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Big Things Have Small Beginnings: Learn to Play the Great Game

by Wes Berry

Small things matter if you want to achieve BIG things.

In many businesses that fail, the small things are overlooked; they are the things that are often the easiest to implement, but at the same time they are easy to forget.  It’s these small things that have the greatest impact in the long-term.

Neglecting small things can be the difference between failure and success.

This book is NOT about failing; this book is about preventing, limiting and continually overcoming the small failures and obstacles so that you can achieve great success because when you take care of the small details, the big stuff takes care of itself.

Do you find yourself missing the one thing in life that would help you achieve a desired goal, realize a long-held dream, or push you up the ladder to success?

Big Things Have Small Beginnings will give you the blueprint you need to achieve those goals and dreams sooner rather than later.

Some of what you’ll learn in this book are:

-    The common characteristic our great leaders had that you must possess;
-    How giving away flowers helped build a $60 million dollar company and go from surviving to thriving;
-    The difference between goals and objectives and which one is more important to your overall success;
-    How to be intelligently flexible so you can make massive progress;
-    Why learning a new language can improve your business aptitude;
-    How to grow a business when you don’t have the capital to do so;
-    The importance of keeping a high integrity business model;
-    And so much more!

Wesley Berry started working at his family’s Detroit-based florist shop when he was just a teenager. He quickly demonstrated a strategic style of management that propelled it from a $65K per year business to a $65 million-dollar international business operating in 130 different countries. In 2016, after 40 years in business, he sold it to “retire” and follow other passions.

Through the years, he’s provided consulting services to over forty businesses and has appeared as a guest on NPR, The Wall Street Journal, The London Times, Entrepreneur and Time magazines, Fox News, Neil Cavuto, Geraldo Rivera, and John Stossel, to name a just few.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “The law of nature is, Do the thing, and you shall have the power:  but they who do not the thing have not the power.”

If you want the power and the keys to success, click the BUY NOW button and be the one who wins and has the power.

Simple and Fast Ideas to Start Making Money Online (and Literally Fire your Boss) Starting Today – Beginners

by Henry S. S.

You already should know how important it is not just to depend on a source of income, but…

Maybe you’ve already searched for new sources of income or do not even know where to start.

Whatever your situation, know that today the internet is one of the best ways to create sources of income and even well-structured businesses.

In this ebook you will discover simple and legitimate ideas of how to make money on the internet starting today, whether to build an extra source of income without leaving your current job (Imagine having more money to help with bills, rent or just for fun? ) or to become your own boss by creating an online business working from home.

And that’s not all!

Besides giving you the idea, I also share tips on how you can implement in practice each and succeed.

Now you have two choices:

1. Ignore all this information, close this page and continue in your current situation.

~ OR ~

2. Access this complete eBook, discover all ideas to make money on the internet where at least one of them you will like and want to apply, being able to build one (or several) source of monthly income, making difference every month (hundreds of smart people are already doing it).

It’s your decision.

Warning: This book is for beginners.

Digital Marketing: The New Rules Of Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Made Simple – Learn Latest Skills, Techniques And Strategies.

by Paul Odame

Effective digital marketing efforts help communicate what you do, not what you sell. When your brand story engages your audience, you gain their attention and create positive interactions with your brand. In the process, you become top-of-mind with your customers the next time they seek a solution for a problem related to your area of expertise.
Thus a great digital marketing is all about deploying customer experience to deliver on the promise a brand makes to its consumers. And that’s why it is a must-have for every business – big or small.
This book “Digital Marketing” provides modern concepts of digital marketing, which is very important for your marketing success. Enjoy!

10 Things Consumers Buys Everyday That Can Make You rich!

by Jude Chisom

This e-book will show you the 10 things consumers buys everyday and how to be making money with them.

It will open your eyes and helps you succeed with any of them you chooses to start as a business. It will help you. At the end you will start something or increases your source of income. I promise you that. Order now to start reading.

You will see those 10 things and how to be making money without them here. Order now.

