Free humour Kindle books for 07 Dec 18

Toons On The Train: The Adventures of Cat and Dog

by E.S. Carruthers

Enjoy funny cartoons about a dog and cat. It’s all good clean humor because it’s based on real pets. Mine. If you like Garfield or Dilbert… you will love TOONS ON THE TRAIN!

About me:
I draw cartoons on my four hour commute. I draw on my phone… on the train… two hours each way.

About them:
Cat and Dog were born on the Long Island Railroad.

This is their story.

The Adventures of Cat and Dog.

Cupid F*cks Up (Ruth Roth Series Book 2)

by Paula Houseman

A sassy, self-aware heroine; an entertaining, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy that will have you screeching, hooting, holding your splitting sides, and maybe damning your pelvic floor!

Cupid F*cks Up is the newly minted title for Apoca[hot]lips. Why change it? Because Cupid does!

Ruth Roth is a straight shooter. Pity Cupid isn’t.

Smart-mouth Ruth is an inspirational humour columnist for a popular women’s magazine. Recently divorced, she has found the love of her life. Without any help, mind you, from the little fat love god. Ruth has decided she herself is her one and only.

And she’s in a comfy place. Why wouldn’t she be? No need to yell â??Put the bloody toilet seat down!’ No need to hoover toe-nail clippings off the carpet.

But then a silver-tongued Prince Charming fronts up in his shiny Merc and tickles her discarded, little-girl fantasies. He tells her their love is written in the stars.

It must be a misprint!

A romance with this particular PC is not so PC. Still â?¦

Ruth’s life plays out more like ancient myth than fairytale. And what hot-blooded woman can resist forbidden fruit?

There’s a problem, though. Ruth does not have a hot-blooded mum. Ruth has a pain-in-the-arse mum whose squawking disapproval cranks the taboo up a notch.

All the more reason to take up with the stud! But it means taking on the harpy.

Tensions mount, and even Ruth’s man can’t protect her from the trash-talking voices in her head. It looks like he can’t muzzle his own either. When an earth-shattering revelation causes him to give her grief, it makes her feel like she’s dating her mother.

Taking the kind of advice she doles out to her readers is not so easy, and Ruth wonders if this love can survive. More to the point, is it worth the trouble?

Book 2 in the Ruth Roth Series. Book 1: Amazon #1 Bestseller, Odyssey in a Teacup

What readers are saying:

â??Down to earth, real and importantly funny! Houseman’s gift to her readers is one that is almost a therapeutic session. She shares insights, emotions and the reality of relationships that both captivates and helps to ease one into looking at things in a different light â?¦ prepare for hours of laughter as well as a book that will stick with you long after you turn the last page. I honestly have not laughed so hard or felt so connected to a story. Absolutely brilliant!’

â??If you like Stephanie Plum, you’ll adore Ruth Roth – she is one of the funniest characters I’ve met in fiction!

â??The book takes the reader on a wild ride. I laughed aloud, I couldn’t stop reading – and I absolutely loved the writing â?¦ It’s one of the funniest, sexiest romantic comedies I’ve ever read. Highly recommended!’

â??It’s a joyful and fun ride and Paula Houseman has knocked it out the park.’

â??Touching and thoughtfully written, you will cry – although I guarantee most of those tears will be from hilarity than heartbreak.’

Sign Spot Memes: The Ultimate of Sign Spot Memes

by Memes Club

These funny sign spot memes can make you a good day. Laughing is the best alternative to remove stress.
Do you love Sign Spot? You will find sign spot memes and choose some favortie funny memes to follow.
We are ready and here to support you.

Maze Race: A Fun Book Game to play!: Best activity book for 2,3, 6 to 10 year olds (MazeRace 1)

by Elisa Anderson

Play with Mazes like never before with MazeRace! Have fun with your kids with MazeRace

This is simply a game that can be played by two using their fingers! A coin is tossed to select who will play as player 1 or player 2. The game has 10 rounds with a maze for each player to “race”. The player that makes it to the end of the maze in one attempt gets one point. At the end the rounds, the player with the most points wins!

Fun game to play while on a long journey

Get this fun game for your kids to play any time, any where. A great way to pass the time!

Hello, We are Here for You: A Cynical Self-Help Guide

by Bryce Carlson

The 21st Century is a hard time to go through. In this book, we will give you some quality information on surviving this traumatizing era in life. Want to know how to social media? We got you. Want to know how to wake up in the morning? We got you.
Want to understand the ways of a millennial? We got you!

