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Seabiscuit vs Secretariat: Legend vs Legend

by K. Curl

When asked who the best racehorse was in American history, many people will say Secretariat. Many others will say Seabiscuit, and each person has exact reasons why their answer is the right one. Secretariat holds records that may never be touched, and Seabiscuit was the classic underdog who defeated all odds to become a champion. Which one is the all-time great?

Which one was truly the all-time great? In this book we will look at the homes, the people, and the circumstances that built these heavyweights of the horse racing world.

*Comprehensive Information
*List of Triple Crown winners

This is a fascinating read for any horse enthusiast to grow their knowledge and expand their library collection!

Hiking the Wild North Shore of Lake Superior

by Dale Olausen

The north shore of Lake Superior is wild and beautiful. It is also quite sparsely populated, so a hiking trip (or other adventure) will truly give you chance to get away from it all, and back to nature in its full glory.
Lake Superior is big – it is the largest of the North American Great Lakes, and one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world. One could spend years exploring the area, and still have barely touched the possibilities.
This account focuses on a multi-day backpacking trip in Pukaskwa National Park, some light canoeing in White Lake Provincial Park, and some day-hiking in the Thunder Bay area.
What follows is a journal of some of the highlights of a trip to Northern Ontario in the summer of 1998. That gives the trip a bit of a historical flavor, but things don’t change very quickly in the wild country of the true north, so it will also give the reader a good idea of what to expect during their own exploration of the north shore

Return To My Native Land

by Ian Moore

As a young man I traveled to West Africa in search of my identity. I am a man of color, who was born in England. I visited West Africa in the mid-seventies before that area exploded into violence, and witnessed the displacement of its people. My adventure lasted 18 months, and covered the countries of Algeria, Mali, Burkina Faso (formerly Upper Volta), Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia and Sierra Leone. An adventure like this probably couldn’t happen today. The desert has encroached on the south, and poverty has forced the increased migration of peoples from the savannah areas to the coastal countries.
Violence has decimated some countries like Liberia and Sierra Leone, and the borders have become much tighter and more dangerous places. This story, then, is about my encounters with the ordinary and real people of Africa, and my perspectives of the underlying issues of the African societies that I experienced throughout my travels. These experiences were an attempt to find my place in Africa, and in the World. The histories and sentiments reported here are still very much true of an African mindset that is proud, energetic, and diverse in its view of the world.

The H Files 13 man who took a 9000W light (Japanese Edition)

by Aki Matsu




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