50 Things to Know About Babysitting In Your Home

by Bonnie Byler

Have you ever thought of babysitting in your home?
Do you wonder what you need to know to legally and safely care for children?
Do you want some ideas about how to be successful with parents and children as a babysitter?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then this book is for you.
50 things to know about babysitting in your home by Bonnie Byler offers a comprehensive approach to caring for children while running a business. Most books on babysitting at home tell you to the very basic ways to monitor kids, keep them busy, and get through the day. Although there’s nothing wrong with that as a start, there is so much more to know before you even get started.
Based on knowledge from the world’s leading experts, a full-time babysitter will spend as much or more time with a child as its parents. This means that you are not just responsible for watching these children, you are helping raise them.
In these pages you’ll discover ways to make sure that you are you and the families you help are both protected. You will also learn what speedbumps you may encounter and how to help prevent many of them. This book will help you develop a plan for building your business, engaging with parents and children, keeping everyone safe and healthy, and handling any issues that may arise.
By the time you finish this book, you will know more than just how to get through the day with babysitting. You will know what to expect, how to handle it, and how to be successful in your business and your role as a child care provider. So grab YOUR copy today. You’ll be glad you did.

The Nine Step Growth Blueprint for Small Businesses

by LaTonya Albury

Business owners have their hands full with day-to-day operations. What if you had a system to help to make growing your business easier? The Nine Step Blueprint for Small Businesses was created as a quick but efficient guide filled with actionable steps to help businesses see growth and development within their organization. This blueprint will focus on nine key areas and steps that are essential for business growth. Some of the things that this guide will cover include: creating a plan of action for your business, finding the ideal employee, training and letting go, making changes and reevaluation of changes, and seeking support.

YouTube Practical Guide (2019 Book Bundle): Step by Step Profitable Guides to Earning Cash from YouTube Consulting and Vlogging

by T.J. Arron

According to the experts, an economic meltdown may come anytime soon.

It means lots of people, including you – may lose their jobsâ?¦

Protect yourself by starting your own home-based business today.

Here’s a preview of what you’l discover inside..

YouTube Done-For-You Consulting
– Why YouTube SEO consulting is one of the best business ideas you could start today
– How to start with as little capital as possible… something like $30!
– How to find keywords to rank for and sell to clients
– How to create videos that you will sell to clients on a “rent” or “pay per lead” basis
– Ways to find clients who will gladly pay you $100-$1,000 per month
– The types of keywords you should target and why it’s better to have 100 monthly searches than 1,000 for most keywords
– How to optimize your video for faster rankings
– How to sell your service without really trying to sell it. You’ll love this one!
– How to send out cheap but effective SEO backlinks on your YouTube video

YouTube Influencer
– The 5 step process of making money as a YouTube Celebrity and Influencer
– Why you should start your own personal brand NOW
– How to choose a niche or category that can be profitable for you in 30 days or less
– Why different markets requires different type of content… create the wrong content for the wrong market and all your effort will be wasted!
– The types of content to create and how to create them fast! … without sacrificing the quality of your videos
– The EXACT tools you need in order to become a YouTube celebrity on your niche (and you don’t even need the expensive ones!)
– 6 of the best ways to monetize your videos and your personal brand so you can make six figure per year
– The exact formula to follow in order to create viral videos… guaranteed!
– 8 things you can do right now to make your videos go viral

Learn to start your own internet marketing business today.

No need for you to be an expert or an experience marketer with portfolio. You can start now by scrolling up and downloading your copy today.

Facebook Ad’s Complete Walkthrough: Beginner – Advanced

by Ben Alistar

A complete walkthrough guide of the Facebook Advertising platform!

Beginner to Advanced! Cut your marketing costs learn how to market like the Pro’s!

It’s All About Service: Successfully Dealing with Difficult People

by Jeff Canfield

Customer service is one of the most difficult professions. Those who are engaged on a daily basis with the public can easily become discouraged in their efforts feeling as though they are unappreciated.

“It’s All About Service” is a basic study in how to deal with the most discouraging element of customer service. It’s designed in such a way that it can be tailored to nearly any type of business where employees are dealing directly with the public. This study can easily be used by employers or supervisors to facilitate open discussion, and encourage goal setting and personal organization which can help relieve stress in our individual lives.

Analítica de datos: Una guía esencial para principiantes en minería de datos, recolección de datos, análisis de big data para negocios y conceptos de inteligencia empresarial (Data Analytics)

by Herbert Jones

Aclare de una vez todas sus dudas.â?¦

Este libro de analítica de datos podría ser la respuesta que está buscando…

Este libro contiene una amplia y valiosa cantidad de información sobre la analítica de datos que le ayudará a comprender el concepto de data mining o minería de datos, recolección de datos, analíticas de big data para negocios y conceptos de inteligencia empresarial.

Con este libro, no solo comprenderá todo lo esencial relacionado con la analítica de datos, sino que también comprenderá por qué la analítica de datos está cambiando el ámbito empresarial. Se dará cuenta de que la analítica de alto rendimiento le permitirá hacer cosas que nunca antes había pensado, probablemente, y entre otras razones, porque los volúmenes de datos eran demasiado grandes, y mucho más.