Drei Lieder für die Königstochter: Ein Spielmann-Abenteuer in Abrantes (German Edition)

by Susanne Pavlovic

“Wenn alles gut geht, werdet Ihr ein Held sein”, versprach mir der Herr vom Falkenschlag.
“Und wenn nicht?”, fragte ich verzweifelt. Er hob die Schultern.
“Dann bleiben der Nachwelt immer noch Eure Lieder”, sagte er.
Das hätte mich vermutlich trösten sollen – tat es aber nicht.

Im einen Augenblick versteckt Wolfram der Spielmann sich noch vor dem langen Arm des Gesetzes, im nächsten bekommt er den ehrenvollen Auftrag, den König und seine Tochter aus den Kerkern des Thronräubers zu befreien. Nicht ganz freiwillig lässt er sich auf ein Abenteuer ein, das ihn von den Kerkern der Goldenen Burg bis hinauf auf die Turmzinnen führt, in Schränke, Speisekammern und Geheimgänge. Drei Lieder braucht er, um seinen Auftrag zu erfüllen, und all seinen Witz und Verstand.
Eine temporeiche Kurzerzählung aus dem Feuerjäger-Universum.

Reichhaltig und farbig illustriert von Katharina Reitz. Schön gebunden als Hardcover. Mit farbigen Fanarts zum Feuerjäger-Zyklus. Ein MUSS für jeden Fan von Susanne Pavlovic.
Enthalten ist eine Leseprobe des aktuellen Abrantes-Romans “Die Herren von Nebelheim”.

Bisher im Amrun Verlag erschienen:

In Zusammenarbeit mit Wolfram von Kürenberg:
Das Spielmannslied – der erste Abrantes-Roman
Der Sternenritter – der zweite Abrantes-Roman
Eiszeit, Abrantes-Kurzgeschichte

Feuerjäger – Band 1: Die Rückkehr der Kriegerin – ausgezeichnet mit dem Deutschen Phantastik Preis 2016
Feuerjäger – Band 2: Herz aus Stein
Feuerjäger – Band 3: Das Schwert der Königin
Die Herren von Nebelheim

New Word A Day – Vol 7: Vocabulary Cartoons and Riddles

by Elliot Carruthers

Improve your vocabulary with a word a day! Learn new words with funny cartoons and tricky riddles. Phonetic and simple explanations help you use the words in daily conversation. Enjoyable and entertaining!

Dead Cells Game Guide

by Wiki Guide

The game guide to Dead Cells is a set of key tips and tricks that may come handy during your gameplay in Motion Twin’s production.

Dead Cells is a difficult and sometimes an unassailable game, thus this gameplay walkthrough should help you solve most of the problems and make a faster progress in the game. This walkthrough features the description of gameplay basics with the indication of the most important elements and hidden mechanics, understanding which might allow you to get better results and decrease the number of times your character dies. In this walkthrough, you can also find some pieces of advice on how to avoid the most common mistakes in Dead Cells and how to acquire runes necessary for exploring new locations. A lot of important topics are covered in the FAQ section that includes answers to such questions as: is it possible to save game in Dead Cells? How to get rid of a curse? How to decrease the number of deaths?

Consecutive sections of this walkthrough focus on different aspects of exploring the in-game world, developing the character, acquiring new pieces of equipment, constructing efficient character builds and defeating elite opponents as well as bosses. Each location that is available in the game has been thoroughly described herein. These descriptions include such aspects as reaching a given location, presenting unique features of this place (e.g. the option to travel between dimensions), presenting the enemies that appear there and indicating the possibility of advancing to consecutive levels.

The Dead Cells walkthrough does not lack the detailed trophy guide. Each trophy has been thoroughly explained, and the troublesome trophies have been explained in separate sections. This walkthrough also includes sections on controls and system requirements.

Dead Cells combines elements of roguelike and Metroidvania games. Players are taken to a dark fantasy world to explore grim locations inhabited by hostile and extremely dangerous creatures. What makes this game unique is the fact that it has been designed in such a way that players are often bound to die. The death in Dead Cells does not mean the loss of all progress, as some blueprints and permanent upgrades are kept by the character. The game puts a strong emphasis on multiple times to explore the same locations. With each playthrough, one becomes stronger, perfects fighting techniques and learn new ways of keeping their character alive for longer.

