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Catfishfry Blues Book v2 (Catfishfry Blues Books)

by Francois ELLIS

~Authentic Blues~
Structures for Rythm & Blues ranging from Texas, Louisianna, Chicago, Delta, Mississippi, Swing, Early Rock & Roll, East/West Coast, Boogie Woogie, Jump Swing, and more!. Roots Blues so low down & uptown it will leave your shoes Smokin’…..>===>

10 Patterns To Color

by Sallie Stone

Adult coloring books are great for relaxation and they also make cool gifts! This book contains 10 pages for coloring with symmetrical patterns.A link to the PDF is included in the book.

How Unique Patterns Are Making The World A Better place: Pattern

by Hemal Gandhi

In Fashion Design, This is all about Injecting your own personality. Flexibility is most important in fashion design business.
You can make your patterns unique by adding Diversity in styles, colors, designs. Whatever pattern comes in mind, do Canvas drawing of it.

How Pattern Design Can Get You Your Heart’s Desire: Pattern Design

by Hemal Gandhi

This is the industry of Combination of heart and mind. In real way it is the Science and Art.
In Fashion Design, This is all about Injecting your own personality. Flexibility is most important in fashion design business.
You can make your patterns unique by adding Diversity in styles, colors, designs. Whatever pattern comes in mind, do Canvas drawing of it.

How Fashion Design Made Me A Better Person: Fashion Design

by Hemal Gandhi

Successful fashion designers should have different kinds of skills. Their skills indulging in different areas.
Need to get mastery or focus on drawing.
Must have an eye for color and texture and make difference.
Should get an ability to visualize concepts in three dimensions.
Maximize attention to the mechanical skills involved in sewing and cutting all types of fabrics.

How Did Design Samples Become The Best? Find Out: Design Methods

by Hemal Gandhi

For the success, you need to go with High Fashion. You may have to work with Ready to wear.

High Street Fashion is in great demand and culture today. You may see rapid Dynamic changes in Menswear, womenswear, children’s wear.

Day by day, you will get master in Design and technical skills. This is the Industry of Creativity and market research.

Birthday Party Décor : Great Design Ideas

by Lorayne Miller

Everybody loves a good birthday party. Part of a party’s success is in the décor but there is much more than that. There are many considerations you want to think about when you are planning a birthday party. This book will show you some great design ideas.

Why Do People Think Style Is A Good Idea?: Style And Idea

by Hemal Gandhi

Successful Fashion Designer should have Combination of heart and mind.
In real way it is the Science and Art.
By Injecting your own personality you can make unique fashion designs. For your Designs, Flexibility is essential.
Different styles, colors, designs, help to create unique patterns. Canvas drawing of pattern whichever comes in your thoughts is the best practice.

Fall In Love With Designer Series: Designer Series

by Hemal Gandhi

What kind of Formal education Required?
Practically speaking, To become a Fashion Designer no certification required. Anybody can be fashion designer. You should have burning desire for it.
The path is not that much simple as it sounds. Although you can achieve it. To become successful fashion designer, you need to concentrate few basic things:
You will have to be good with pen, pencil and sketch. You should have good drawing knowledge. Always fill your mind with different designs and bring it to the real world through your drawing power.

Love Across | A Plus Size Romance | Full Figured Romance | Short Novel – Complete Series

by J.J. Alston

In her head, she knew this could never work out, especially if he found out who she really was.

In this New Adult romance series, plus sized Candace wants to find true love, just like her younger, more attractive sister. In an opportunity to lie about who she is to find love, Candace discovers her perfect man. How long can she keep this charade up? And even if he found out who she is, would he still stay? The hopeful young woman embarks on an emotional journey to overcome her own insecurities and test the limits of love.

Love Across is a full collection of the three-part plus sized romance series featuring Love Across the Seas , Love Across the Land , and Love Across the World . This down-to-earth novel shows how strong love can be, no matter what shape or size.

I’ve Got the P*ssy So I Make the Rules

by Missy Catch

With her risque career escalating, would she be able to handle the surprise of motherhood?

Christina, also known as Passion, is a stripper proud of what she does. Thriving off the business she’s apart of, a surprise pregnancy could jeopardize her job. Will the people in her mysterious life ruin her chances of success, or help her along the way as she figures out her new life?

The past can haunt you so much that it becomes your future.