Comenzaremos por examinar qué significa realmente la analítica de datos y qué implica. No se preocupe cuando se encuentre con términos desconocidos mientras lee, ya que este libro incluye explicaciones detalladas de palabras que quizás no entienda.

Estos son algunos de los temas que se exponen en el libro:

  • Descripción general de la analítica de datos: ¿Qué es la analítica de datos (y el análisis de big data)?
  • Analítica de datos e inteligencia empresarial
  • Analítica de datos y análisis de datos
  • Minería de datos
  • Recolección de datos
  • Tipos de analítica de datos
  • El proceso: el ciclo de vida de la analítica de big data
  • Analíticas de comportamiento: utilización de analíticas de big data para encontrar patrones ocultos de comportamiento en los clientes
  • Descubrimiento de más patrones en analíticas avanzadas: aprendizaje automatizado (machine learning)
  • Y mucho, mucho más

¡Consiga este libro ahora para aprender más sobre la analítica de datos!

Einstein had it… Part XLVIII: Most fundamental Tools for Optimum Decision-Making based on Quantum Gravity

by Norbert Schwarzer

Always cite in full context!
Let us consider – as a mere thought experiment – the following completely fictive situation:
Please imagine an organism consisting of healthy and cancer cells. For some funny reason, there exists a “Cellular Advisory Board” CAB in this very organism, in which the cancer cells have the majority. This CAB now decides upon the following:
A)All cells (incl. the cancer cells) are allowed to migrate as they please.
B)Where the migrating cells (incl. the cancer cells) intend to settle, they can do so.
C)It has to be guaranteed that all migrating cells (incl. the cancer cells) have the right to live as they please. There is no need to adapt to the new terrain (organ). Especially they – all cells (incl. the cancer cells) – have the right to completely keep their habits no matter where they settle, which is to say that even an intestine cell, migrating to the brain and settling there, can proceed in doing what it used to do as an ordinary piece of intestine.
D)The migrant cells (incl. the cancer cells) have the right to demand being fed by the other autochthone cells, which already lived there where the migrants intended to settle.
E)Any criticism on this whole process of “free cell migration (incl. the cancer cells)” is strictly forbidden and will be punished by killing the criticizing cell with apoptosis (programmed, well-orchestrated and well-publicized [for the purpose of supervisory deterrence] cell death).
Let us imagine that, like the mass-point model, this constellation is just the perfect parallelism to a certain treaty about to be signed by world leaders.

Do you have any idea how madly and furiously the dim-witted “social justice warriors” DSJW and their stupidity-dominated main-stream media side-kicks SDMSM would act?
“Scientist compares poor refugees with cancer cells!” we would probably get to read everywhere where these people have a say.
Admittedly, the topic would merit some attention, but the correct headline would have to be like
“Scientist found congruence between migration and cancer growth!” or “Holistic mathematical model suggests parallelisms between cancer and migration”.
Of course, there is a huge difference between the first version and the two other options, but the DWJW and their SDMSM-side kicks would not care about such details. After all, it is the political correctness against which the model has committed a terrible crimeâ?¦ it had shown that political correctness is just a way to hinder seeing the reality as it is and therefore to forever hinder optimum decision-making. And why do they do this? Why do the DWJW and their SDMSM-side kicks want to hinder holistic and fundamental models and simulation being used in decision-making?
Hmm, simply ask yourself what a healthy society would do with such DWJW and their SDMSM-side kicks if it only was allowed to make just one REALLY GOOD decision?

In this paper, we will not only give a mathematical tool of most fundamental character for finding optima of any system, potentially being of great use in processes of decision-making, but also show that the above example for a shocking analogue can directly be derived from these tools.

The tools for optimum and most fundamental optimization in decision-making turns out to be, how else could it be, the quantized Einstein-Field-Equations. There simply is no more fundamental way to find optima for problems residing in this universe.â??

Holy CRAP! I’m Selling My Home. NOW WHAT?: The Home Selling Guidebook

by Rick Machle

Do you want to make the most money from the sale of your home? If so, then before you put your home on the market, make sure that you know the best way to do it. This book will answer many of the questions you may have as you get your home ready to sell. Questions like: should you use an agent to sell your home? If you do, should I use a discount agent or full-service agent? What price should you set? What do you need to do to prepare your home? How should I market my home to attract the most buyers? Not all the answers to these questions are obvious. Find out why going with no agent or a discount agent can possibly net you less money.This book also includes valuable staging check lists that will assist you in getting your home ready for sale. By not knowing everything you can about the home-selling process, you are risking leaving money behind as you sell one of the biggest parts of your nest egg.

