Free horror Kindle books for 05 Dec 18

Horror Fiction: The Nail

by Gerard Harrison

This novel meticulously chronicles the torture death of Jonathan Sturgis, an amiable stock broker, that commits the crime of adultery.

The Haunting of Maple Grove

by Akira Hawthorne

In a small town rumors will always abound, especially when it concerns the state mental hospital.

Centuries ago the government decided it would be a clever idea to buy a large parcel of land in a sleepy little New England town. A small out of the way place where they could set up a hospital and “tend” to its inmates, where any and all means were used to bring it’s inmates “in-line.”

Thus the asylum was born.

Join us as we delve into the twisted stories of the hospitals inhabitants- some that want to be told, and some that are best forgot. Just remember, nothing can be done to another lifeform without leaving it’s karmic toll.

No Quarter: A Horror Short

by Donchatz

The new otherworldly short story by renegade creator Donchatz.

Told in his unique style of free thought association, No Quarter is a tale of horror of stygian woods and forgotten secrets, of terrible truths and fading memory where the lost try desperately to cling to that in which it finds comfort. A dreamlike tale of subtle horror. Based on true events No Quarter is reminiscent in style to the great short stories of Borges, Bolano and Thomas Mann.

Procession of the Dead: Brazilian tale

by Orlando Fernandes

In a quiet inner city an old lady used to sit at the window day and night as a hobby. One night she sees a strange procession of hooded people dressed in white, carrying lit candles in their hands. The old woman will be so surprised that her habits will radically change from there.

The Killings at Rockman’s Ford: A Seven Signs Novella (The Seven Signs Book 0)

by D.W. Hawkins

A dangerous fugitive. A deadly secret. An unwelcome champion.

For generations, the seasons have turned with indifference to the sleepy hamlet of Rockman’s Ford. Residents and visitors alike would say it’s a delightful place where terrible things don’t happenâ??not murder, and never sorcery. Those things happen to other people in other places.

When a man is found murdered by hostile magic, the peaceful illusion is rocked by the emergence of dark secrets.

For D’Jenn Pike, a Warlock of the Conclave, hostile magic is an everyday occurrence. When he’s asked to help find the killer, his soul is tested by the chase. With bodies mounting, D’Jenn is all that stands between Rockman’s Ford and vengeful magic, but his courage could get him hanged alongside the murderer.

The guilty must pay, but the gods have no interest in justice.

The Killings at Rockman’s Ford is the prequel to The Seven Signs, a sword and sorcery series full of magic, intrigue, conspiracy, violence, and mystery. If you’re looking for a new favorite world to call home, then get started today and download The Killings at Rockman’s Ford.

Read now and start your journey into a dark new world.

The Family Secret: Book 1 of the Angel City Trilogy (The Angel City Stories trilogy)

by D.C Salazar

ITS LYCANS VERSUS DEMONS IN THIS HARROWING AND EMOTIONAL TALE OF DISCOVERY, DESPERATION, DRAMA AND REVENGE.-The most unique and original fantasy tale of lycan lore in all of time!-this is the story that werewolves truly deserve! long overdue and finally released!-D.C Salazar puts lycans where they truly belong! where they deserve to be!-too long that these bestial creatures have been wrongfully mishandled in romance genres and YA fiction, too long they have been served the wrong story and lore, this is the story that will put every shapeshifter back in the map!-Now this!! is how you tell a power trip of a book! lol the fights are truly heart pounding!

Sigmund always believed that the only reality there is in the world is the one which we all perceive: waking up, paying the bills, being depressed and working to make a living. Although when comparing to others, he wondered why he and his family are always alone in the world: moving from place to place, knowing no one but his own mother and siblings, nor he has a clue of his ancestry’s story. And when his mother is asked upon, she would always panic to change the subject; denying him of the answers he rightfully deserves.

But ALL SECRETS MUST EVENTUALLY BE BROUGHT TO LIGHT, when one night he encounters the ‘Stranger’ that will alter his beliefs and start his journey towards discovering his family’s mysterious and controversial history.

Witness the first saga as you join Sigmund together with Samuel and Atheros fight in a desperate attempt to halt the return of man’s oldest enemy.

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