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A Dangerous Love Affair: A Historical Western Romance

by Evelyn Boyett

Evangeline Nell fled to the New World to escape her past as a courtesan and more importantly, to escape Cornelius, a man bent on owning her. Fleeing Cornelius, Evangeline attempts to lose him on the American frontier. She never dreamed she’d find love with a rancher named Simon.

After one year, Evangeline feels sure she’s safe and that Simon will never know the past she’s tried so hard to hide. She and Simon build a life together and she makes new friends in this small town in the Colorado Rockies, but Cornelius is not a man to give up easily.

When Evangeline spots him on the streets of Unrest, she knows she has only one way to free herself permanently from his pursuit, but that choice means she has to leave Simon for good and abandon any hope of happiness. Evangeline knows she must die.

However, Simon can’t accept the woman he adores is gone. When he realizes he will never recover from Evangeline’s loss, he sets out on a quest that will take him across snow covered mountains into the heart of danger unlike any he’s ever known before.

But is Simon a match for a man willing to burn down the world to have what he most wants?

“A Dangerous Love Affair” is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Almost Christmas

by Brooke St. James

Timing is everything, and Mae Abbott had been planning this moment for nearly a year. It was her one chance to escape a lifetime of misery, and she was determined to take advantage of it. The fact that it was almost Christmas and she had no particular place to go was of little consequence. The only thing on her mind was starting over.

She headed east, confident that her strong will and meager savings would be enough to get by. But her plans quickly began to crumble when she found herself in desperate need of help. Thankfully, that was precisely when she met Jesse Ward.

Mae was stubborn, and she tried her best to refuse assistance from this handsome stranger. After all, her plans didn’t include an extended detour in the middle of Virginia. Yet the two of them would soon discover that this chance encounter was exactly what they both needed to make a fresh start.

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