Because of the companion website, this book is best viewed with the Kindle app on phone or tablet instead of the Kindle reader.

The Good Book on Business

by Dave Kahle

Have you ever thought that your business was meant to be much more than just a means of making money?

Biblical businesses are God’s first choice as the means to bless mankind, build character and develop faith. They hold the solution for much of what ails our economy and our culture.

Join author Dave Kahle as he explores what the Bible has to say about businesses and your role in leading a kingdom-oriented business. You’ll uncover Biblical truths that you may never have seen before. Your views on business will never be the same.

Find your place in the movement and unlock the full potential of your business.

Timeless Wisdom, Wealth and Righteousness from Above: 52+ Money Making and Management Devotionals for a Happiness Project: Lessons from Jesus Christ and … Mom Management Master the Game Book 1)

by Alexi Wiedemann Orrego

This book will blow the dust off your heart and mind and stir you to action.
Solomon gives us the master keys to success, wealth, and happiness. These breakthrough strategies could propel you to levels of success and happiness you have not yet imagined.

This book will change your life to one of excellence and success. You have never seen Proverbs mapped out so clearly and practically.

Solomon’s Code â??cracked’. This book is full of simple yet powerful steps we can take to solve any problem and achieve true fulfillment and extraordinary success, at home and at work. This book will turn a purpose-driven life into a purpose-accomplished life!

Kanban: La guía definitiva de la metodología Kanban para el desarrollo de software ágil (Libro en Español/Kanban Spanish Book)

by James Edge

Si desea ahorrar tiempo, dinero y esfuerzo al mismo tiempo que aumenta el valor, la eficiencia, la calidad y la previsibilidad de su equipo, siga leyendo…

Todos los días, las empresas están perdiendo enormes cantidades de dinero porque actúan de una manera que no satisface a sus clientes. Por ejemplo, New Voice Media emitió un informe en 2016 que informó que se perdieron 62 mil millones de dólares debido a un servicio al cliente deficiente.

¿Cuántas empresas pierden miles, si no, millones de dólares en ganancias… sin siquiera darse cuenta?

¿Podría ser su negocio uno de ellos?

Verá, la mayoría de las personas cometen los mismos errores cuando se trata de hacer algo, así como de hacerlo correctamente.

Pero con este libro, puede aprender sobre la metodología Kanban para ser capaz de optimizar el flujo de trabajo y cumplir un propósito específico, asegurando la satisfacción del cliente.

Este libro está organizado de manera que cualquiera, incluso un completo principiante, puede aprender de él. Esta guía también es perfecta para personas con experiencia, aquellos que buscan un nuevo sistema para agregar calidad a su trabajo.

Al leer Kanban: La guía definitiva de la metodología Kanban para el desarrollo de software ágil, usted podrá:

  • Descubrir qué es el sistema Kanban
  • Aprender cómo puede ayudar en el desarrollo de software
  • Explorar los beneficios de usar Kanban para convencer a su equipo de que lo adopte
  • Entender cómo crear un tablero Kanban
  • Aprender sobre las siete cadencias Kanban
  • Conocer los límites WIP de Kanban
  • Y mucho, mucho más

¡Obtenga este libro ya para aprender más sobre Kanban!

How To Make Money Online: 5 Steps To A 6 Figure Second Income

by Bronson Lee Norton

How many articles are there about making money online? Thousands? Millions? Enough? Probably. But there’s a problem. Too many of them are just sales pitches to convince you to sign up for some seminar, webinar, training session or some other way to become an online millionaire.


by Red Mikhail

Want a way to finally quit your job and start living a life of freedom?

How about 4 ways?

Much better right?

After downloading this book bundle today, you’re going to learn:

– How to make money online by selling affiliate products on Clickbank

– The top 10 ways to make money at home by freelancing

– How to take advantage of the loophole for affiliate marketing..there’s almost no competition when it comes to
foreign affiliate marketing!

– How to make money selling done for you social media management services without doing the actual work!


Read it, Choose one path and take massive action!


by Mr. C

This is a quick collection of ways to fix your credit

Most people will think some of the advice as TOO BASIC. But what they don’t realize is that those are the things that’s going to fix their bad credit.

