Free war Kindle books for 06 Dec 18

The Killing Dose: A Thomas Cole Book

by Scott Jones

A drug overdose and a vengeful mother lead ex-Army Ranger Thomas Cole into a confrontation with a violent gang, a gang who’s vicious tactics exact a terrible toll from Tom, leaving him with little choice but to exact revenge with his own violent aggression.

Day 11: Indian Navy Day

by Rahul the Storyteller


With a love for both telling and listening to stories, I start this series. I was going to wait until the New Year’s but there’s no point waiting to start something good, so I’m starting it right now. This series is going to bring you some short stories set in the present-day Indian scenario.

I promise to bring you a short story every single day, no matter what, for at least one thousand days. That’s a pretty big commitment to be making at the start of this long journey, but I think my passion for telling stories will keep me going.

I’d be pricing all the books at the lowest possible rate on Amazon platforms, i.e. â?¹49 on and $0.99 on so that the books are readily accessible to all.

And for those who feel even that is too much of a cost, I’ll be doing free promotions for all my books at the end of every month, so that these stories are available to everyone! However, if you do like the stories, follow me on my Instagram account rahulthestoryteller for regular updates on the latest books.

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