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Survive! Coffee Filter Hacks: A Prepperâ??s Guide

by Lorayne Miller

This book is about the amazing coffee filter as it has so many uses that a prepper or a survivalist would want to keep a good stock of coffee filters just in case of SHTF scenario happens because having this knowledge will make life easier. You will be amazed on how many different ways you can use coffee filters.

Breakthrough Guide to Healing Arthritis: Easiest Ways to Reduce Inflammation and Restore Health

by Jackson Ash

Struggling to fix your inflammation and arthritis problems? Learn the most effective ways to combat the most common autoimmune disease ever!

With easy to follow recipes and homemade procedures, The Breakthrough Guide to Healing Arthritis gives you the tools you need to start your healing process immediately. 

In modern times, we have lost sight of the amazing value eating the right foods can have for our health. Prescription medications have a terrible effect on the human gut, making people much worse off than before. The typical American diet is filled with inflammation causing foods that leave us vulnerable to debilitating and life-threatening diseases. Isn’t it time you learned how to heal rather than destroy your body with food?

  • Do you suffer from painful still joints?
  • Do you have chronic inflammation?
  • Are you overweight?
  • Do you want to reduce the amount of anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers you are taking?
  • Do you want to help your arthritis to heal?

Then this book is for you.

In this book, you’ll discover: 

  • Quick 30 minute recipes that significantly reduce inflammation
  • Underlying causes and symptoms of arthritis and inflammation
  • Healing your gut even if you have been on prescription medication
  • Inflammatory Foods to completely avoid 

Finally, The breakthrough guide to healing arthritis is a valuable resource for anyone who is battling with arthritis or chronic inflammation. It is equally useful for those who are showing early signs of arthritis, as this is the optimum time to fight its progression through good nutrition. All the information in this book has been extracted from credible sources and there are scientific studies and trials to back up the claims.

Buy Breakthrough Guide to Healing Arthritis: Easiest Ways to Reduce Inflammation and Restore Health today to fight inflammation and arthritis!

Natural Homemade Perfume :The Ultimate Guide – Over 30 Fragrance Recipes

by Danielle Caples

The Ultimate Natural Homemade Perfume Guide

Throughout history people have been anointing themselves with oils and perfumes. Today’s perfumes are most often created or combined with chemicals to increase their potency and shelf life. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Making homemade perfume is a simple process that only requires a few ingredients. Once you learn how to make homemade perfume, you can save money on buying commercial perfume. You can use homemade perfume for yourself, give it away as gifts or try to market your own perfume brand. We have collected the most refreshing and attractive fragrance recipes from around the world. Enjoy!

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Confident Creatures: Create Your Ideal Lifestyle By Realizing Your Full Potential Through Confidence

by sam rathour

Confident Creatures, “Create Your Ideal Lifestyle By Realizing Your
Full Potential Through Confidence” is an eBook which will give you
an insight in to this very important attribute which has made men
and women enter the books of history. The ideas of some of the well
known authors of personal motivation books especially on the issue of
self confidence will be considered.
In this eBook, all the principles and factors associated with
confidence will be discussed. It has been proved that confident can
help you realize your fool potential in life. Persons and other living
creatures which possess confidence in abundance are known as
confident creatures.
This book will give you an exceptional understanding of confidence;
what it is and how you can use it to bring a very great positive change
in your life. It will help you over the worries of â??can I manage? Am I
the best? What will I do? What will happen?’ and such related
This book will also give you an insight into another very dangerous
attribute and character associated with confidence which is referred
to as over confidence. Over confidence is very dangerous. It leads to
the development of bullish ideas. Most dictators and hardcore
criminals are over confident.
Over confidence is the opposite of low or lack of self confidence
which is equally dangerous. With low self esteem, you will find it very
hard to live and interact with others. You are also highly likely to fail
in your interviews. You cannot impress anyone if you lack self
confidence. You can oppress anyone if you are over confident. You
can oppress anyone of have the necessary confidence and you will
impress many. It is a very good attribute and you will learn how to
acquire it in this eBook.
After reading this book, you will understand better why you behave in
a particular manner under detain circumstances either always,
occasionally or at times. This eBook is like mirror which will reflect
the inner you and what you can do to yourself and your dependants.
While most people are naturally born while self confident, most
others lack it in one way or the other. If you are not so lucky to be
born with self confidence, then you can get self confidence from
articles like in this eBook and the inspirational stories you will get
The fear of what will happen and whether you will make it (because
you think others are better) is the impediment to your way of
becoming a confident creature; achieving what you want and being
This book is written in very simple English and real life examples
which you can even relate to your own life. You will enjoy reading it
you will emerge more confident person by the time you are through
with reading.

