Free reference Kindle books for 05 Dec 18

PHP MYSQL A complete guide for beginners.

by Muhammad Irfan

A complete guide for those who want to learn PHP MYSQL. Every chapter is explained briefly with exercises. This ebook is the first step towards learning PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) which is a well-known server-side language. And Mysql, which is mostly used database on the web.

Hindustani Sakhi Saheli: The Way to Someoneâ??s Heart is Through Their Stomach

by Aparna Nayak

“The Way to Someone’s Heart is Through Their Stomach”

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food”-George Bernard

This is an attempt to popularize & share rich Indian tradition and culture which has deep roots.

Through this book, I want to share my learning which was given to me by my mom & family during my upbringing.

After marriage with my Husbands support and encouragement, this idea of sharing my recipes with all food lovers came to my mind and I have created this just for my cooking passion and share with all of you.

This is a honest attempt to popularize Indian cuisine by the easiest means for all food lovers.

“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces-just good food from fresh ingredients”-Julia Child


2000 Most Common German Words in Context: Get Fluent & Increase Your German Vocabulary with 2000 German Phrases (German Language Lessons)

by Lingo Mastery

Have you been trying to learn German and simply can’t find the way to expand your vocabulary?

Do your teachers recommend you boring textbooks and complicated stories that you don’t really understand?

Are you looking for a way to learn the language quicker without taking shortcuts?

If you answered “Yes!” to at least one of those previous questions, then this book is for you! We’ve compiled the 2000 Most Common Words in German, a list of terms that will expand your vocabulary to levels previously unseen.

Did you know that â?? according to an important study â?? learning the top two thousand (2000) most frequently used words will enable you to understand up to 84% of all non-fiction and 86.1% of fiction literature and 92.7% of oral speech? Those are amazing stats, and this book will take you even further than those numbers!

In this book:

  • A detailed introduction with tips and tricks on how to improve your learning
  • A list of 2000 of the most common words in German and their translations
  • An example sentence for each word – in both German and English
  • Finally, a conclusion to make sure you’ve learned and supply you with a final list of tips

Don’t look any further, we’ve got what you need right here!

In fact, we’re ready to turn you into a German speakerâ?¦ are you ready to get involved in becoming one?

Addiction!: Everybody got ‘1 What’s yours?

by Mildred Stallworth

Addiction is motivated by a secretive force that can’t be seen on the surface, but the yearning desire is never fulfilled because the craving comes back time and time again.

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