Guide

by Lorayne Miller

This book will explain the phrases, terms and sayings that are commonly used when discussing prepping, survival, military and other scenarios such as SHTF, which means “Shit Hit The Fan”. If you are new to prepping these terms will be important to know. If you are prior military you may already know many of these terms. There are so many that I am going to do this in alphabetical order. This book will cover numbers and the letter A.

BIG: A Little Story About Respect And Self-Esteem

by Ingo Blum

Sometimes It Takes So Little To Be BIG.

“A giant of a fable aimed at kids who frequently feel small, overlooked and like they just don’t matter.” Rating: 5.0 stars from Readers’ Favorite

Circus Wilson has many famous performers: jugglers, acrobats, lion-tamers, and clowns galore. Fire-eaters and knife-throwers thrill the spectators at every small village when the circus comes to town. Lee is one of the most talented of artists. He is a juggler extraordinaire and an acrobat who has mastered the four-time somersault among his other skills, but Lee has one problem.

He is little.

Lee is a flea, and while he wears sparkling and distinctive yellow pants, the audience never really can see him, only those pants. Lee doesn’t care that he isn’t the fastest or the most dangerous or even the funniest act in the circus. He just wants to be seen. He wants to be big.

One day he takes a decision that will change his life forever.

See how Lee’s defection causes so much uproar in the Circus Wilson. Lee does matter, and watching Director Wilson as he searches for Lee is entertaining indeed. Where could a flea be hiding, anyway?

The vivid color illustrations of this book make reading very easy and funny. The text is simple and partly repetitive, suitable for early age learning. A book to help children who feel overlooked and like they just don’t matter.

For kids ages 3+.

The print version of this book includes 4 extra pages for coloring.

The Killer Trap (The Detective Book 2)

by K.R. Hill

Connor Marin, a military-trained PI, struggles to protect a beautiful woman from the Russian mob, while plotting revenge on the man who murdered his army brother.

Connor and five team members had been part of a Ranger squad fighting the cartels in South America, when their communications got hacked. That meant that Sanchez, Connor’s closest friend, a man he had laughed and drank with, had been butchered by the cartels while trying to protect his wife and children. The army brass never suspected the murders were more than simple executions. But that wasn’t what Connor found.

Justice is about to knock on the killer’s door.

This is the second of three books in The Detective Series. The Killer Trap can be read without having read the other books.

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