HISTAMINE INTOLERANCE: Complete Guide on Everything You Need to Known About Histamine Intolerance and Its Treatment

by Antonio Kevin


Complete Guide on Everything You Need to Known About Histamine Intolerance and Its Treatment

Histamines are synapses that are created amid any hypersensitive reaction. Histamine’s job in the body is to cause a quick provocative reaction and fill in as a notice sign to your invulnerable framework, advising it of any potential aggressors. It’s this aggravation that gives you the swollen, puffy eyes or skin breakouts when you encounter an unfavorably susceptible response. This may clarify why specialists endorse enemies of histamines when you present with a sustenance or occasional hypersensitivity.
This book will let you know all that you have to thought about histamine intolerance, the causes and manifestations of histamine intolerance and the things you have to do in order to conquer histamine intolerance.
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Healthy Eating: 3 Manuscripts – Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss, Ketogenic Diet The Complete

by Kayla Hansen

The foundation of the ketogenic diet comes from medical studies on its benefits on the human body for a variety of diseases. Based on scientific research, the diet fell out of popularity when other medical treatments became available. When the diet was rediscovered a few years ago, new research was conducted revealing more benefits. It is important to recognize that weight loss has been a side effect for many patients since the beginning, and you can now experience the benefits of following the ketogenic diet.
In addition to revealing the origins of the ketogenic diet and the related scientific studies, you will be able to choose from one of the 21-day meal plan challenges presented in this book. Decide how fast you want to go based on your goals and lifestyle. Flip through the recipes to make it through your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snack time.
As you begin this journey, I want to thank you again for downloading this book. I hope you find it informative and enjoy!

Intermittent Fasting: How to Lose Weight, Burn Fat, and Increase Mental Clarity without Having to Give up All Your Favorite Foods

by Elizabeth Moore

If you’ve always wanted to lose weight and increase your mental clarity but feel like no diet seems to fit you, then keep reading…

Are you sick and tired of not being able to have the body you know you can have?

Have you tried endless diets but nothing seems to work for more than a few weeks?

Do you finally want to say goodbye to excess body fat and discover something which works for you?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

You see, burning fat doesn’t have to be difficult.

Even if you’ve tried many fat burning diets and workout plans.

In fact, it’s easier than you think.

Health researchers from the University of Florida reported that intermittent fasting can be a reliable means of weight loss and may optimize physiological functioning, enhance performance and slow down aging.

The report also suggested that fat burning starts after only 8-12 hours.

Which means you can burn fat and increase your overall health without starving yourself or giving up all your favorite foods.

Here’s just a tiny fraction of what you’ll discover:

  • The truth about intermittent fasting and why is it so effective
  • The history of fasting and why it isn’t as new or radical of an idea as you may have thought
  • How intermittent fasting could help fight off cancer, excess weight, belly fat, and diabetes
  • How to activate the process of autophagy and clean out the body
  • 5 ways to reduce inflammation
  • 6 effective ways to lower your cholesterol
  • 7 risk factors that can lead to cardiovascular disease and how to use intermittent fasting to reduce these risks
  • What the research say about intermittent fasting
  • 8 possible side effects of an intermittent fast you need to know
  • Men vs. women – why women should fast differently than men
  • Keeping the fast: what is allowed when you’re fasting?
  • The different methods you can follow and still get the same results with this fasting
  • How to implement exercise into your fast to get even better results
  • How to measure your results with fasting
  • How to troubleshoot your fast if you aren’t getting the results that you want
  • How to lose body fat while increasing muscle mass compared to regular dieting
  • And so much more

Take a second to imagine how you’ll feel once you achieve the health you desire, and how your family and friends will react when they notice your new body and mental sharpness.

So even if you’ve tried endless diets, you can burn fat and increase mental clarity with intermittent fasting.

So if you have a burning desire to improve your physical and mental health, then scroll up and click “buy now”!

