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More than Friends

by Jillian Quinn

I wasn’t supposed to fall for my best friendâ?¦.

Kat was the one girl I could talk to without thinking of sex.
The one person I could trust.
Until one night changed everything.
One mistake created a divide that lasted for months.
She kept a secret from me that could bring us back together.
Her secret is also what had torn us apart.
I just didn’t know it.
Until now.

Are you ready to meet Dean Crawford? One click today if you like books with plenty of humor, angst, and forbidden romance.

The Queen’s Mark: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy (Royal Guardians Book 1)

by Tori Smith

Hidden witch royalty. A prophecy that must be fulfilled. Four sexy warlocks with an agenda.

When I drop to my knees on my twenty-fourth birthday, I figure it’ll be at least from some hard alcohol. I mean, let’s be real. There is plenty of that in my system that night, but what brings me to my knees is certainly unexpected.

The mark hurts like a b*tch and appears out of nowhere, stamping my arm like a brand, but what happens next trips me out more than the appearance.

This guy seems to materialize with the brand. He’s large, intense and after he takes me to his house, I realize he’s not alone. He has a friend, an arrogant one, and he’s just as beautiful as the first. Two more men happen to follow these two, one the others seem to look to and the final, probably the prettiest guy I’ve ever seen. They also all look at me in ways that make me want to do things, dirty things to each of them.

Had they not told me I’m their queen.

They mean it in the literal sense, not some kinky kind of awesome thing, and I’m left thinking the next Uber home is sounding good.

Especially when they go on about things like powers and a destiny I have to save them all. I’ve got powers because I’m a witch and they, my warlock guardians. We all were sent from the future to make sure Earth actually has one, and if I don’t get a lock on that, bad things will happen.

That’s all fine and good until I learn about the bond, something linking us in intense and sometimes visceral ways beyond all of our control. I can try to save the world. That might be doable.

But how can I deal with my feelings for the four of them?

The Queen’s Mark is book one in the Royal Guardian’s series by Tori Smith. If you like hook ups, mayhem, and four smoking-hot warlocks and the witch queen who refuses to choose between them, then this book is for you! You won’t be able to click through the pages fast enough, so one-click this slow burn debut novel today!

Heartbreak Warfare (Let Me In Book 1)

by Jessica Marin

A business trip to Vegas offers Jenna a sexy one-week stand in this steamy, second chance at love novel from Jessica Marin.

The last thing Jenna Pruitt has time for is sinfully gorgeous movie star, Cal Harrington. Meeting him in first class should have ended there on the plane, but after a failed marriage, she finds herself drawn in to his desire for her. Needing a little fun in life, she can’t help but agree to spend the week with him.

No strings, no expectations. Just one sexy week in Vegas, and Jenna can put him, and their time together, behind her. She doesn’t want the life that Cal comes with, but the further into the week they get, the more her heart and mind battle.

When he burns her with his kisses, her heart wants him.
But at the same time, her brain knows Cal has nothing but ‘heartbreak’ written all over his well-defined body.

One thing is certain.
Jenna’s about to lose herself to heartbreak warfare. This is book one of the Let Me In series, but all novels in the Let Me In series are stand alone novels with no cliffhangers and HEA endings.

Antidote: Rise Of An Empire

by Ce Ce

When they talk about the “Sins of the Mother” they must have had Diamond in mind…. have you ever faced a past so bad that you were scared to even think about it? A dreadful past that can emerge at any time and ruin your whole existence…what if it wasn’t even YOUR PASS and it still haunts you like the plague. Diamond is your pretty girl next door with a heart of gold. She loves her best friend Bonnie with all her heart and no one can replace that. When she encounters a snake her backyard she changes, for the worst. With her first heartbreak lurking around the corner will she ever love again? Indulging life for what it is fancy, expensive, and fun she takes a life’s journey in which she never imagined. Money, drugs, murder, and betrayal all in her future, who knows just how rough this Diamond will become. With a mother like Pamela, Diamonds life will be turned upside down, while losing everyone around her to the streets and betrayal Diamond puts on her big girl persona and attempts to get a little grimy as well. With Pam’s past being Diamonds nightmare will she be able to get through it alive or will the streets take her and swallow her up like the rest?
Have you ever had a dream so big that it was killing you quietly on the inside every day to not to fulfill it, but your odds should be enough to not fulfill the nightmare you call a dream!! It’s dangerous, deadly and most of all suicidal, but you can’t breathe to the thought of not fulfilling it??!!!…If not come let Diamond and Bonnie show you how it’s done. They aren’t just best friends they’re each other’s backbone. Intelligent, but ruthless Bonnie Savage is not your ordinary dope girl. Valedictorian of her high school class, Bonnie wasn’t interested in attending any ivy league college. Bonnie’s ambitions were to be the Souths Biggest Queen Pin. With her being interested in Chemistry since a child, Bonnie uses her skills to create what she believes to be the Antidote drug to cure the fiend urges from any other drug they have every encountered. If Bonnie succeed she will have to cross some of the dangerous underground Crime Bosses, the South has ever known. Bonnie’s play brother Action, on the other hand is totally against Bonnie’s Queen Pin dreams. Being deep in the streets, Action understand the streets is a dirty game. Do Bonnie have what it takes to succeed with building a team then taking the Dope game by storm?
Sit back and take a ride from the beginning where these characters relationships and bond starts. The life challenges, family secrets, and friendship loyalties are tested. Will Bonnie’s dope girl ambitious be her down fall or will it make her stronger. Diamond has never been about the street life, but with a friend like Bonnie, will she find herself knee deep in a game that she never intended on playing.

