Free historical fiction Kindle books for 06 Dec 18

Bone by Bone: A Love Story

by Paula Martin

Inspired by the author’s own search for her roots, Bone by Bone: A Love Story spans 187 years (1830-2017) and is the story of seven generations of a family and the tragedies, trauma, and ultimately love that they unknowingly pass along to their future generations. Beginning in the Choctaw homeland in Mississippi, the lineage suffers displacement, abandonment, betrayal, and rejection that are repeated generation after generation, yet the ancestral love and deep spiritual connections are also passed along, and ultimately set them all free. A story of tragedy and ancestral healing, Bone by Bone reminds us that we are all connected and loved.

Paula Martin was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas and spent her formative years in Little Rock. She received her MFA in creative writing from the University of New Orleans before going on to create and produce the internationally-syndicated “Tales from the South” radio show. A recipient of the Arkansas Arts Council Governor’s Arts Award, and the 2017 Inductee into the Arkansas Writers’ Hall of Fame, Paula is a barefoot trail runner and martial artist and lives in Little Rock with her three children and multiple animals.

The Final Book: Gods

by SW Hammond

Multi-cultural, multi-historical, and spanning man’s faith across time, The Final Book is a controversial and blasphemous last chapter of humanity.

In the beginning there was love. The Goddess of Life in an elated romance with a beloved mortal. Her sister killed him. Their combined actions ripping a hole in destiny and plaguing mankind with an age of unprecedented corruption, vicious holy wars, and religious absolution.  

Though long forgotten by the mortals they serve, Zeus and his Pantheon continue to foster and protect mankind which is tearing itself apartâ??but even God isn’t infallible. After failed diplomacy, the King of the Gods is left with no choice but to take the persona of a modern manâ??the famed genetic scientist Dr. Hork. In an effort to preserve the future by reshaping the past, Dr. Hork uses Project Genesisâ??the transfer of consciousnessâ??to send subjects back in time. However, not without devastating failures. Subjects of the experiment wreak havoc upon humanity until a familiar character is reborn to correct the course.

Reincarnated and ready to fulfill his true destiny, Joshua Bach is the catalyst the Gods have been waiting forâ??and Dr. Hork’s final beacon of salvation. Ferociously idealistic, the free-spirited young man struggles to come-of-age in a time and society ruled by money and corruption. Under the wing of the Gods, Josh rediscovers his purpose, along with a love that can only be considered timeless.

Set in three periodsâ??modern day, 1960’s, and ancient Mesopotamiaâ??this epic blends human history, ruthless mythology, science fiction, and the supernatural to tell a love story of the future.

Miss Brandt’s Story (Schoolmarm Sheriff Book 4)

by Sally Hull

Martha Ann Brandt finds herself married to her former boss who has been a widower for only a few weeks. She had been his wife’s personal maid. But out here in the newly settled West, single women are hard to find. She does not realize that he has married her simply because he needed to have someone oversee his three children as well as his household staff. She does not learn this truth until it is too late, and she is now Mrs. Smith-Rogers, wife of the wealthy banker. How she regrets not having first asked God what He wanted her to do. But she is resolved never again to make the mistake of leaving God out of her decisions.

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