Free history Kindle books for 06 Dec 18

Forbidden Places (Sample)

by Anthony D

This book is about secret locations in the world.These places are hidden from us and we may not ever be able to see them. These places are some of the most amazing places in the world and we will never know whats in them. These places may have weapons, gold or other crazy secrets we will never see. This book is the book of secrets of places we need to know of.

“love the book, if you like history or anything involving secrets this book is for you”
-James S. (ME)

“I like the book, I study history and these are great places to know of since there hidden from us” -Jane G. (NJ)

“you should know these places because you never know what will come out of them”
-Peter H. (NY)

“I got the book for my teens and they love it and did research on these places after, its a great book” -Henry R. (CA)

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