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unHIDDEN: A Book For Men and Those Confused by Them

by Robert Kandell

***unHIDDEN Is The Missing Link To Maximizing Your Happiness And Success In This One Life***

Traditionally, men have held the “privileged” position; however, two generations of societal change has dramatically changed the playing field, at the expense of the Man.

The effect is that men are lost, causing an increase in aggression, confusion and apathy.

Worse, they have withdrawn from society because it’s not deemed OK for men to express their feelings and doubt.

Men want to love and provide, but feel disconnected from their true purpose.

UnHidden is a pragmatic guide that compiles 18 years of experience and tens of thousands of client sessions into a simple step-by-step blueprint for turning your life around. This book is Man’s key to evolving from your current status quo to a true, authentic man in today’s chaotic world.

You will have the opportunity to:
*Confront the ways you’ve been taught to hide
*Understand the effects of our Society of Disapproval and learn to be free of its claws
*Navigate with ease the challenges of succeeding with a modern woman so you can have the relationships you desire

You will also:
*Get step by step blueprint for how to live unHIDDEN
*Get access to our private unHIDDEN Facebook group
*Learn to express yourself confidently when you have that deep, natural desire for intimacy with a woman
*Rid your life of self-sabotage, how to master communication skills
*Relinquish sexual shame for good
*Decipher what a woman wants and how to love her exactly the way she desires
*Find your purpose.

“unHIDDEN is a book that will challenge, and redefine what you think it means to be a man in today’s world.”
– Conner Beaton Founder Of Man Talks

Let’s change the trajectory.
It’s time to liveâ?¦

The unacceptable truth

by L.R. Johnson

Humankind will not accept fundamental ethics, requirements and, the basic needs of human existence. It strives continually to bombastically conquer not only the planet and the universe, but also its greatest enemy and provider, nature itself. Striving for false excellence, exaggerated and propelled by mankind’s own greatest inventions, science and technology.
There is only one force on the planet that will halt this lava of narcissisms; nature itself. Humans, and their technological advances, will never bring nature to its knees or conquer it. There is only one force that is unconquerable, that is nature and, it will eventually, overcome all of humankind’s feeble attempts to rule over it.

Cognition Switch: Mind #1

by Gaia Vince

Cognition Switch: Mind
An Artefact for the Transmission of New Ideas on Mind and Mental Well-Being

Issue #1: December 2018
Featuring Articles by: Gaia Vince, Michael Regnier, Jenny Diski, Geoff Watts, Lucy Maddox, Emma Young, Jo Marchant, Peter Aldhous, Mary O’Hara, Shayla Love, and Will Storr

Charles Peirce’s Theory of Scientific Method (American Philosophy Book 7)

by Francis E. Reilly

This book is an attempt to understand a significant part of the complex thought of Charles Sanders Peirce, especially in those areas which interested him most: scientific method and related philosophical questions. It is organized primarily from Peirce’s own writings, taking chronological settings into account where appropriate, and pointing out the close connections of several major themes in Peirce’s work which show the rich diversity of his thought and its systematic unity. Following an introductory sketch of Peirce the thinking and writer is a study of the spirit and phases of scientific inquiry, and a consideration of its relevance to certain outstanding philosophical views which Peirce held. This double approach is necessary because his views on scientific method are interlaces with a profound and elaborate philosophy of the cosmos. Peirce’s thought is unusually close-knit, and his difficulty as a writer lies in his inability to achieve a partial focus without bringing into view numerous connections and relations with the whole picture of reality. Peirce received some of the esteem he deserves when the publication of his Collected Papers began more than thirty-five years ago. Some reviewers and critics, however, have attempted to fit Peirce into their own molds in justification of a particular position; others have disinterestedly sought to present him in completely detached fashion. Here, the author has attempted to understand Peirce as Peirce intended himself to be understood, and has presented what he believes Perice’s philosophy of scientific method to be. He singles out for praise Peirce’s Greek insistence on the primacy of theoretical knowledge and his almost Teilhardian synthesis of evolutionary themes. Primarily philosophical, this volume analyzes Peirce’s thought using a theory of knowledge and metaphysics rather than formal logic.

Etnicidade na América Latina: um debate sobre raça, saúde e direitos reprodutivos (Portuguese Edition)

by Simone Monteiro

O livro traz uma reflexão sobre as relações entre o processo saúde-doença e as condições étnico-raciais, tomando como tema central a saúde reprodutiva na América Latina. A partir das contribuições das ciências sociais e da área da saúde, os trabalhos aqui reunidos discutem os conceitos de raça, gênero e etnicidade, suas relações com o campo da saúde, além de divulgar resultados de pesquisas pioneiras sobre o tema.

