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1776: The Washington Divergence (Infinity Engines: Missions Book 1)

by Andrew Hastie

What if George Washington was killed before taking office?

The year is 1776. New York is on fire. The British fleet are in the harbor, and Special Agent John Anderson still can’t believe he’s here…

It began when the FBI counter-terrorism system picked up suspicious activity at Mount Vernon. Anderson was assigned to find out why a crazy old man dressed as a British Redcoat was trying to break in and how the same guy could show up five minutes later at the Smithsonian.

The Colonel claims he is trying to change the past and prevent the assassination of General Washington. Anderson assumes he’s just off his meds – until the old man runs into a broom closet and disappears.

Infinity Engines: Missions takes you on a journey into an alternate history, one that might have been if it wasn’t for the work of the Oblivion Order and their mission to save the future, by changing the past.

W.O.R.M.S. (On the Run Book 1)

by J.J. Alston

Where they came from or when they got here, nobody knows…

Where they came from or when they got here, nobody knows. But the first case of the condition that will come to be known as W.O.R.M.S. begins in Portland, Oregon at Sunrise Public Hospitalâ??one of the largest hospitals in the state.  

The perfect breeding ground.â?©

The man, who history will come to know as Patient Zero is overweight.  It is no surprise to the medical staff when he comes into the emergency room that evening, complaining of sharp stomach pains or that his chest was tight.  They assume it is indigestion at best, heart attack at worse.� But it is worse. Way worse.�

From the bestselling author of The Infinity Gene. If you’re a fan of Hugh Howey, A.G. Riddle, Michael Crichton, Dan Brown or James Patterson’s Bookshots, you’ll love this new short read series.

Bright Black Skies

by Dr Dan Kruszelnicki

Nathan and Carrie Friedman are out of step with the world in 2094. While humanity has long ago abandoned the notions of environmentalism and conservation, the Friedmans continue clinging to desperately outdated concepts like plants, real food, colour and the protection of endangered species. Their warnings about the fate of the planet are first mocked, then marginalized and then, entirely ignored. And so they were awed but not entirely surprised when Earth’s ecosystems began to fall, slowly at first, but then at a breathtaking pace. Standing in the dust of global ruin, Nathan realizes that he alone holds the antidote to Earth’s final extinction. As he battles self-doubt, enemy factions and the pitiless hands of the clock, the elation of survival is displaced by the urgent need to decide: should he die fighting for life as it was or join the world that is?

S.t.e.a.m.c.a.p.p.: The Rising of the Moon (The Adirondack Affair Book 1)


August 1901: When Anarchist Terrorists massacre the workers of Archeology dig site 403B in the Adirondacks and abduct fifteen year old Gladys Gwynn, her wealthy Industrialist brother hires the Strategic Tactics and Extraordinary Management Consultation And Protection Partnership, team to rescue her.

But before STEAMCAPP can even board the train that will take them to the Adirondack wilderness retreat of their client, two of their members, the dashing and deadly Kierian McKenna(code named Piper), and his dare-deviless partner Emma Dareheart(code named Banshee), both former Resistance Cell operatives during the British-American War of 1893-1897, are ambushed by operatives hired by the British Secret Service Bureau and thrust into a bloody shoot-out.

At Great Camp Sagamore, Kierian and Emma are joined by their business partners, the mysterious, irascible, genius inventor, Dr. Balthazar Waatt, and the debonair Rescue Automaton Model 7. Along with three wilderness guides from the Adirondack League and Professor’s of Archeology, Veronica Stonechat and SJ Boaltt, the team embarks on an action packed adventure to rescue Gladys from the brutal Anarchist terrorist and their deadly Gryphon Battle Mech.

But as STEAMCAPP’s mission nears its exciting climax, a new threat more perilous than any of them could have imagined, emerges along with new questions. Who is the mysterious power behind the Anarchist? What is buried in the lost Algonquin Temple Of The Bear? And can STEAMCAPP stop Operation Atlas before it topples the United States of America into utter chaos and ruin?