Chinawoman’s Chance (Portia of the Pacific Book 1)

by James Musgrave

New Contest to Feature Fans and Readers Inside the Mysteries!Go here to find out more: 
Clara Shortridge Foltz faces a patriarchal nemesis in 1884 San Francisco. When a white prostitute is murdered and flayed down to a skeleton, Clara is hired by the Six Companies of Chinatown to defend the 16 males who are swept up by the Chinatown Squad. This ragtag and corrupt group of sheriffs work for the mayor,Washington Bartlett. The mayor uses the nation’s anti-Chinese sentiment in his quest to win the race for governor of California.  

Foltz, the first woman admitted to the California Bar, must learn fast to become a detective in order to prove that her client, journalist George Kwong, is not the killer but was set up by the mayor to take the fall. Along with Ah Toy, her trusted translator and best friend, she is instructed by the head of detectives, Captain Isaiah Lees. Lees becomes enamored with Clara, who is having personal problems with sexual commitment due to her first marriage with Jeremiah Foltz. He was a Union vet who deserted Clara and their five children for a younger woman.   

Captain Lees has personal problems of his own, as he has devoted all his time to fighting the corrupt politicians and the Chinatown Squad for 20 years and has not even made time for female relations. Theirs is a very special kind of romance.   

Clara brings a national spotlight to bear on her case, as thousands of women flock to the City by the Bay to support her effort to win against these patriarchal forces. The Chinese are also oppressed, and Clara and Ah Toy become embroiled in a deadly came of cat and mouse to trap the real killer and save George Kwong. 
“An engaging mystery with a historically informative feminist bent.”  
Anita Lock, Clarion Book Reviews, Foreword Reviews
“It was a darn good read and an excellent mystery.”  
Grant Leishman, Author of The Second Coming
“I envision Chinawoman’s Chance as a staple in the library of many historical mystery collectors.”
Lisa McCombs, Author of I Have MS
From author Jim Musgrave, Chanticleer International CLUE Book Award winner with multiple mystery titles “Featured” by the American Library Association.
In this exciting first Chinese fiction mystery novel from Musgrave’s Portia of the Pacific Historical Mystery series, emerges one of the best female heroine novels this year. 
Clara Shortridge Foltz, Esq. is the first woman admitted to the State Bar of California. It is 1884 in San Francisco’s Chinatown. 
Clara stands up against sexism and racism in 19th century San Francisco. 
After losing her case in a sexist and racist kangaroo court, Clara learns to use street tactics to find the real killer.
Now you can see how it was in California before civil rights became an issue for anyone but males.


by Sarah Sethline

The best way to get ahead is to GIVE HEAD!

The brats in this bundle *know* their placeâ?¦ it’s on their KNEES! TEN taboo tales featuring brats sucking on what they like best — not a popsicle, not a lollipop, but a nice, hard C*CK!

And you know what makes them taste even BETTER? The fact they all belong to someone FORBIDDEN!

So go on, rub, lick, suck, massage or JERK your way over to buying or borrowing this **tightly-packed** collection of TEN hot stories featuring even HOTTER bl** jobs!

These c**ks won’t suck THEMSELVESâ?¦

MEGA BUNDLE includes:

Little Brat’s BIG Jugs
NURSING HIM at the Nursing Home
The Nun Come UNDONE
Dirty Girl’s TWO Dirty Men
SPYING on the Brat
Baby Bumping the BRAT
BEGGING for a Baby
*CAUGHT* in a Forbidden Bed
Lindsay’s LESSONS

Daddy’s Taboo Adult Explicit Sex Stories: Explicit Rough Collection

by Keira Stafford

Ready for these 30 stories of super sexy, hot, amazing EROTIC STORIES?!?

A hottest rough hardcore erotic short story collection with explicit sex.

Think you can handle them?

Mommy Taboo Stories Dirty Sex: Taboo Erotika Kindle Books – Explicit Rough Bundle

by Keira Stafford

Ready for these 30 stories of super sexy, hot, amazing EROTIC STORIES?!?

A hottest rough hardcore erotic short story collection with explicit sex.

Think you can handle them?

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