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Alien Wind from the Stars

by Dimitrios Molfetas

Product description

“Alien Wind from the Stars” explores humanity’s first contact with an alien race. The plot involves the arrival of a mysterious alien vessel at a battle site of a civil war, throwing both waring sides in a state of awe and confusion.

The book creates a mysterious atmosphere as the characters in the story come to grips with the monumental event that is occurring in their midst. Why are the aliens here? Are their intentions peaceful or are they here to conquer and enslave?

The novel has a strong focus on character development; ingeniously it employs a number of sub-plots that help develop the characters’ personality and imbue the reader with a sense of their personal history, thus getting a better understanding of what they are feeling while they are experiencing this unparalleled event.

In summary, this book has all the right ingredients, which together create an enjoyably delicious literary experience for the reader, a powerful character development, a very engaging atmosphere in the middle of a country’s tense conflict, and a monumental historical event that will open new horizons for humanity.


Readers of science fiction, as well as readers who enjoy war stories and engaging fiction, will enjoy this book. FOREWORD CLARION REVIEW

Alien Wind from the Stars is a mind-bending trip, and that’s an understatement. – EDITOR

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