Ketogene Diät Rezepte zum Abnehmen für Frauen und Männer leicht gemacht ohne Diät und Sport, Stoffwechsel beschleunigen und Fett verbrennen am Bauch (German Edition)

by Jonas Hofer

Mit der Ketogen Diät zu Ihrem Traumkörper! + BONUS: leckere Dukan Rezepte

Abnehmen ohne Hunger!
Wer hat gesagt, dass man immer hungrig sein muss wenn man abnimmt?
Man kann auch satt durch den Tag gehen und trotzdem abnehmen. Man muss nur das richtige essen!
Dieser Ratgeber zeigt Ihnen wie Sie mit einem gesunden und regulierten Stoffwechsel zu Ihrem Wunschgewicht kommen.
Auch ohne Diät und Sport!

Schluss mit qualvollen Diäten!
Wer mag es schon seine Essgewohnheiten von einen Tag auf den anderen komplett umzustellen?
Lange Zeit gönnte man sich alles Mögliche und plötzlich darf man nur eine Handvoll widerlicher Nahrungsmittel essen. Wochenlang versucht man auf Vollkornbrot, Salaten und Wasser zu überleben.
Man ist müde, träge, schlecht gelaunt und nach wie vor hungrig. Und beim Anblick der nächsten Scheibe Vollkornbrot wird einem ganz übel.
Schluss damit!!!

Keine Kalorien-Mathematik!
Seien wir doch mal ehrlich. Wer zählt schon gewissenhaft bei jeder Mahlzeit die Kalorien, die Kilokalorien, die Kohlenhydraten und deren Zuckergehalt, die Eiwei�e und die Fette?
Wer macht Tabellen, vergleicht die Zahlen und macht Berechnungen?
Die Antwort ist: fast keiner!
Und das ist auch verständlich. Man will schlie�lich nur ein paar lästige Kilos loswerden und keine Wissenschaft daraus machen. Abgesehen davon beansprucht es eine Menge Zeit.
Dieses Buch verhilft Ihnen spielend leicht zu Ihrer Traumfigur auch ohne Kalorien-Mathematik!

Abnehmen kann lecker sein!
Dieses Buch enthält Rezepte die nicht nur ihren Zweck erfüllen, nämlich Ihnen helfen die nervigen Extra-Kilos loszuwerden, sondern auch unheimlich lecker sind.

Als BONUS gibt es leckere Dukan Rezepte:

  • Fruchtiger Chia-Pudding
  • Keto-Brötchen
  • Ketogenes Müsli
  • Pilz-Speck-Frühstückspfanne
  • Apfelchips mit Schokolade
  • Champignons mit Schinken-Füllung
  • Eiersalat mit Avocado
  • Geröstete Mandeln
  • Lammkotelett in Kräuterkruste
  • Käse-Pizza mit Peperoni
  • Vegetarische Lasagne
  • Erdbeer-Frischkäse-Kugeln
  • Käsekuchen-Brownies
  • Kokos-Trüffel
  • Pekan-Ecken
  • Stracciatella-Eiscreme
  • und vieles mehr!
  • Holen Sie sich JETZT dieses Buch und erlangen Sie Ihren Traumkörper, ganz ohne Mühe!

Nice Guy Unfinished

by Phil Torcivia

Relationships – Who needs them?

Relationships have become more exhausting than exhilarating. Is it just me? When I’m single, I’m prowling for my love. It’s costly to my sanity and to my wallet, trying to determine if she likes meâ??then doing things to make her like me more (and get naked). When I’m in a relationship, I’m juggling texts, dates, her family gatherings, and baseball, doing my best to avoid disappointing my lover.

Is it better to be married or single?

Do you wonder what life would be like on the other side? When married, how peaceful single life could be. When single, how marriage might cure loneliness. Having been on both sides, I’m unsure which is better. There are great parts of both.

Either way, you’ll relate to these essays.

Whether you’re male, female, or something in between; whether you’re eighteen or eighty or something in betweenâ??you’re going to relate to the following pages in some way. I guarantee it. I also guarantee I will push your buttons. I’ll make you giggle and piss you off. That’s intentional. I just hope you’re entertained by my relationship disasters. Heck, maybe my mistakes will save you from a similar fate (another pet).

Let’s drink, drink, and be single.

Enjoy the ride, my friends. If you ever see me at my office (a bar), put a hand on my shoulder, share a frosty beverage, and let’s steer each other away from the dangerous cliffs of love.

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