Set in an Alternate Steampunk reality amongst the backdrop of a British-American Cold war, STEAMCAPP : Rising Of The Moon promises to be a thrilling action packed, rollicking adventure, peppered with humor and romance and set in the wild beauty of the Adirondack forest.

A Rapture

by Evan Evans

A Rapture is a story of the wonders of astronomy, Egyptology, the gift of consciousness, and life outside Earth.

While NASA is on the brink of sending men to Mars, an elegant alien race, the Nírandü, discovers the Earth. Their intentions are unclear, and as the world continues their endless verdicts, both NASA and the military attempt to understand the true purpose of their arrival.

An astronomy professor at Columbia University, Daniel Hartwell, is almost a father. He and his wife are in the last preparations of moving outside NYC and starting a new chapter, when Daniel discovers he is somehow able to identify and communicate with a member of the Nírandü. He finds himself alone in Central Park to meet with this representative. This pristine species, according to Daniel, have the ability to overwhelm the people of Earth with rich enlightenment, paving the road for mankind’s new and extraordinary renaissance, but his biased impression may have hindered him from a deadly truthâ?¦

On the other side of the planet, Dr. Alester Harris, an Egyptologist, believes he may have found a notable, ancient artifact created by the Nírandü. He travels the country with a young documentarian in search of answersâ??ones that he may later regret to have uncovered.

The citizens of Earth are in panic mode, speculating their fate and coming to grips with their new conceptions of God. Some set about to either praise or denounce their religions, while others ponder over their lives and wonder if they have been truly fulfilled. Many simply find and protect their loved ones.

What is to become of Earth? How does one begin to comprehend the broad questions of the universe with this divine consciousness? Are the Nírandü everything they claim to be�or does their history actually make us closer to them than we could imagine?

If Looks Could Kill

by Gary Kittle

Set in the very near future, Britain has suffered a massive biological terrorist attack. The result is a disease that rivals the Plague in its mercilessness. The symptoms are easy to spot. They cover every inch of skin: disfiguring, blighting and rotting with shocking rapacity.
But this is a disease custom-made to cause the greatest amount of suffering and misery for the British people. Victims seldom die quickly, and the contagion, christened â??Foedus’ by the media, only affects women. Forced to hide their ravaged faces, the women of Britain adopt the burqa, are forced to stay at home for â??reasons of hygiene’ and can only visit public places with a male escort. The radical Jihadists are not just triumphing in the War on Terror, they’re having fun doing it.
So when Devina, an immigrant, falls into the hands of a gang of ambitious petty criminals, it is clear that her apparent immunity to Foedus is potentially worth a fortune to anyone searching for a cure. But the State doesn’t want to pay millions for something that might be a hoax, so rookie field agent Dan Rhodes is thrown the impossible task of tracking down the kidnappers before their ransom deadline expires.
Despite his inexperience Dan realises that there is much more going on than he has been told. His boss, Trevor Jenkins, has already hinted he is acting largely on his own initiative and that Dan’s mission is â??off the books’. But what else could Jenkins want with the girl except to hand her over to the medical team waiting in a secret lab? Richard Simmons is very much the leader of the kidnappers, but are his two sidekicks as loyal as they pretend? And just how badly has Foedus affected the mental health of his wife, Fiona?
In a race against the clock, true identities and motives are exposed; and the truth is spotlighted against a backdrop of veiled faces and rabid prejudice.
In the War on Terror, the mirror has become a secret weapon.

Miira (book 1 of Innerscape)

by acflory

In 2101, the average life expectancy is one hundred and ten. Miira Tahn, last Lady of Dhurai, is dying at just fifty-two. Faced with a slow, agonizing death, her only hope is Innerscape, a virtual paradise in which the Residents inhabit beautiful, digital bodies indistinguishable from the real thing.

Or so the brochures say. But even Eden had a snake, and once inducted, the Residents of Innerscape can never again return to the real world. If anything goes wrong, they’ll be lost in the dark forever.

Yet for Miira Tahn, even a tenuous hope is better than the fate that awaits her.

â??…sometimes you just have to close your eyes and jump…’

â??Miira’ is the first book of the Innerscape cyle and corresponds to Episode 1 of the original series.

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