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by Marc Drago

This book will teach you how to build muscles trough 6 phases of training.
If you want to train in the right way and archive your body goals so you can’t lose this book.
Stop wasting time and trasform your time in action, because the time is Now!

Situational Survival: How To Survive A Plane Crash, A Summer Threats, And During Martial Law

by Peter Jenkins

Situational Survival: How To Survive A Plane Crash, A Summer Threats, And During Martial Law

Book 1: How To Survive During Martial Law: 10 Survival Tactics, And Essential Skills You Need To Protect Yourself

You’ve probably heard of the term â??martial law’ but do you really understand what it means?

Martial law has been used in the US before and is currently in use in several countries round the globe. It is only ever instigated for the safety and prosperity of a country. But who decides that it’s time to lock the country down and what controls are there to make sure democracy returns?

You’ll want to read this guide and discover what martial law really is and how it will affect your freedom and your way of life.

More importantly this guide can take you through the steps you need to follow to ensure you and your family remains safe under martial law. There are many different aspects to consider including:

Book 2: So You Survived A Plane Crash; What’s Next?

Planning for a plane crash may seem a little drastic; after all the odds of being in a plane crash are staggeringly high.

But the fact is it does happen. As with everything in life it is those with the right attitude and knowledge that will survive. You can be one of those people; all you need to know to survive a crash and either be rescued or find your own way to civilization is in this guide.

It doesn’t matter where the plane comes down. You simply need to follow the guidance giving by the plane staff. Once you’re down and have survived the crash you need to start moving. The quicker you’re off the plane the safer you are.

Book 3: Shark Will Attack You On Your Periods: 10 Myths About Summer And Beach Time

If you’ve ever stopped yourself from doing something because of an old wives tale or something that your mother has always said to you then this book is for you!

Myths appear from everywhere but no one really knows how they start. The simple fact is that enough people believe them to be true to make it the case; even if science tells us otherwise.

It’s time to take a look at the origins o some of these myths and find out if they really are true or if you’ve been living in fear for no reason all these years!

This book contains the answers to 10 of the classic summer myths, including whether air conditioning will actually make you sick. You can also discover the truth about sharks and your period; perhaps you can go swimming after all.

Alongside this there is the opportunity to learn about swimming pools and whether you should really be swimming in them.

Myths are magical, mysterious and so often not true. But before you dismiss all of them it’s a good idea to check out the ones in this book; they may just save your life!

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DIETA VEGANA PARA MARATON: Incluye 50 Recetas Veganas para mejorar tu velocidad y resistencia (Spanish Edition)

by Mariana Correa

Dieta Vegana para Maratón es el mejor libro para cualquier corredor que está buscando un mejorar su tiempo, velocidad y resistencia.

Usted sólo alcanzará su mejor carrera si su cuerpo está sano desde adentro hacia afuera. Va a mejorar su rendimiento a través de comer los alimentos adecuados para usted. Este libro incluye una explicación clara de lo que necesita para tener éxito y cuenta con más de 50 recetas veganas fáciles que le ayudarán a conseguir su mejor rendimiento.

Su conexión con los alimentos es la mayor influencia para su bienestar a largo plazo. La primera cosa a considerar cuando se desea hacer un cambio en su vida es su dieta. Una alimentación sana es la base de su programa de entrenamiento y desarrollo atlético.

La autora Mariana Correa es una ex atleta profesional y nutricionista deportiva certificada que ha competido con éxito en todo el mundo. Ella comparte años de experiencia tanto como atleta y entrenador aportando una perspectiva de valor incalculable.

Disfrute de este libro con postres veganos, desayunos, cenas veganas, aperitivos veganos, comidas veganas y mucho más.


by Stephen Templar

The selection of a rifle for use in the sporting pursuit of Tyrannosaurus rex, a rexGun, is so deserving of thoughtful assessment and requires such careful consideration because your life, and the lives of those in your hunting party, may very well depend upon it. The question of how much gun is truly enough to provide a reasonable chance of success against a T. rex is critically important. This work examines the history, use, and terminal ballistics of bullets, cartridges, and rifles suitable for use hunting T. rex. It offers advice and unique formulae that can aid a hunter in the selection of appropriate cartridges and bullets. And, it explores T. rex in ways never before seen in print. Included are numerous photographs and detailed tables. And, to aid with shot placement, a Target Areas Diagram of a Tyrannosaurus rex. Hunters, gun enthusiasts, and dinosaur fans will all find rexGun intriguing, exciting, and hard to put down.

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