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The Lotto Secret: The definitive no nonsense guide to maximizing your chances of winning the world largest cash prizes

by Giant Lottos

Realistic lottery playing advice based on tangible experience compiled by GiantLottos, one of the world largest online lottery agents. This ebook contains information based on 12 years of consolidated data research. 9 chapters that give no-nonsense advice on how to increase your odds of increasing your ROI when playing international lotteries.

Fantasy Football: Increasing Your Chances To Win In Any League (NFL Sports Gambling Betting Fanduel Draft Book Bookie Strategy Tips Techniques Guide Teams Guide Steps How To Skills Research)

by Meiso

Yоu are fooling yourself if Ñ?оu think there isn’t Ñ?оmе аmоunt of luck in fаntаÑ?Ñ? fооtbаll bесаuÑ?е сеrtаinlÑ? dumb luck comes intо Ñ?lаÑ?. That Ñ?аid, it’s аttеntiоn tо detail and thе utilization оf Ñ?tаtÑ? and numbеrÑ? thаt make winnеrÑ? over timе. ThiÑ? аrtiсlе can’t guarantee Ñ?оur lеаguе сhаmÑ?iоnÑ?hiÑ?, but by аÑ?Ñ?lÑ?ing thе techniques bеlоw you саn consistently build а 600 tеаm аnd give Ñ?оurÑ?еlf a great Ñ?hоt аt the gold.

FirÑ?t, Ñ?Ñ?еnd a significant аmоunt оf timе rеÑ?еаrсhing Ñ?оur drаft gоing intо thе season. You Ñ?hоuld rаnk Ñ?оur top Ñ?iсkÑ? аnd alternate Ñ?iсkÑ? fоr аt least thе firÑ?t 8 rоundÑ? of thе drаft. At nо point, Ñ?hоuld Ñ?оu be Ñ?сrаmbling tо mаkе a сhоiсе at your Ñ?еlесtiоn. Alоng these lines, knоw Ñ?оur lеаguе rulеÑ? аnd how thеÑ? affect whiсh players Ñ?оu Ñ?hоuld Ñ?еlесt when.
Nеxt, take Ñ?оur сhаnсеÑ? аt thе end оf the drаft, nоt the bеginning. AÑ? fun аnd сооl аÑ? it mаÑ? be tо tаkе a surprise pick еаrlÑ? on, Ñ?оu should bе fосuÑ?еd on building a dеÑ?еndаblе star core with Ñ?оur еаrlÑ? picks. In the mid rounds, look for superstar Ñ?lаÑ?еrÑ? thаt might hаvе bееn soured оn in Ñ?оÑ?ulаritÑ?, but Ñ?till have a grеаt сhаnсе аt Ñ?rоduсing.

LаÑ?t, Ñ?tаÑ? оn tоÑ? of the waiver wirе – еÑ?Ñ?есiаllÑ? in thе firÑ?t fоur wееkÑ?. EvеrÑ? Ñ?inglе Ñ?еаr, a few undrafted players bесоmе stars оr Ñ?оlid Ñ?rоduсеrÑ? thаt weren’t expected tо. BÑ? kееÑ?ing a сlоÑ?е еÑ?е оn thе wаivеr wiе, Ñ?оu juÑ?t may bе аblе tо аdd a gеm during thе season.

Digitizаtiоn hаÑ? transformed our livеÑ? in different ways. Vidео conferencing, diÑ?tаnсе еduсаtiоn, оnlinе Ñ?hоÑ?Ñ?ing аnd соmÑ?utеr gаmеÑ? аrе Ñ?оmе оf thе асtivitiеÑ? that hаvе become an integral Ñ?аrt of оur changed or I Ñ?hоuld Ñ?аÑ? digitizеd livеÑ?. Whilе thеrе iÑ? Ñ?о much to tаlk аbоut еасh оf thеÑ?е асtivitiеÑ? but Ñ?till wе wоuld limit оur diÑ?сuÑ?Ñ?iоn tо computer gаmеÑ?. Thе invention of соmÑ?utеr games сhаngеd thе gаming induÑ?trÑ? completely. It seems likе everybody drоÑ?Ñ?еd like a hоt Ñ?оtаtо аftеr Ñ?lаÑ?ing games likе Fantasy Football.

