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Harvest The Son (The Harvest Duat Series)

by R. L. Jordan

When Tragedy falls upon the house of pharaoh, the two sons of the king: Weypawet and his older brother Sekhemket, must seek allies all across the ancient world, when the Malevolent Deavah’s are released from their prison and race to unlock the gates of the underworld forever

The Amulet Stone (Scarft Family Adventure Book 2)

by Anthony Crafts

The Scarft family seem perfectly normal, even a little boring to their neighbors in rural Pocatello, Idaho. They’ve been trying very hard to keep their new discovery a secret. They now have the ability to travel anywhere in the universe, instantly and effortlessly. They have already embarked on several exciting adventures and met Scotty and his crew, explorers from planet Atlantis. They were astonished to find out that the ancient ancestors of Atlantis once lived on Earth! As a token of friendship Scotty gave the Scarfts a super advanced computer system named Beverly. With Beverly’s help the Scarfts are learning new, incredible things every day. Beverly needs assistance with a project that is very important to her and she must betray the confidence of the leaders of Atlantis, her home planet. She convinces the oldest child, Tony, to join her on a secret mission that could ruin the new friendship forming between the Scarfts and people of Atlantis, and possibly even jeopardize stability within the universe as a whole. While on this dangerous mission Tony and Beverly make a discovery that changes everything. What they uncover challenges even the most basic understandings of life and the universe. They learn the answer to the age old question, where did we come from? Join them on this astonishing and fast paced adventure.

The Muggleâ??s Guide to Harry Potter Inspired Dishes: Delicious Recipes from Your Favorite Magical World

by Anthony Boundy

Love Harry Potter? (Of course, you do) Love food? (Duh) If you answered both those questions with a yes, then this book is for you! Filled with recipes mentioned throughout the Harry Potter series, this book is a must-have for every Potterhead out there! From Hagrid’s chocolate cake to Harry’s favorite dessert, treacle tarts, you’ll find numerous recipes that even the most beginner cook can conjure up.

The next time you’re hosting a Harry Potter party, holding a movie marathon, or just in the mood for an edible drop of magic in your muggle life, look no further than this book. Amaze your friends with your magical cooking abilities by serving them the wonders of JK’s wizarding world.

Pirates of Salari (Cosmic Driftwood: Currenteers Book 2)

by M.A. McDonald

“Cosmic Driftwood” takes the reader on a vast series of adventures through the Nine Realms and the Cosmic Tree Yggdrasil in a new, never-before-presented arrangement, casting woodland creatures driven by the wonder of the Great Unknown.Plot: The Otter Skipper Fadrin’s curiosity gets the better of him and seven members from his crew when the lot sets out to find the mysterious Artifact. Searching on the ocean world of Salari, a world overrun with thieves, they are captured by the very pirates who posses it.While aboard, they learn of a creature claiming to change form near death, who might reveal the secrets to a young ferret’s past.

Samantha Hatches the Chicken Egg (Samantha Series of Chapter Books Book 2)

by Daisy Griffin

Samantha and her best friend Gerti find some chicken eggs while visiting a farm. Samantha decides to make sure they hatch. How hard can it be to play mother hen? You’ll have to read to find out how Samantha Hatches The Chicken Egg.

Samantha Hatches the Chicken Egg is a children’s chapter book filled with fun and adventure while teaching about the latest urban pet, the Chicken. It is broken up into 11 chapters, which contain 14 wonderful illustrations by Matthew Gauvin.

Also included at the end of the book are Chicken Fun Facts and a Quiz to help further your child’s reading enjoyment.

This is book #2 in the Samantha Series. Each story stands alone, but uses the same characters with new adventures! Other books in the series include, Samantha Loses the Box Turtle and Samantha Plays Possum.

Demeter: Volume 1

by Alan D. Hansen

Usually being beaten up and hospitalized by the school bully isn’t considered to be a great turning point in your life. Fifteen year old Ryder faces some of the common challenges of any young man his age: isolation, sibling rivalry, first love, and bullying. Life takes a sudden change when he is invited, along with his sister and five classmates to spend a year abroad.
Read the contract! Instead of going to Europe on Earth Ryder and his friends are conscripted for a year of service in Demeter, an asteroid over a hundred light years from Earth.
The good news is that Ryder gets closer to his classmate Cynthia Flores and he gets to develop his talent at gaming with systems that deal with real life scenarios including saving Demeter itself from invasion. The bad news is that his reckless younger sister has a talent for mischief and disaster. And now, she and Cynthia have been kidnapped and it’s up to Ryder to figure out how to save them before someone kills them all.

My Teacher is an Elf

by Joey Acker

It’s that time of year again and Ms. Holly’s class thinks she might be an elf!
Come join Ms. Holly’s students in discovering if she really is an elf or just an ‘elfish’ teacher. She is crafty, always singing, wearing pointy shoes, and has a jingle when she walks…

‘My Teacher is an Elf’ is a fun and easy read for ages 4-10. Published in large print, this book is also great for classroom read-alouds and holiday events!

Based on mostly true and magical stories…

Also available in this series: My P.E. Teacher is a Ninja and My Counselor is a Princess

Saving the Last Dragon

by Joe Broadmeadow

Duncan Emeris loves to write. His imagination creates a world of Dragons, Wizards, and Magic. His writing helps him cope with the reality of his world.
When one of his stories draws the interest of Merrill Templar, his English teacher, Duncan discovers that the world of his imagination has become a reality.
Saving the Last Dragon becomes Duncan’s quest. He finds himself facing dangerous mythical creatures bent on stealing the dragon’s egg to wield its power. Accompanied by a real dragon named Balinor and assisted by his two friends, Kathy Craigendoran and Jameison Howarth, Duncan must find the egg and save the lives of his friends.
The Quest to save the last dragon leads Duncan on a wild ride through a world of magic and deception, testing his resolve, as he becomes the Dragon Seeker.

A Christmas Gift

by N K Fuller


A perfect gift to have around the house at Christmas, on a coffee table, under the tree or by a bed – full of the magic of Christmas.

Do you love the wonder and warmth that Christmas stories can bring? Want a book to bring out every year to enjoy the sentiments of Christmas with a mug of something warm by the Christmas tree or in front of the fire, to enjoy alone or to share with loved ones? Short stories to go back to time after time as they wrap the spirit of Christmas and all it offers warmly and reassuringly around you. Showing you the meaning of Christmas with short stories that combine a mixture of imagination and emotion that are tender, touching yet resonant.

With thought provoking short stories, that are about friendship and loved ones, the magic of Christmas Eve and the wonder of Father Christmas, sharing memories and discovering that seeing is believing and that the impossible may be possible. Discover what fairies do at Christmas and what a Christmas gift can mean.

A Christmas Gift will delight both young and old …as Christmas is a time for all to share.

What others said!

  • “Tender, touching and yet resonant, this book is an ideal recommendation for Christmas.” L. Wexley
  • “Beautiful and emotional at times.” P. Gillingham
  • “A charming addition to our Christmas this year.” C. Molton
  • “Nostalgic and imaginative.” N. Nicholls

Scroll up and grab a copy and a touch of Christmas today.

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