Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 05 Dec 18

Red Moon (Vampire Files Trilogy Book 2)

by RK Close

She knows what hides in the shadowsâ?¦and now they know about herâ?¦

Private Investigator Samantha Chase has defeated one immortal killer. But just when Sam believes the danger has passed, a wave of deadly animal attacks throws the city of Phoenix into panic. Are these deaths the result of a wild animal, or somethingâ?¦premeditated?

Gone without a traceâ?¦

When a college student goes missing, Sam is hired by the family to find her, but she gets more than she bargains for. Sam quickly discovers the mysterious Taylor family hides dark secrets. Secrets they protect at all costs.

Dreams have powerâ?¦

Things are heating up between Sam and her vampire boyfriend Adam. Brought together by a chance encounter, they now walk a fine line between the human world and the preternatural. All the while, her strange gift is growing stronger. But as Sam tries to embrace her dreams in order to solve her case, her powers begin to show her visions she doesn’t want to seeâ?¦visions about Adam.

Ghosts from his pastâ?¦

Samantha is confident she can find the girl, fend off a stalker, and maybe even stop a turf warâ?¦until the unthinkable happens. Adam has disappeared and Samantha finds herself the target of a powerful and vengeful adversary.

Will Sam find Adam before it’s too lateâ??or will she lose him forever?


by Raymond Halyard

Quantum Entanglement is one of the most mysterious phenomenon in Modern Physics. Einstein called it ‘spooky action at a distance.’ Entanglement Based Quantum Computers (EBQCs) have been proposed as ‘The Next Big Thing’ in computing. John Masters and his wife Alice have been abducted by three thugs who are interrogating him in search of his EBQC. Two years earlier John and his best friend Ben graduated from UT Austin. Ben is a genius and inventor, and John is a software engineer. John and his future wife Alice are in love, and Ben falls in love with Mary. Ben has designed an EBQC prototype and enlists John aspartner. After they build the EBQC, Ben is killed and the protoype destroyed in a traffic accident. Using the EBQC John had generated S&P 500 market predictions for the coming year. He inherits $100,000 from Ben and uses the predictions to turn it into eight billion dollars! John and Alice are married and then kidnapped on return from their honeymoon. The rest of the novel describes how Ben’s girlfriend Mary helps the FBI rescueJohn and Alice.

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