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Goal: Gay Hockey Romance Collection

by Bookarama Publishing

Get this book collection of hot Gay Hockey Romance adventures in this exciting new collection

In this collection you will find:

Hot Off The Ice: Sports Second Chance Gay Romance
Wild Night: Gay First Time Sports Romance
Blades Of Steel: Gay Sports New Adult Romance
On Thin Ice: Gay Sports First Time Romance
Opposites Attract: Gay Bad Boy Hockey Romance

Download this collection now and spice up your Kindle with these hot Gay Hockey romance reads.

WARNING: This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only

Student Teacher Relationship: Gay First Time Older Man Younger Man Romance

by Van Cole

All He Wants Is The Head Of The Class

In the aftermath of a nasty breakup, Khale has vowed off men – or any relationship, for that matter – for good. Having accepted a teaching job at the local university, he is ready to focus on bigger things and take on life as a single man.

Khale’s friends, on the other hand, think the handsome bachelor should re-evaluate his decision. A night of drunken karaoke lands him at the side of Tom, a timid punk-type who has just come out to his parents and is willing to try something new. Come Monday, however, both find that this pre-semester rendezvous was between teacher and student.

The shy first-timer makes Khale his tutor, asking him to guide him through his favorite positions. But does the careful teacher really have the upper hand? Something deeper hides beneath his fresh-faced student, something he can’t quite pin. What he does know, however, is that the semester is about to become a lot more interesting.

This Romance Short Story Was Formerly Titled Head Of The Class

ATTITUDE ��વન નુ� રહસ્ય: �� ��તવુ� હ�ય ત� , પહ�લા હારવુ� ભુલવુ� પડશ� (Gujarati Edition)

by Abhishek Mukti

Attitude ��વન નુ� રહસ્ય
એ� પ્ર�રણાદાય� પુસ્ત� �� , � પુસ્ત� ના વા��્યા પ�� તમારા ��વન મા� નિરાશા �ત� રહશ�, ભ�વાન સાથ� ના ���ા સ�બધ� �ન� ડર �ત� રહશ�, ��ણ તમારુ� �� �ન� ��ણ પરાયુ� ત�ન� �બર પડશ�। � પુસ્ત� �દા� તમારુ� ��વન બદલ� શ�� ��
Chapter 1 બ્રાન્ડ�ડ બન�
Chapter 2 પ�તાન� �ળ�ાણ �્યાર�ય ભ�લશ� નહિ। પણ �પણ� �ળ�ાણ �� શુ ?
Chapter 3 �્યા� ભ�વાન ન� પ��ા �રવ� ?
Chapter 4 ભàª?વાન નà«? સામà«? ફરિયાદ — હુàª? àª? àª?à«?મ ?
Chapter 5 ��વન મા� ��ર�� શુ �� ?
Chapter 6 પરિણામ ન� �િ�તા �રવ� ���એ �� નહિ ?
Chapter 7 ��વ� વ્ય�્તિ સાથ� રહ�વુ� ���એ ?
Chapter 8 નાસ્તિ� હ�વુ� સારુ� �� �સ્તિ� ?
Chapter 9 સાર� દિવસ તમ� �્યા દિવસ ન� માનશ� ?
Chapter 10 �ાવા મા� મ�ઠુ� ��ુ� ��
Chapter 11 àª?à«?રà«?લà«? નુàª? એàª?િàª?્યà«?ડ – ધ મà«?ન વિથ àª?ન્લà«? હà«?ન્ડ
Chapter 12 તારા થ� નહિ થાય
Chapter 13 તમ� શુ શ�ધ� રહ્યા ��?
Chapter 14 સલાહ સા�� �� ���� ?
Chapter 15 તમાર� �્ષમતા ન� �ળ�� ( વિદ્યાર્થ� મા�� ન� ��લમ )
Chapter 16 શરત વ�ર ન� પ્ર�મ

Born New: How to See the Familiar with New Eyes, Embrace the Magic of the Present Moment, Experience Satisfaction and Joy Like Never Before

by Sage Wilcox

Self-Help, Inspiration

Do you know that your brain’s main goal is survival?
Survival is good, but there’s so much more available to you.

When you learn to embrace the power of the present moment, you activate and direct your conscious mind to what it does best and leaves the subconscious mind to what it does best. When you learn to activate both sides, you master your universe – you naturally invoke the laws of attraction, you immerse your being with the universe and your path takes on a different journey. This book will show you how.

The present moment is not a consequence, it is in and of itself, and you should treat it such, without worry, malice or prejudice. Every theory and practice of self-improvement rests on this one single truth – the power of being in the present moment, the here and now. Without it, none of the other paths to self-realization, self-actualization, and self-improvement can exist.

Learning to truly live in the moment is the ultimate power and any person can develop it; it is a power that we are all born with but soon lose due to fear, worry, memory, and the desire to survive, which we do at the expense of living. As we trace a course through this book, we will lay out the various steps to return to residing and fulfilling the potential of the present moment.

With this book:

-You’ll learn how to savor everyday things with new eyes and a fresh perspective.
-You’ll begin to experience the many rewards that come once you understand and start applying these simple ideas.
-You’ll discover exactly what living in the moment is and be able to recognize the power and magic that comes from doing so.
-You’ll see that everything you need is already within you – your six senses – all you have to do is apply the simple steps in this book, and then reap the many benefits!

Buy now and watch your life change for the better!

Sage Wilcox is a certified energy healer and teacher, and the author of eleven books. Sage enjoys giving advice to clients, friends, and family on healing, love, and relationships. Sage also enjoys studying human behavior, and sharing what she has learned with others, so that they, too, can reap the benefits in all areas of their lives.

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