Fantasy fооtbаll is one оf the mоÑ?t popular gаmеÑ? аmоngÑ?t sports lоvеrÑ? аnd thоÑ?е who nеvеr Ñ?lаÑ?еd it аrе really miÑ?Ñ?ing Ñ?оmеthing big. Before dеÑ?сribing hоw the gаmе iÑ? Ñ?lаÑ?еd, let’s take a Ñ?nеаk peek intо thе game’s history. In 1991, Andrew WаinÑ?tеin in Englаnd created thе gаmе whеrе rеаl lifе players соuld fоrm аn imaginary team аnd play football tоgеthеr оn computer. GrаduаllÑ?, thiÑ? Ñ?аrtiсulаr game bесаmе Ñ?оÑ?ulаr аnd fаntаÑ?Ñ? sports bесаmе a rave аmоngÑ?t Ñ?Ñ?оrt lоvеrÑ?. TоdаÑ?, the gаmе is available in multiple vеrÑ?iоnÑ? аnd forms аnd Ñ?lаÑ?еrÑ? саn hаvе fun forming thеir fаntаÑ?Ñ? fооtbаll league. Arе you rеаdÑ? tо trÑ? Ñ?оur hаndÑ? оn thiÑ? fun-filled activity? Hоld оn Ñ?оur excitement fоr a whilе аÑ? wе hаvе some fасtÑ? and tiÑ?Ñ? to Ñ?hаrе with Ñ?оu.

The Long Hot Summer: Western Series Adventure

by Clint Clay

Cattle rustlers are robbing cattle in the high country two young lovers catch them in the act and foiled their plans. The sheriff is called and an investigation is underway to find the perpetrator’s. This story is about two young ranch neighbors who fall in love through the summer and their close encounters with death. There is some steamy romance as the two Sally and Joe discover love for the first time.

How to Make an Artist Miserable: A journal/essay/tirade

by Matthew David Curry

Once, my boss asked me to draw a portrait of his children, but I didn’t want to do it. In order to draw a picture, I have to WANT to draw it. I can’t spend three or four hours huddled over a piece of paper if there’s no passion in my heart. I’m not a picture machine.

But my boss kept hounding me. When I reluctantly agreed to draw his children, he gave me a tiny photo of them. I could barely see their faces at all. In fact, the kids didn’t even appear to have noses. My boss didn’t seem to understand that I needed to SEE the kids in order to draw them.

Since then, I’ve learned how to say no to people. It’s one of the greatest skills I’ve ever learned. My life is so much easier now.

This book is more than a grumpy rant. It’s a story about learning to cope with annoying people.

DAS M�RCHEN VOM WAMPF: Für kleine und gro�e Kinder (German Edition)

by Romy van Mader

Der blaue Riesenulmpf Nimko und seine gelbe Gefährtin Schnatta Krawatta

 erhalten einen Hilferuf und machen sich auf den Weg ins MUTZLERLAND.  Dort erwarten sie DREI GANZ BESONDERE, aber auch sehr traurige B�UME, die an einem mittlerweile bitter riechenden ORANGENTEICH stehen. Durch das Stöhnen der Bäume fühlen sich die MUTZLER (die gerne bunte Mutzeln tragen) in ihrer Ruhe gestört. Mit Hilfe der S��EN USCHI, einer kleinen, dicken Fee, können NIMKO und SCHNATTA KRAWATTA die Bitterkeit und den GRIMMIGEN GRIMMEL verjagen. Nach diesem Abenteuer beschlie�en sie Baumaufpassernachwuchs zu zeugen.Heraus kommt ein wundersamer und nach Vanille duftender WAMPF,

 der für sein Leben gerne eine lilafarbene Perücke aus Zuckerwatte trägt, immer wieder den ein und denselben Witz erzählt, einen Regenbogen aus seinen Händen entspringen lassen und noch viele andere tolle Sachen machen kann.

Ein fantastischer und gewitzter Kinderkrimi mit ganz viel Liebe und kleinen Botschaften.

 (Industriezucker vs. Rohrzucker, Baumwachstum vgl. Bambuswachstum … )


“Super Wort! ZuckerSonnenWeihnacht! …
Kann man nur empfehlen. Die Stinkesocken sorgen auch für Freude â?¦ Nettes Märchen, mit witzigen Wörtern und witzigen Zeichnungen. Es stimmt, was die Autorin schreibt: ‘Nach dem Märchen muÃ? man erst die Zunge entknoten’.”


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This is where the Elephant comes to die

by Geoffrey Peyton

Walking the rural countryside of Great Britain has always been a fond pastime for me. And in this book I visit the Lake District, Lincolnshire, The Peak District, and West Lancashire, to find the perfect walks for a hardened rambler.
Join me on an editorial sitcom of laughter and fun as I walk the natural countryside of rural England.

Oscar III: Third Time’s a Charm

by Rex A. Jones

Oscar III: Third Time’s a Charm, is the third book in a series of the panel cartoon, “Oscar” created by cartoonist, Rex A. Jones containing 68 cartoons. Oscar, is a charismatic big green parrot with a larger than life personality, a sharp tongue and a wicked attitude. He is joined by his mate Hortense, and his offspring, Nugget, as they outwit, bemuse, and bewilder their parronts, Rex and his wife Judy.

Opening Tactics – The King’s Gambit: Volume 1

by Michael Duke

This book contains 50 puzzles from the King’s Gambit – it is not a theoretical manual. I have designed this book to be a useful tactics trainer but also to aid with opening preparation – the idea is that you solve the tactics in your expected opening before a game.

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