Intermittent Fasting: The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Lose Weight For Busy Men And Women (Bonus: Vegan-Friendly Meals Included) (Guide, Meal plan, Beginner’s guide, Athletes)

by Kristen Walls

Simplify Your Day And Lose Weight

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Learn more about intermittent fasting and start effectively losing weight with a pattern of eating.

Losing weight can be quite challenging. The task can be even more challenging if your hectic schedule is littered with all sorts of time sucking obligations, appointments, and errands. It can also be difficult to find some time to work out if you are someone with a demanding social life, job or a combination of both. Planning meals can also be a pain if you are very busy.
The good news though is that you can still lose weight even with a busy schedule, and what is even great is that you don’t have to eat salads and smoothies only to achieve this. You can still enjoy the foods you love, not interfere with your schedule and still lose weight.

Why Should You Consider Intermittent Fasting?

You Start Saving Time
Only eating in a certain food windows means less time spent on food during the day. It’s a decision less you have to make every day.

It Helps With Your Goals
Caloric restrictions play a big role in weight loss. When you fast you will make it easier to restrict your total calorie intake, this will lead to consistent weight loss and maintenance.

It Has Great Benefit’s
Studies and research shows fasting can positively counteract conditions like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Intermittent Fasting also promotes stronger insulin sensitivity and increased growth hormone secretion which helps if you are trying to build some muscle.

What’s Included In The Book?

  • An Explanation About Intermittent Fasting
  • The Science Behind Intermittent Fasting And Weight Loss
  • Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting Apart From Weight Loss
  • Intermittent Fasting Protocols
  • Vegan Friendly Foods You Can Eat
  • Vegan Friendly Tasty Recipes

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Start Losing Weight And Saving Time.

Indian recipes : Home cooking Indian recipes and Ketogenic Recipes

by Steven Franklin R.T.

The writer given the long list of Indian favourite recipes provided she has accomplished the attractive object of producing a Cook Book which shall commend itself to all persons of true taste. Although she does profess to have sufficient knowledge of the health recipes, as practised by good Indian cooks, to instruct those not versed in this truly interesting science. The incompetence of most works of this category are well known to all skilled housekeepers, they being generally a mere collection of receipts, by those who have no sensible information of the subject, and are as a result unable to referee of their rightness, or to give the essential instructions for putting the ingredients together in the right manner.

A confidence that a good handy Cook Book was much essential induced the writer to exert herself to supply the shortage. But having taken a huge deal of pains to have each receipt as right and pleasant as possible, she trusts that they will normally give satisfaction. The mode of food preparation is such as is usually experienced by good Indian housekeepers, and the receipts hug all the a variety of branches of the cooking science, from preparing the most simple vegetables

This book is proposed for all taking up receipts both for rich and plain cooking, and written in such a simple manner. she has witnessed as much fine food soiled by unacceptable cooking as the writer of these receipts, she will not think she has been too precise.

In conclusion, the writer would give her genuine gratitude to those of her friends and families who have kindly furnished her with their choice and precious receipts and to those into whose hands the book may fall she would ask a reasonable check of them before ephemeral decision.

Sex Education

by Emmanuel Frimpong



by Tony Giggs

The goal of this book is to summarize the lessons of each of the greatest traders of our time. Its goal is to put the lessons each imparts and serve as a guide to his or her investment philosophies. Their books have been published throughout the years but some or perhaps all of them have so much information contained that it’s hard to pinpoint or to remember all of the lessons.

This book is second to none and it aims to put these lessons in a nutshell so that you may implement them in your own trading and increase your profit-making capabilities!
The investors featured in this book are considered among the wealthiest people on the planet due to their trading success. They are:

  • Warren Buffett
  • Carl Icahn
  • Bill Ackman
  • This guide explores how to make the best out of your stock trading under the following headings:

  • Stock trading secrets
  • Young Buffett’s hedge fund
  • The Greatest Berkshire Hathaway raid
  • The acquirer’s multiple
  • The mechanics of deep value
  • The pirate king
  • New gentlemen of fortune
  • The art of deep value investing
  • The rules of deep value
  • Carl Icahn’s life lessons for success in business and life
  • Things you should know to beat the stock market
  • Business lessons learned from Bill Ackman
  • What you need to appreciate is that the only way you are going to make headway in beating the stock market is by understanding the strategies to win the stock market, otherwise, you will be running against a strong wind that counters most, if not all, of your efforts.

    Learn how to invest like the giants. Hit the buy button and get your copy today!

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