THE HIDDEN EVANGEL: THE UNREVEALED GOSPEL ACCORDING TO PAUL: Christianity According to Paul: More than Mere Christianity, The Reason for God and Finding … Mom Management Master the Game Book 2)

by Alexi Wiedemann Orrego

In the following selections, the writings of Paul are configured into an order more reminiscent of the Book of Luke, where his full narrative, preaching, and beliefs unfold in a more or less chronological manner. The chronological configuration allows the reader to appreciate Paul’s teachings from a bigger, overreaching perspective, demonstrating also how well his works fit in with the other four Gospels.

The New Testament begins with the Book of Matthew, which was apparently written with a Jewish audience in mind; Matthew records the genealogy from King David to Jesus and lists the various prophecies from the Old Testament as he describes the ways that Jesus fulfilled them. By contrast, the Gospel of John Mark is seen as a testament to the Romans and to the public more than merely the Jews. The Gospel of the physician, Luke, is seen as Jesus’ testament to historians and the Gentile churches. Finally, the Gospel written for the broadest audience is that of John, the Beloved Disciple and the last of the Apostles to die.
In the days of the Early Church fathers, approximately the time from Jesus’ death to A.D. 150, readers readily accepted these gospels as accurate testimonies of the men who had been with Jesus as his disciples or who were exceptionally close to Jesus, as was the case with John Mark.
But in addition to these Gospels, many of the letters from the Apostle Paul were then accepted into the Biblical canon. Paul’s own story is recounted throughout the Book of Luke and in Acts of the Apostles. Paul was called to be the Apostle to the Gentiles, while Peter was to be the rock of the church, preaching to the Jews. Today, a large amount of information on Jesus and his life is legible through the words of Paul, who heard Jesus calling to him on the road to Damascus. Paul, also known as Saul, was persecuting and killing Jews and Christians in the belief that they were apostates, people who were corrupting the Jewish faith.
When reading the letters of Paul, assembled from longest to shortest after the Book of Acts in the New Testament, some people are surprised to see such a diverse collection of work from just one man. After all, of the gospel writers, only John wrote any additional books of the Bible. While John’s Gospel is thought to have been written closer to A.D. 90, many of Paul’s works and travels took place much earlier. From Romans to Philemon, Paul’s authorship of the Bible accounts for nearly half of the books in the New Testament. While some might be surprised by Paul’s influence, considering that he was not one of the original Twelve, closer examination reveals that Paul is a credible author not only for the history of Christ and His resurrection, but also for the history of Jewish Law more generally. In fact, Paul’s upbringing, education, and conversion to Christianity arguably provide a legitimate basis for listing him as the author of “The Fifth Gospel.” or “The Hidden Evangel”

Easy Freelance Clients: 10 Effective Ways to Get Business and Thrive As a Freelancer

by Jason Luong

This book is for the struggling freelancer who just need to get clients. Whether you’re a freelance writer, graphic artist, programmer, consultant, or any other type of professional engaged in freelance work, this book is for you. Written with over 10 years of freelance and business management experience, you’ll get the best tips on how to attract clients and prospects, how to find them, how to contact them, and how to keep the business coming so you can get cash flow every month. You’ll learn how to get to the point where you have more clients than you can handle so you can focus on what you want to do and only what you want to do. Being a freelancer is great, and best of all, you don’t have to starve. Read this book today and supercharge your freelance career!

Make Money Online: 11 Strategies to Make Full Time Income on the Internet (Passive Income Book 9)

by Mikkelsen Twins

Discover Strategies to Make Full Time Income on the Internet!

Do you want to learn how to optimize making money online? If your answer is yes, then this book is going to list out the top eleven strategies that you can get started with right here, right now, and convert your time from surfing, or watching TV, into the time that you need to make money from the familiarity of your desk at home. No need to commute to a job in the city, and no need to listen to ungrateful bosses whine about how poorly you did your job.

Wake-up! You are part of the gig economy that has coincided with the online revolution. What you have is the opportunity to work when you like, how you prefer, and where it’s convenient. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to attain other sources of passive income online.

Inside you’ll learn how to make money from-

  • The Google AdSense
  • The Smart Affiliate
  • The Consulting
  • The Publishing
  • The Podcasting
  • The Content
  • Freelance Writing
  • The Online Course
  • The YouTube Channel
  • The Drop-Shipping S
  • Amazon’s FBA

You don’t need any technical knowledge or business experience to make money via these business ideas. Through tried and tested strategies, this book is going to teach you, in a very straightforward manner, everything you need to do to go from no e-commerce business to one that earns you thousands of dollar on an almost-automatic basis.

Stop wasting time and money. Click “Add to Cart” to discover which online business Is a perfect match for you – before you start the business!

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