Rapport d’information sur l’évolution du rôle de l’OTAN (French Edition)

ue des Ã?tats-Unis, l’OTAN est une organisation européenne. Vue de l’Europe, l’OTAN est une organisation américaine. Aux yeux des rapporteurs Gilbert Le Bris et Philippe Vitel , l’OTAN est une alliance politique et militaire indispensable à la sécurité euro-atlantique et constitue une boîte à outils militaires disponible tant pour les forces européennes que pour les forces américaines.
Le contexte sécuritaire actuel justifie l’existence de l’OTAN, à même d’assurer, aux côtés de ses partenaires, la sécurité des territoires et des populations de ses membres, mais également d’autres, en intervenant « hors zone ». Le monde bipolaire de la Guerre froide a disparu, de même que le monde unipolaire qui a émergé au lendemain de la chute du Mur de Berlin et de la dissolution du Pacte de Varsovie. Aujourd’hui, nous nous trouvons dans un monde « apolaire », où plus personne – du moins pour l’instant – ne peut imposer sa volonté au reste du monde.
l est difficile de prédire la nature des conflits de demain. Les travaux prospectifs de l’Alliance, de l’ACT et de l’Assemblée parlementaire de l’OTAN ont notamment pour objet d’anticiper ces menaces pour l’heure insaisissables. Au-delà de la résurgence d’une menace russe, il conviendrait ainsi par exemple de veiller à l’émergence de nouvelles forces, issues notamment d’Asie. L’expansion chinoise n’est ainsi pas sans interpeller. C’est pourquoi, comme vos rapporteurs l’ont indiqué dans le corps du rapport, cette vigilance doit s’adresser « à 360° », tant s’agissant des espaces géographiques, de l’Arctique au flanc sud, que s’agissant de nouvelles sources de conflits, dont nombreux seront liés au changement climatique et à la raréfaction des ressources naturelles.
Près de sept ans après la réintégration de notre pays au sein du commandement militaire intégré de l’Alliance, d’aucuns s’interrogent sur la pertinence de ce choix, et souhaitent un nouveau retrait. La réponse des rapporteurs est sans appel : la France est à sa place au sein de l’Alliance atlantique. Elle fournit un juste effort au regard de ses engagements en OPEX et sur le territoire national, mais gagnerait à davantage assumer son retour.

The Mathematical Imagination: On the Origins and Promise of Critical Theory

by Matthew Handelman

This book offers an archeology of the undeveloped potential of mathematics for critical theory. As Max Horkheimer and Theodor W. Adorno first conceived of the critical project in the 1930s, critical theory steadfastly opposed the mathematization of thought. Mathematics flattened thought into a dangerous positivism that led reason to the barbarism of World War II. The Mathematical Imagination challenges this narrative, showing how for other German-Jewish thinkers, such as Gershom Scholem, Franz Rosenzweig, and Siegfried Kracauer, mathematics offered metaphors to negotiate the crises of modernity during the Weimar Republic. Influential theories of poetry, messianism, and cultural critique, Handelman shows, borrowed from the philosophy of mathematics, infinitesimal calculus, and geometry in order to refashion cultural and aesthetic discourse.

Drawn to the austerity and muteness of mathematics, these friends and forerunners of the Frankfurt School found in mathematical approaches to negativity strategies to capture the marginalized experiences and perspectives of Jews in Germany. Their vocabulary, in which theory could be both mathematical and critical, is missing from the intellectual history of critical theory, whether in the work of second generation critical theorists such as Jürgen Habermas or in contemporary critiques of technology. The Mathematical Imagination shows how Scholem, Rosenzweig, and Kracauer’s engagement with mathematics uncovers a more capacious vision of the critical project, one with tools that can help us intervene in our digital and increasingly mathematical present.

Dachau`s Gettysburg or the imminent downfall of an offenders`town: expanded english language edition

by Markus Eder

The town of Dachau in Upper Bavaria is a town of great historical shame
and of many recent scandals. In other words, Dachau is an offenders`town. Despite all this, Dachau has experienced in recent decades perceptible demographic and economic growth. Now, however, there are first signs, that this undeservedly positive development might come to an end. In all probability, in retrospect, 2014 will have been the year of Dachau`s Gettysburg. The year, in which the hand of fate turned the tide of Dachau`s fortunes, and in which Dachau`s downfall began. This ebook outlines the reasons for this development.

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