Naxos. From the precursor of the Parthenon to the Duchy of the Archipelago: Culture Hikes in the Greek Islands

by Denis Roubien

You want to discover the cultural treasures of the Greek islands in a guided tour?

This is the book for you!

This book is a travel story describing, through a large number of photos and maps, a hiking tour in one of the culturally richest and yet not enough known islands of Greece. Having been the cultural and political centre of the Cyclades from ancient times to the Middle Ages, Naxos boasts a wealth of cultural treasures, covering a wide time range.A hidden gemThe island’s spectacular beaches resulted in the treasures of the hinterland remaining unknown to the wide public. This book endeavours to cover this omission and give a glimpse of this cultural richness to the visitor who desires to discover it.So many things to present!Among other things, it presents the most impressive kouroi of ancient Greece, temples that are considered the precursors of the Parthenon, unique iconoclastic and other Byzantine churches that compose what is called the Mystras of the AegeanAlso, one of the best preserved fortified medieval settlements of the Aegean composing an islet from Greece of Latin domination that made it to our days, monasteries that housed schools of international fame, feudal towers and picturesque villages.

Practice or Talent?: What makes us musical?

by Lisa Faye Broadhead

Some people believe they have no talent for music, but what is talent? What makes us musical? Is it practice or talent? By looking at these questions and analysing other factors, such as environment, belief, genes and how the brain works, we can begin to answer these questions and help you find your musical potential. The book also includes 21 practical tips on improving your music practice. So, if you want to improve your musical ability, but think you can’t because you aren’t talented, read on. And if you are looking for ways to improve your practice and get better results from your time, read on too…

New Year card anthology (Japanese Edition)

by Tsumie Kaneko

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Cute Kitten Photo Book

by High-Quality Photographs

The Cute Kitten Photo Book offers readers a unique selection of high-quality digital photos of kittens from around the world. By downloading the book in eBook format, the reader can keep this amazing selection of photographs on their portable device to view at any time.

Worth the Wait

by Trista Curtis

Falling in love with Kitty was easy for Justin, but telling her, his best friend, is the hard partâ?¦especially when another man enters the picture.

Heartbroken over someone who loves another man, Justin and Kitty’s friendship reaches all-time highs and lows as the two deal with death, longing, and most importantly: taking their relationship to a whole new level as he helps his dream girl accomplish her dreams. However, after a terrible diagnosis Justin is forced to answer the vital question: is Kitty’s happiness all that he cares about, no matter who it is with?

If you are a fan of Jenny Han’s The Summer Series: The Summer I Turned Pretty, It’s Not Summer Without You, We’ll Always Have Summer you might like this book.

Dinkelsbühl Ein Streifzug (German Edition)

by Bettina Bauch Eckhard Schmittner

Dieser Bildband zeigt einen kommentarlosen Streifzug durch das romantische Dinkelsbühl.
Die Stadt Dinkelsbühl liegt am Ufer der Wörnitz.
Hier treffen sich die Romantische StraÃ?e und die Deutsche FerienstraÃ?e Alpen/Ostsee.
Die Stadt lässt den Besucher die Architektur des Mittelalters genie�en.
Die Arbeiten von Bettina Bauch und Eckhard Schmittner befinden sich regelmä�ig auf den vordersten Plätzen der einschlägigen Bestsellerlisten.
Der Bildband wurde nicht mit einem Bildbearbeitungsprogramm bearbeitet.

Photo Collection of Koh Tao: Enjoy scuba diving at Koh Tao (Japanese Edition)

by umikappa


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ちã??っとè¾?口でã?ã?ã?æ ¹ã¯ã?ã?奴でã?ã??ã?¤ã??ã?³ã?°ã??èª?ã??だã?と止まã??まã?ã??ã??



Africa’s Lost Vinyl Record Press

by Gordon Wallis

The tables have turned. The adventures of a vinyl record cowboy in Africa. This gripping , short , but true story documents the amazing discovery of one of Africa’s last vinyl record factories. Abandoned for twenty years under lock and key , the plant remained stagnant and gathering dust in the troubled country of Zimbabwe. All this changes when the author , a rare vinyl record dealer , stumbles across it in a dusty and desolate industrial area of the capital , Harare. Accidents , near death experiences , and hilarity ensue as the giant machines are ripped from their grave in a desperate attempt to revive them and give them a new life in Europe. A must read for any vinyl record collector or enthusiast.

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